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O Agios Pethane

"O Agios Pethane" (1993)

1. Intro
2. Kadath
3. Cannibal Ritual
4. Profanity
5. Submission
6. Sodomize The Weak
7. Punishment
8. Christbait
9. Dread
10. Wings Of Desecration
11. By The Way Of Grace
12. God Left The World
13. Aesta Ta Malakja Sou
14. Revelation
15. Divine Seed
16. Spasmo Paralytic Dreams
17. Lamentation
18. Stream Of Anguish
19. Blood For Blood
20. Outro

1. Intro

2. Kadath

Unseen and polluted
They dwell on solitary places
Where the words were spoken
And the rites were howled to their time
Wind shatters with their voices
And earth murmured with it's conscience
They bend the forest and crush the city
But not forest, not city
Have seen the shattered fist
KADATH in cold desert have known them,
But who knows KADATH?
As a pestilential breath you should skill them
Their hand grips to your throat
But you are unable to see
KADATH their house is your house...
Now mankind rules
Where they've ruled in the past
But soon they'll conquer the land
Where mankind rules
Winter follows summer
And summer follows winter...
They'll wait with patience and might
Cause they'll reign here again!
KADATH KADATH in cold desert

3. Cannibal Ritual

A dirty grey skyscraper -
One of thousands in this area
No one knows each other
No one knows
About the bestial rituals of Sendi
He called a taxi and told the driver
To carry his bags downstairs
Then he hits the driver to be stunned
Sendi took him inside his apartment
Cut him into pieces, ripped him up
And devoured hid warm, vibrating heart
Blood runs to the ground
He also took the othe offals

4. Profanity

Winter - the morning fog arise the land
Black - creatures enter the sand
PROFANITY - to the dark cold breath
Never - stay close to the high grass
Reward - those unholy and bestial ones
Lay down to rest in peace

5. Submission

The sun enveloped in haze - like it's beam
Oh - my life's moon! Sway in shadows
Sleep and smoke to one's heart's content
Be serious and discreet
And drive into the abyss of dreary and pain
So I praise you!
Like a star awakened the cloudy night
One time you want to beam at a place
Which succumbs the dark delusion
All right, I draw my dagger -
I have no choice
You're a slave of lust in tiredness and greed
Inflame your eye at the desirous brightness
Inflame face to face with the dead...
Be dark like the night
Be like a web in the dawn
With every string,
My body trembles and glows for you
To the dead and evil ones
You hellrose - I can't live without you...

6. Sodomize The Weak

Far away from the city
Far away from civilization
A secret farm full of obscure persons
And full of weak cattle exists
Every morning the farmfather
Satisfied himself with the cattle
Fatigo - it's an everflowing plague
No escape from the penis of dead
No hope for all the dead chicks
Crucio - the same procedure everyday
The same thing the whole night
Sometimes, when travellers enter the farm
They won't return from those pervert people
Get strangulated by the evil farmers
Get buried somewhere in the desert around

7. Punishment

Lying here - waiting for the end
Release myself from life's punishment
Escape to the void I came from
Leaving behind a darkish, disturbing world
PUNISHMENT - I never asked for life
PUNISHMENT - My will is free - my choice suicide
The final dormancy I adore, dying is the name
Realize I'm weeping with laughter
As I found I always fathomed for
You shall obey - I will not
Searching for the true delight
The cannot rot one with eternity
Forever I will sleep

8. Christbait

9. Dread

The texture of dread carved and hewn
Sandwiched, nailed in
Waiting in between
Unconsciousness and sleep (and death)
Half life of surrender
Dread is the wood
With which we build our selfmade casket
Passivity are the nails
You cannot cheat the unknown
Know your fear - fight the fight
Only then...even then...

10. Wings Of Desecration

Shining between the people in grey
With arrogance and nothing in their brain
Only adventures flow through their veins
No compassion for the pale
Cause a sensation in all circles
With money they don't earn
Don't pay attention to those men
They never learn...

11. By The Way Of Grace

Bake in the19th century in a plain far way
Lies a tremendous labour camp
All dangerous criminals
Were banished to stay there
It was a journey into death
They had to work all day, didn't get enough food
Lost all their rights
Every month the 10 most diligent prisoners
Got the chance to reach freedom
But no one knew that there's no escape
There was only one approach
Of sand and rubble
For miles and miles the fences loom up
On both sides of the street
The 10 selected ones
Got a projection of 5 minutes
Before their hunters started to rush
Those who won't be killed by bullet
Died in the endless pain

12. God Left The World

after many years people found
This stream of skulls and bones
The guilty ones were never found
But corpses showed the street of the damned

13. Aesta Ta Malakja Sou

In a frozen night
You were eaten by your nightmare
He lost the battle
One night after another
Your days are counted
It's a journey through an endless tunnel
In the name of satan
Your life will end in suicide
Body be eaten by worms
Nothing but death remains

14. Revelation

Writhe and shiver in agonies undreamable
Wriggling and gasping
Anticipating the tumescent
REVELATION...of the flesh
Thrill of damnation enjoy the sickness
REVELATION...of the flesh
Hooks rend
Blood trickling into each wound

15. Divine Seed

On for a muse of fire that would ascend
The brightest heaven of invention
A kingdom for a stage, princes to act
And monarchs to behold the swelling scene
[Shakespeare, HENRY V]

Who threatens my throne of darkness?
Who is the judas, the betrayer of my reich?
Wherever you dwell
Trying to hide from my revenge
A curse shall be your reward
Comedy of life never ends
Generations the successors of unforgiving
Wear the crown of a king
In the carnival of triviality

16. Spasmo Paralytic Dreams

Every night you frightened up
Bathed in perspiration - you stood in your bed
And attempted to remember -
At your dream of terror
The hour of horror
Already now you have fear,
When you fall into sleep
One night the mutants thrashed down again -
Harder than ever before - you can't move around
And died misery in your fright
Shivering fit - agony - grinding flesh in your hand
Nightmare masks of death - their looks gore you

17. Lamentation

After years of suffering - you are gone
But you thought to enter - a better world
...nothing like that
You lie in a dark chamber - can't move aside
Want to leave this place
But your body's already dead
Year after year you wait at this place
And nothing happens - you get weaker and weaker
The coffin starts to rot
Sand's falling down and maggots eat your flesh
You want to scream, but you are dead
Feeding the time with your body,
But the bones will survive
Sand's falling down...

18. Stream Of Anguish

19. Blood For Blood

Devoted to a false god, see the marked people
Give them your life - they take their profit of you
Your soul for sale
Believe in the bible - book of lies
Pray to your father - he won't help you
Blind of your faith - don't see your enslavement
...follow them into death - your soul for sale...

20. Outro


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