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The Sane Asylum

"The Sane Asylum" (1988)

1. The Sane Asylum
2. Blood Shower
3. Vengeance Is Mine
4. Death Noise
5. Kamakazi
6. Smash the Crystal
7. Vicious Visions
8. Metamorphosis of a Monster

1. The Sane Asylum

The Sane Asylum

Welcome to this sane asylum
You'll never leave if you keep tryin'
There's no treatment
There's no cure
You can be quite certain
But never really sure

2. Blood Shower

Blood Shower

When politicians refuse
To open their eyes
The world is blind
The future will cry

The mud will turn red
And the living are dead
When madmen rule this land
They're carrying out the plan

Bloodbath - Death Trap
Walking down the sandmans path
Turning your head from side to side
No place to run, No place to hide

The middle east will ride the beast
They're preparing now, for the feast
We watch them as we sleep
Their menu is prepared, it's you they want to eat

The main course
For their holy war

Blood shower - Poison flower
Madmen sitting in the top of their towers
Rape the innocent until the final hour
When they're the only ones left to be devoured

(solo MB)

3. Vengeance Is Mine

Vengeance Is Mine
(M.Biedermann / M.Miner / G.Gilson)

Eye for eye
Tooth for tooth
You'll get yours
Before it's through

Living war
Up to your knees in blood
What are you dying for?
Peace and love?

Kill for peace
Kill for land
Killing time?
Vengeance is mine

Blood is thicker than water
Land is worth more than gold
Oil leads man to the slaughter
Greed will eat at your soul

Terrorists threaten our streets
So now they are mine fields
All powers will be unleashed
When killing is fashion we all must kill

(1st & 3rd solo MB, 2nd solo LL)

4. Death Noise

Death Noise
(M.Biedermann / L.Claypool)

Lightning bolts flashing Demon crys
Satan worries into the night

Thunder roaring, no disguise
The world is ending before your eyes

A thousand times, you've thought of life
And how time would not pass you by

Now your eyes do see the light
You've got that feeling, too scared to cry

The roaring thunder in your ears
Brings back to you, your childhood fears
All the worries, all of life
Could all end, on this one night

As the noise begins to grow
The cloudburst sky begins to glow
You close your eyes the world so bright
Suddenly the day turns into night

Death noise

The lower world, will rise above
Taking over all they can
Stand aside and fight with us
Or fall, decline of man

There's no turning back in the world's eyes
Satan played it off with his nuclear guise
Great radiation that fills the sky
With poisonous air that kills off life

Now the ground begins to shake
It's satanist souls, not ours he'll take
To rid forever from the universe
Those who claim their faith with Lucifer

(1st & 3rd solos LL, 2nd solo MB)

5. Kamakazi


We're the symbol of society
The masters of our race
We've learned our lessons on those who lived
And how they lost their face

What's wrong with living a proper life
When it's yet our time to die?
Faith and honor well preserved
For we never question why...

Taking your life in your own hands
As we do every day

Living life in the danger zone
Someday you'll have to change

Divine wind
Kamakazi flies within
Divine sin
You'll never see his face again

No reason living
No reason to die
You look in the mirror
And see your cold eyes

One final moment
Before you take to the skies
The needle's your pilot
And the snow is your guide

To turn your back on the rising sun
Would surely bring your honor shame
Crying for the ways we live
When we only have ourselves to blame

(Solo MB)

6. Smash the Crystal

Smash The Crystal

Trapped inside her crystal ball
You feed her the future, you tell her all
Life and death, she feels is in her hands
She's the one who dies by your command

Eyes in the crystal
Face in the mirror
A voice in the back of your head

Smash the crystal
Smash the mirror
Or the witch's curse will leave you dead

The witch speaks of the dreams you've seen
A divine message of light
If you look into her crystal ball
Your future will end tonight

(1st, 2nd, & 4th solos MB) (3rd solo LL)

7. Vicious Visions

Vicious Visions

Voices ringing burns my ears
I see faces in the mirror
Defying gravity in my sleep
As I fly from dream to dream
And I dream.....

Ancient future blinds my eyes
Silencing screams that hypnotize
Ask myself what do I see?
No one's there to answer me

One day man will read what's written
Decide to steal what he wasn't given
Deadly knowledge twisting scriptures
Tapping into Hell's computer

Vicious visions warning you
Remember to forget what you once knew
Vicious visions telling me
Don't forget to remember what you used to be

Heed these words
Don't listen to me
Unless you've no fear
Of what you might see

Vicious visions

(1st solo MB) (2nd solo LL)

8. Metamorphosis of a Monster

Metamorphosis Of A Monster
(M.Biedermann / I.Marshall)

Inspired by insanity
No cure for the mind's disease
No drug to ease the pain
No undoing what's been done

No loss is a gain
You've tortured mother earth
Soon you all will burn

Nothing's sacred
No one is pure
What we've been taught
Has changed through the years

What truth are lies?
What lies are truth?
Madness as my disguise
I do what I do

This world created holy
Is tortured and haunted
Metamorphosis of a monster

Just goes to show
Not all are Satan's slaves
Supposed holy doing his dirty work
They're digging the earth's own grave
One grave.....

The bowels of the earth
Are ready to give birth
The death noise will crack the sky

A moments reflection
Mirrored imperfection
Then all madness wil subside

One day the whales will walk the earth
The hunter will become the hunted
Mammoth will unearth itself from the tomb of hibernation
He will sprout wings and fly

Man will be consumed by fire then condemned to the sea
Burning eternally with salty water in the lung
Reborn, Reformed, The humble will adorn a new way
Without treachery or scorn

(Solo MB)


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