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Altered Genesis

"Altered Genesis" (2005)

1. Death To Birth
2. Incarnadine Mangler
3. Tortured Soul Appearance
4. Eye-Licker
5. Mephitication
6. Arterial Lust
7. Flesh To Destroy
8. Ripsaw Resentment
9. Altered Genesis
10. Smite
11. State Of Darkness
12. Deliberate Carnage

1. Death To Birth

2. Incarnadine Mangler

Bones grinding, churning, ripping flesh
Unleashing horrid fantasies
Frail sickening victims fresh
Awaiting the executioner
Defaced, skull smashed with a mallet
Larynx torn out with a hook
Body suspension, blood red angel
Dye the pavement crimson
Limbs ripped apart with precision
Carving symbols in the skin
Boiled and crushed through clockwork
Intestines removed from within
Brainwashed in acid
Aim for the torso, and then I shoot
Ribs made into wings
Pelvis smashed beneath boot
Red hot barbed wire
Scourging the halo-divine
Scream for mercy
But now you're mine
Incarnadine Mangler
Death on display
Insignificant cunt
Nails pulled out, eyes popped
Started mayhem, never stopped
Gutted bleeding victimized
Warm bed for rodents
Tortured, kept alive
Painful tricks up my sleeve
You can cum
But never leave
Entities to mangle
With sadistic intent
To be the prey of a monster
And its appetite for torment

3. Tortured Soul Appearance

A bizarre mess of a humanoid hanging from his face by hooks
Hanging by his mouth from a device
Whose purpose is beyond the human comprehension?
In his genius perversity he created an external womb for himself

A semi-translucent bang hung from the lower portion of his abdomen
A fetus in between his legs where his genitals should be
The pain was excruciating
A vicious hallucinogen

Inhuman bloodlust
Being all the more grotesque
With an obscure spine-like piece
Disgorged onto the ground amongst the corpses
Running up to connect various tubes going into himself
His facial expression and eyes are painful
A sickening creature to behold

A large cavity of organs where it appears flesh has been torn
With no remains of normal genitalia
Discovering the worst pain imaginable
His back has been split wide

4. Eye-Licker

Dark walls, black drapery, bloody mural artistry.
Self provoked insomnia.
The Mescaline is wearing off, teeth grinding, lights flashing.
Pseudo-psycho kaleidoscope.
Stiff grin, nervous finger-tricks.
Subconscience overload.
Chained to the floor, ragged filthy doll, savagely beaten, repeatedly raped.
Disorientation strikes, fucked from inside again and again.
His perverted desire, Iris on tongue, lions like a burning fire.
He hides his shame.
She screams higher and higher.
His vision flickers and locks, sinking in a mental mire, saliva drips from his jaw.
Muffled cries devoured by choking, eye licker is a shadow by night.
Lives on fears, feeds on horror, sucks the juice from your sockets.
Desolate memories of childhood in rancid human decay.
Stripped of flesh, bled dry.
Human taxidery crossdresser.
Cold steel on temperate flesh reveals magenta pleasures within.
Not a sound, just suffering.
Eye licker is born from sin.
Such sights to see, so many eyes to taste.
Rise to atrocity, fall from disgrace.
Decades later, in a shattered mirror he catch a glimpse of his molestor.
She wimpers skinless on the floor, chains rattling, no light through the door, moment of truth approaching.
Euphoric amputation, barren lips reveal the slimy probe.
Once again abomination strikes, to look in the abyss.
A taste of the soul.
Incoherant maniac drivel, ramblings from dementia - "Eye licker fuck her", "I lick her mother".
Farewell to sanity, welcome reality.
I dreamt a dream within a dream.
Post-cognitive slow motion.
A mind is a mind is a mind.
Blood Red visions of Aphrodite, acrid smell of rotting flesh.
White walls, fluorescent lights.
Mind fucked without Thorazine.
He closes his eyes and drifts inside, where now meets then and dark meets light.
Dont look if he's in your sight.
Eye licker!

5. Mephitication

Demiurge, I ate your first flesh
And inrature I descended upon you
Consumed all self-composed illusions
Infesting what's left for all to breathe

Decadent human birth
Frantic mutilation
Injected with needles
Converted to vile
Flesh decomposed with infected bile
Devoured from inside
Mouth filled with froth
Face pealed in agony when spasms contort

Soaked in urine
Immense seizure crawl
Alive and rotting
But still able to breath
Humanoid virus

Hangar gates open
Transported inside
Gliding in pain among tanks that surrounds you
Lowered into the body slide

Skull and chest punctured with metallic probes
Consciousness preserved in chemical solution
Un-dead device for mephitic deeds
Enbalmed atrocity
Contamination seeds

Demiurge, I ate your first flesh
And in rapture I descended upon you
Consumed all self-composed illusions
Infesting what's left for all to breathe
Devoured from inside
Mouth filled with froth
Face pealed in agony when spasms contort

6. Arterial Lust

Blood spattered patterns of perpetual sin
Traces of orgasms spat from within
I tear you open to ecstatic display
Sweet taste of arterial spray
Blood frenzied perversion course through my veins
Haemorrhage maniac driven insane
Slit your wrists with a rusty barbed wire
The sight of blood takes my ecstasy higher

Filthfucking deathcore, pulsecutting whore
Tear liar slut! Arterial lust!

Depraved from dignity
Blood dimmed clarity
Demonic depravation
Sexual amputation
I rip off my blood-soaked garments
Portray as the ultimate tyrant
I make you scream, I make you bleed
Trapped little lapdog, won't help to plead

A well-placed incision to see
Underneath red vessels are whole
My lust and desire squirting at me
I smear myself with warm life liquid
Plant my seeds of sickened hybrid
Disembowelled lifeless beauty
My fantasies, your duty

7. Flesh To Destroy

A murderer resurfaced
My tantrum unbound
The killing is inevitable
Blood craze delirium
With tools of might
Escalated screaming
Nightmare in sight

I approach you with a sharpened blade
Slice 'n dice
Throat be cut across
Arterial spray on the wall
Abdominal cavity embowelled
I hear my demon call

What are you screaming for!!?
It's only pain!
I ripped out your tongue
to get rid of that acrid voice

So shut the fuck up!!
You annoy me!!

Flesh to destroy
For me
Flesh to destroy

Trapped in a dark corner of my mind
A regurgitated spawn piled up on the floor
Your pathetic appearance
I hate it so much!!
I've had enough of your banalities
But you are here right now
With me, and the horror you'll see

Flesh to destroy
You'll scream far more
Flesh to destroy
You'll scream far more

8. Ripsaw Resentment

Bestial lustful killing spree
The killer breed appears
Inaudible screams from abattoir
Ripsaw work in progress

Thudding sound of pieces of meat hitting the floor

Instrument made to dismember
Methodical and deliberate
Sadistic human butchery

Involuntary gutted and disfigured
Sill present consciousness
Images of horror and torment
Countless bodies bled white
Tissue released from the subcutaneous fat

History or immense truncation
No alleviation for their suffering
Repeated wrenched anatomy
Accumulated body parts

Limbs amputated as a keepsake
Shredded corpses piled up high

Life annulment genocide
Sweeping footsteps on a pavement covered in blood
Deranged humming and clinging of tools

Decapitation mess
Scattered brains
Gutteral fresh
Strange lucidity
Human plague redemption
Depurate the world by manslaughter

9. Altered Genesis

Floating structure of virtual impossibilty
Uncalculated blueprints, no certainty to declear
Random restrucyion of the conradictory fabric of matter
Coincident probability arise
Like unbalanced irony mutated from reason
Revealing the strangest of worlds
But the most inexplicable obscurity is always yet to come!
Creations and sudden demise
Infinite improbability unfold
The nature of the universe
Ancient manipulation
Have you ever seen god?
The mass of emptiness is expanding
Darkness became relevant tomorrow
Abstract Phenomenon
Carbon 14 transformed
The sense of mystery is still preserved
De-enphasizing the humanoid "masters", to none exterior effect
Relativity enfeebled, into subjects of suspense
Infinie improbability devour
Anomalies historical perceptions
Flesh oriented stimuli equivalent
Supposed king of the world
Demiurge, I ate your first flesh
And in rapture I'll descend upon you
Consuming all self-composed illusions
No bloodline will see life through
Infesting what's left for all to breathe
Now I'm all you hear, and this is fear
Unleashed from the gutter and most extreme region of the savage dimension
Meticulous deception, the killer breed appears
A radiant abyss where you'll end yourself
Altered Genesis
Petrified dawn shadows the promised lands
Altered Genesis
Blood drowns (the) existence
Altered Genesis
I declare this fucking world unmade!

10. Smite

Incessant desire for flesh
I chew on your face and mark it with stabs
Make you drown in its pity
As blood covers my face
Induging my passion
In the devils embrace
Sadistic it may seem
And so it is!
Peremptory assasin
I've got some time to play
I thrive to kill
Can't talk me out of this
Was born with ill-will
Mutilated into art As your suspended ribs comes apart
Your skin is torn from tool grips
I crush your fingertips
Together with my conscience
The insatiable urge to smother
Confirms that I'm a killer
Deformed to the extreme
Now you know it's real
Violence and no remorse
No mercy on my quest
Impaled with demonic force
Severe bleding chest
Saturated with blood
To smite
Mutilated into art As your suspended ribs comes apart
Your skin is torn from tool grips
I crush your fingertips
Together with my conscience

11. State Of Darkness

Suspended animation
In cold obstruction
Pronounced dead
Practice defilation
Rotting fate lies ahead
Suffocation throes until death

Boxed up and archived
Put on display
Still hearing everything
Consider what you say!

Funeral procession
The bells toll for me
Lowered to sleep
To never be free
Total blackness
Forced into the earth
Entombed obscurity
Anxiety wrath

Absence of sound
My cold heartthrob
I'm on my own
My eyes wide open
I try to move
Scratch and holler
Panic improve...
The air gets thinner

I'm served as dinner
For maggots bleak
Buried alive
Earths caress
State of mind
State of darkness!

12. Deliberate Carnage

Exhumed defiled forgotten
Inanimate organic fuckdoll
Severly bloated rotten
Sexual deviant screwball
Grotesque to the eyes
And cold to the touch
Afterlife sacrifice
Insignificant yet so much

No more thrills in corpses
No more pleasures there
Fresh specimens required
Orgasm to the smell of fear

Victims come easy
No challenge in that
They smell so much fresher
And their blood feels so hot

Lust metamorphosis
No aching crotch
Live for the kill
Kill to come
Come to die
The dead are legends
Stories of me
More horrid than ever
They set me free

Tale becomes rumor
And gives life to me


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