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We Who Walk Behind The Rows

"We Who Walk Behind The Rows" (2005)

1. Psychic Vampire
2. The Moweaqua Coal Mine Disaster
3. Cheap Guitars
4. We Who Walk Behind the Rows
5. Owl
6. A Cult in Blood
7. Redneck Black Metal
8. Illinoisan Thunder

1. Psychic Vampire

I Control All Of Your Thoughts
Penetrate Your Very Being
I Am The One Who Will Be In Control
And Stay In Your Dreams Forever

You Have No Mind Anymore
I've Killed It With Mine
Give Praise To My Eternal Power
All Your Life Is Right Now

2. The Moweaqua Coal Mine Disaster

In 1891 The Mining Began
No One Knew What It Would Bring
After 41 Years It Seemed It Would End
Then ''Moweaqua Coal'' Stepped In

The Mine Was Leased From Pana Coal
It Was Intended To Be Shut Down
The Terror That Was Moweaqua's Shame
Brought Onto Them By Their Own

On Christmas Eve 1932
When Methane Gas Exploded
54 Men Were Killed That Night
They Never Should've Died

3. Cheap Guitars

In 1977,
I Was Born Satan's Son
Born Of Evil Heart
And Bred To Burn
I've Cursed The One Of Brightness
And Set My Course To Hell
Following Devil Metal
From The Time My Father Fell

Cheap Guitars, Easy Women
Black Metal And Whiskey Drinkin
Razor Blades And Chicken Wire
True Black Metal Forged In Fire

Nothing Can Stop Me Anymore
I'm On The Left Hand Path
And If They Come To Get Me
I'm Never Going Back
Angels Fall Around Us
Toys Of Satan's Child
Warrior Of Hatred
Going fucking wild

4. We Who Walk Behind the Rows

Stay Out Of The Country When It's Dark
Behind The Rows We Hide And Wait
The Blood Of Man Must Be Spilled
In Sacrifice To The Lord Of The Plains
The Corn And Beans Call Out To Me
They Say Harvest Time Is Genocide
Evil Breeds From The Seeds
The Golden Plains Controlling Me
I'm Forced To Kill By The Fields You Till
The Crops Are Alive And They Want You To Die

5. Owl

Perched High In Its Tree
The Owl Stands Tall
Fly Into The Night
With All Knowing Eyes

It Warns It's Prey
With A Distant Call
The Devil's Bird
Death Comes From Heaven

Ripping Apart
Dead And Lifeless
Cold Hunger
Nocturnal Flier
Of Hell

Fly, fly.....

6. A Cult in Blood

A cult in blood
Stronger we grow
every day
Demons with no Souls, On the living we prey

Raping and killing
At Devil's Command
Eating the lamb
of God
Harvesting souls
for Lucifer's hand
The fires
of Hell
rage on

7. Redneck Black Metal

Praising Satan Hunting Deer
Watching Nascar Drinking Beer
Raising Crops For The Devil
This Is Redneck Black Metal
Going Fishin' By The Creek
Praying On God's Flock Of Sheep
Watch t.v. And Smoke A Bowl
This Is Redneck Black Metal
Fighting Drinking Shooting Guns
Midnight Toking When We're Done
Ayuhuasca In The Kettle
This Is Redneck Black Metal
Swimming In The Muddy Creek
Moonshine Isn't For The Weak
Flying The Flag Of The Rebel
This Is Redneck Black Metal
We've Pledged Our Souls To Black Metal
Winning The Battle With Steel
We Joined The Armies Of The Evil
The Warriors Of Light Will Kneel
Before The Gods Of Metal
The Leaders Of The Fallen Race
Dethrone The King Who Never Was
And Lucifer Takes His Place
Listen To Hank Williams Jr.
Fertilize With Goat Manure
Drunk Until The Dust Has Settled
This Is Redneck Black Metal

8. Illinoisan Thunder

Shines Bright
Coyote Howl
Raptor In Flight
Black Stars
Above The Land
Rabbit Scream
Torn Apart
The Only Path To Take
True Illinoisan Thunder
Is Through Satan's
Pride On The Prairie
The Only Way To Take
The True Path To Illinoisan Thunder
Is Through History
The Old Times
Hear The Call
Cicada Sings
Wild Dogs Cry
Treefrogs And Crickets
Satanic Visions
Camelight Bridge
Fires Burning
Smoke In The Sky
Illinoisan Thunder


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