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The Language of Hate

"The Language of Hate" (2000)

1. The Language of Hate
2. Jacob's Ladder
3. Hangman
4. Frontline
5. Psycho World
6. Dark Temptation
7. Revenge
8. Nighttime Skies
9. Virus
10. Parasite
11. Between the Lines
12. The Opposite

1. The Language of Hate

chaotic scenery on a high tech battlefield
puppets of hate they're all doing their killing deeds
murder with system, no one will escape
machine-gun fire is the language of hate
blood-red is the sky
like the earth under your feet
blood-stained are your clothes
and everything you see
no fear, no pain no more
your life is like a dream
no words of peace no more
just load your gun and scream

cries from all around
red corpses on the ground
a man is damaging his ears
he can't stand this cries no more
endtime, total war - no mercy and no law

sounds of destruction
play a symphony of pain
madness and death
are the winner of this game
murder with system no one will escape
machine-gun fire is the language of hate

2. Jacob's Ladder

picked out for a test, Vietnam was the lab
G.I. boys, black and white, misused by sick minds
they try to create the perfect war machines
combine flesh and hate to living killing tools

here's the key to the other side
take it now!
aggressive marionettes rise
bleed and grow!
jacobs ladder shows the way
from heaven into hate
climbing down infected stairs
corrossion of your fate

violence uncontrolled, the monsters running wild
massacre, fracticide, the evil takes it's course
mishappened attempt locked down in secrecy
pushed them down the stairs into this misery

chemical infection
rising hate!
surprise attack, slowmotion
feel no pain!

nightmares, paranoia, death throne, pictures pass
nevermore future plan, final way, the ladder ends
last steps on the stairs, scenes of a further life
but it's just a trip into the endless night

3. Hangman

Sunrise, a new day and the last one for me
The gallow is waiting on the stage
Threating the shadows of a man who stands beside
His face covered in a mask
My tortured limbs i cannot feel
Open wounds from burning nails
Hurting flesh so unreal
I remember these nights

Hear my advice: don't touch this side
Watch him, the hangman
Smiling cause he's still alive
Watch him, the hangman he smiles

No one just me knows his secrets
No one knows his second side
A servant of god fighting for the church
But at night he's the devils child
Dancing to blasphemic songs
Juggler, minstrel, heretic
Kissing the whore, lick her tongue
Secrecy his name

Hear my last advice: keep away from this place at night
Or you will see the hangman smile, you will see his face!
Liad, delator I curse you and your wife
From hell I'll be back again
A demon, a black angel, I'll take revenge
For torture, pain and misery, my last breath is close
Afraid faces all around, no strenght to speak my final words to the crowd

4. Frontline

Again it's raging not for away
Another conflict, another war
One more time dictatorship of a mind insane
Promises, empty words broken by new crimes

Create a new frontline I am your decay
There is no hope for you call me Mr. Crime
Create a new frontline death is marching on
There is no hope for you your life is mine

The troops are marching, devastate the land
Nato's airforce start counter-attacks
Fugitives on the run try to save their life
Reasons of expulsion not to understand

More and more of the fugitives
Reach the border to neighborlands
Desperation in their eyes
See the tears and hear their cries
They have lost all what they've had
Their belief: will it come back?
Injured at body and mind
Victims of attempted genocide
Propaganda that creates hate
Manipulation concealing facts
Crimes in war respect no law again the circle starts
Promises, empty words broken by new crimes

5. Psycho World

My battle with the human race moves on
The deep, deep, dark heat comes down
I'm shooting senseless 'round into crowds
And only when you're dead I will have won

I'm not the nicest but I'm not to blame
Inside my body I'm paying this game
I'm not the sweetest but I'm bot to blame
I kill you cold in psycho world

Into the dark I'll take you with me
Your life is over, the death sets free
I beat your wife and kill your son
And only when you're dead I will have won

I rape your daughter while I drinkg your blood
I fear no devil and I love no god
In realms of madness I am the strongest one
'cause only when you're dead
I will have won

6. Dark Temptation

A long time is gone to find the unknown force
A vision is growing stronger than before
Resist seductive fantasies
Resist carved in stone
Resist the dark temptation calls:
Come touch my skin!

Greed inside fevered mind
Primitive slave to the urge
See the greed in these eyes
Can't you feel what's inside
Don't you know that I'm a slave to the urge

The skin is burned to a principle of ash
Intoxication leaves and conscience crying loud
Stop this is your last chance
Stop you're a fool
Stop try another way, temptaion is your decline

And every night the voices speak to me
Asking for answers everyone can see
But it's not leaving, it's tormenting my brain
It makes me feeling bad, going insane
I learned to hate, both that I am
A greedy demon, a confused weak man
I loose my bearings with every day
The maze is growing, I'm drifting away
Help me my god! Who is my god?
I've lost eternity in a blink of an eye
The fever is gone, my veins are filled with ice
Fear it makes me helpless now
Fear it's getting dark
Fear an everlasting shadow can't open up my eyes

7. Revenge

defeat too late, all you've left behind are ashes
abd bones of my servants that you've burned
please try to escape, hunting is my pleasure
my hate is growing with every single step

revenge - where are my enemies?
revenge - i'll come to break your neck
revenge - now i'm here, i am the living death
revenge - now i'm here, i am painting blood-red

you think, that you can fight my forces with your prayers
you think, that you're save in the sign of the cross
i'll turn it upside down and ram it into your heart
you've burned my servants, now i'll start

fight, fight - i want to drink your blood
kill, kill - i'll break your neck
fight, fight - i want to drink your blood
die, die - die in my fire

the stench of burned flesh, i know it much too well
you've taken the nicest of my female toys
i loved their bodies 'cause their souls i couldn't touch
now the fire waits for you, you've taken too much

8. Nighttime Skies

welcome my sisters, i invite you tonight
come closer to me and take my hand
morbid music played by the wind
a taste of sin hangs in the air

dancing with shadows
see the devils eyes
blasphemic visions
under black
night-time skies

take of your dresses and show your skin
eat a bit of this paste
and anoit your stick
between the legs and do the dance
close your eyes and start the flght

you are breathing fast and the world turns 'round
you can't feel your limps
only my stone-cold dick

9. Virus

sickness breaks loss, madness overflows the land
outbreak of hate unleash the power of a virus
genocide-command marching on out of order
drowning in quicksand, staring eyes, hypnotized

don't you watch the crime
watch it!
the infection spreads around
a virus changing from
the infection spread around

murder and bloodshed
addicted to perversion
a fever inside, a virus' growing like cancer
headlines full of crime, insanity is taking over
violence and lies

chain reaction, death lust
feel the virus at your side
growing cancer, parasite
a new age breaks on
but some things ever stay the same
hate, war and crime
the infection lives in masquerade

10. Parasite

Business is your life
Two kids, a beautiful wife
Upper class, high society
The foundation of your ideal
You feel much too safe
In your palace, in your grave
Now i'm here for first hours
You are my host, i'll take your powers

I'm the one who rapes your mind
I'm the one who steals your pride
I'm the one who takes away
I'm a liar, a parasite

I'll take what i need
I don't kill, just want you to bleed
Your goods and your sking
I use your esteem to get in
No one knows what i am
Only you, but you can't tell
No one of them would understand
That they hold a parasites' hand

Recognize the spots coming from within
Burning like a shoot, a nail under your skin
No chance to run away' cause i'm remaining
Your fucking last days

11. Between the Lines

Enter the mystic place, the judgement halls
You've never seen it before
Creeping shadows moving slow
Silence breaks by whispering
Gloomy light, frozen eyes, countenance of punishment
Question one answer lust!
The first reason to make you fall

Fallen from grace, the whores had made you blind
Fallen from grace, damned to be alive
Between sky and earth
Between the lines, an evil angel, damned to be alive

Question two answer urge!
Temptations force made you it's slave
You speak of longing, speak of pain
Earhly seduction, you can't explain
No more questions, no more excuse
Damnation you can't refuse, civitas diaboli awaits you
And now you're cursed to fall, fallen from grace
The whores had made you blind
Fallen from grace, addicted to the night
A new feeling is growing
As they bring you to the gate
A new feeling is growing
You know that's called hate
They take your halob, burn your wings
They cut your veins and watch you bleed
Now the lord turns around
Raise his voice and speaks the words
You curse them too, condemn them all
Sentenced by lust, they made you fall
Caught in nowhere, the angels ryche
Caught in nowhere, lost between the lines

12. The Opposite

bullshit all around the war of masks is raging on
the streets are filled with clowns and
walking nothingness
self-made devils come to confuse
and enthuse unstable minds
puppets of love on the opposite
to keep the equilibrium

lights out - spots on
here's the brandnew make-up show
two, three and go
tell them lies they wanna know

righ on clowns dance for me and try to interpret my smile
the answer: I'm the opposite your nothingness keeps me alive

new stars quickly formed in that heads full of greed
dollars in their eyes the entertainment overflow
they push their toys into pools of shit
or paint their skin with gold
creating hypes or disgrace
for the one which believe


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