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The Fortress

"The Fortress" (2007)

1. Heroes Ride Again
2. The Fortress
3. Blizzard
4. The Day Of The Sword
5. Illusion Of Glory
6. Games Of Death
7. Avatar
8. The Dark Side Of Progress
9. Sir Joe
10. Into The Maze

1. Heroes Ride Again

2. The Fortress

The enemy is coming, the danger is near,
the invaders are marching across the land,
high on the mountains the fortress awaits.

We will fight them, facing the steel,
We will fight them, the legend stands by our side,
to guide us to victory.

the fate of the empire…
…lies upon us


We're standing on the wall,
We'll fight, We'll kill, We'll never fall,
the enemy will never ever win.

Evil warriors, coming from the north,
they fill the plain before us.
The light of the setting sun shines upon their steel,
behind their back there's only devastation.
Cities are in flames, where they ride ravens in the sky.

The time comes to fight, let the battle begin,
screaming their war cry the enemies charge.
From the sky rain of death will fall on them,
We're ready to fight, We await them.

Warriors, the legend calls us,
defend the walls, fight for the empire.
Soldiers, the blaze of glory
shines upon us, We'll fight to victory.

In the fury of the battle, men fight and die,
the blood of heroes on the walls,
under the flag We fight.
So many days, battle and death
many men have died.
Our steel has saved the empire
the battle now is won, the bards will sing of this day.

3. Blizzard

Black clouds fill the sky
the winter wind blows cold.
Riders run through the night
towards the storm.

The wind shouts with rage, the Blizzard now begins.
They ride through the snow, danger's on the way.

Ride, or die out in the cold.
The Blizzard will have you.

Blinded by the snow
and deafened by the wind.
They try to resist and to go on.
The tracks they leave behind on the ground,
soon fade in the white lost in the storm.


Chilled to death the frost grips their hearts.
Their souls fly away on the wind.
They die victims of the storm
raging on the land
leaving devastation.


4. The Day Of The Sword

5. Illusion Of Glory

(1989 - Music: Lanfranchi M. - Lyrics: D´Ambrosio S.)

The cold wind blows from the arctic lands
in the pale light of dawn the legions prepare to fight.

Now the commanders order the attack
and the warriors ride to meet victory or death.

Metal hail from the sky
gods of war take their tool.
So many bodies lie under the banner
warriors fight all day long....

The sun slowly sets on the battlefield
where friends and foes
lie in the cold embrace of death.
Now I wonder for what cause we have fought
when the battle is over, and there's no man alive.

So I think that war is madness,
a cruel game for the insane.
Violence and destruction are burning the earth
when all this will end?

The road to home is long and hard,
but once arrived I'll be repaid of my pain with honour, glory and wealth.
After many days I see the walls of my city,
the city for which we have fought,
the city for which my friends have fell.

I'm back to meet the glory,
I have to meet my honour.

But once passed beyond the threshold,
no one remembers who I am.
I tell my name, they call me coward
cause they think that I have run away.
They call me a deserter, who hasn't fought for his homeland
for me there's no glory,
what will give a reason to my life?

It has been an illusion!
it has been all useless!
it's just illusion!.

6. Games Of Death

(1992 - Music: Lanfranchi M. -Lyrics: D´Ambrosio S.)

I've to live in the ruins
there's no hope, no way out
I've to play a mortal game.
The final choice has been made
no turning back
just a few days and the chase will start.

Run ! to save my life I must fight until the end.
Earning cash for every day I stay alive.
My choice: kill or be killed.

They are near, they are coming
I see their shadows behind me,
the hunters search their prey.
Hiding in the heart of this dark city
no rest for me
lost inside this evil game.


Watching this game
they'll never try to save me
where can I go?
Slowly killed
by the poison in the sky,
they are like walking dead,
my fate is already sealed,
if I must die I will not die alone,
before they take my life
I will kill'em all.

Revenge is near, revenge is mine
on those who played with life
I am here now for you!
You played with fire, you all must burn,
no chance to flee,
fucking' dirty jackals face your bloody death.


7. Avatar

8. The Dark Side Of Progress

(1992 - Music: Lanfranchi M. - Lyrics: D´Ambrosio S.)

Lookin' out at the world
I realise that all is changing,
nature is destroyed under iron jaws
life is dying, there's no future.

Earth was better in ancient times
the air was clean, the creatures ran free
now it's over, the Eden cannot last
the sun goes down, black shadows rise.

Foul waters, poison in the air
world is killed in the name of human greed
all for gain, asphalt replaces the green.

Walk of progress, it never stops
and the forests are razed to the ground,
we are near to self destruction.

There are few hopes for future
humanity's digging its grave.

We live in a sad, grey world
ruled by hatred and greed.
Poorness and misery overcome
plagues kill day by day.

Bombs fall down from the sky
and the cities become a pile of ruins
life has gone, drowned in lakes of blood.
Statesmen, deceive the people
many words but nothing is done
false and liars, they don't practice what they preach.

They get rich with no mercy
making the world go to ruins.

Useless is to race for power
if in the end no one remains,
no hopes for the future
if they don't change.

9. Sir Joe

10. Into The Maze


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