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" blood" (2002 EP)

1. Torturing a Feeble Priest
2. Master of the Grim Domains
3. Dödens sändebud
4. I spår av Jesu blod
5. As Darkness Prevail

1. Torturing a Feeble Priest

He weeps like a lamb to the slaughter
cast down from his blooddrenched skies
slowly we sail across the river Styx
and I hold up his head by the hair

the godforsaken water is bloodred
and the ruler of chaos stands ashore
he spreads out his blackened wings
and blasphemes sadistically the priest

I drag the worthless priest ashore
he screams endlessly in naked fear
I am an eternal veil of evil torture
and I take pleasure in his agony

he is being crucified upon a cross
and boiling blood is poured upon him
his face explodes in bursting heat
as I whip his soul a thousand times

2. Master of the Grim Domains

The pentagram of my desires fullfillment
glows with inverted unholy inner force
baphomet, I draw your sign deep inte my flesh
enter me, and use my satanic body for war

Grant me a touch through Leviathan
set fire to my soul of Anti-Christ

God of the underworld, split open my black heart
fill me with unholiness and color my soul in hate

fever runs through my blasphemous being
I am my sacrificial gift to the goatlord
I cry out to thee, Baphomet, appear in me
create a storm of immolation, to kill God

possess me now and see all my hatred
I am a human torch of devestation

master of teh grim domains, I call your names
while I rape the angels of an impotent God

3. Dödens sändebud

4. I spår av Jesu blod

Så som asplöv likt för vinden
Skall den kristna hären oss bedarra
Så som blod i Kristi panna
Skall det goda ljuset för dem falna

Se hur bortom länge frusna ängar
Döden stjäla liv
Märk hur skärseldens nu varma flamma
Smeka korsets nakna hopp
Räds hur pestens farsot härja
och sluta grepp runt kristi männskokropp

Må salighetens röst falla död från skyn
I fallen ängels hand svärdet sitta skall

I skuggan av han som dyrkar mörkret må de våndas
I Kristi land skall människan fjättras i dess tarmar
I månens glans, i blodröd snö skall Jesus dräpas
och så som han skall mänskligheten ondskan möta

I spår av Jesu blod...

5. As Darkness Prevail

Diabolical Winds Blow Cold
Ravens Circle in the Nightly Skies
Summoned are the Souls of Damnation
As the Hour of Final War is Here

As Darkness Prevail
The Light will Fade
As Darkness Prevail
The Angels Cry

Spears Shall be Lifted Towards the Heavens
Swords Shall Penetrate the Hordes of Christ
As Our Legions of Darkness Prevail
And Wolves Howl Sadly Towards the Moon

As Darkness Prevail

Angels Cry in Shameful Despair
As our wizards cast their spells
Of the Darkest Evil Art
That Freezes the Lord of Light to Dust


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