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When Hatred Becomes Torture

"When Hatred Becomes Torture" (2004 Demo)

1. Fortuitous Bloodshed
2. Into the Snuff
3. Fostered in Agony
4. When Hatred Becomes Torture
5. Sodomized Then Impaled
6. Bizarre, Nasty (Fancy)

1. Fortuitous Bloodshed

Staring through unmeasured chains of pain
Pestilence lives, driving me to psychotic state
I feel the crowd, squeezed guts
In their beings I'll find a place for my aberrations

Ghoulish thoughts, atrocity flows
Anxiety to kill immigrates in me
Sadist wrath, morbid mind
Waiting to defile all the hordes behind

A fortuitous bloodshed by me

Soaked in blood, their plasma runs
A severe decay arrives to my head
Their avulsed flesh is feeding my brain
I'm tasting a nightmare, or, Is it my deviated reality?

Unconscious behavior, disturbed environment
A dark side of me, on dead bodies grows

Soaked in blood, their plasma runs
A severe decay arrives to my head
Their avulsed flesh is feeding my brain
I'm tasting a nightmare, or, Is it my deviated reality?

A downward spiral is drawing my fate
Their wretched anatomies infested by wrench
Intestinal affair moistening my calf
Infernal detritus, I'm going insane….

Brutalized corpses in my hands
Unlimited madness in their bones I unload
Masses of stiffs in decadence
The hunger increases…

Post mortem mutilation flirts with me
I become a recollector of clits and rotten tits
These soft skins are making me horny
With their purulent smell

Masturbate, Lacerate… Ejaculate.

Recovering my sense
Still perceive the filth emanating from the streets
Mass of corpses split wide open
Dying whores spilling blood
In a peaceful place I remain, total sin washed in
Another slaughter done, my lucid interval returned.

2. Into the Snuff

A casting planed, he called her,
A famous star you'll be, your dreams will become reality
Just take off your clothes and feel free to sit
It's gonna be a day you'll never forget.
Now let's develop the session of fame

Kill, Rip, Rec.

In your face there's no shame, that's ok
Young charisma, teenager's innocence, you're the girl !!!

Inspiring sex, still innocent, doesn't suspect her fate
Close your eyes and touch your hair,
I'm focusing your look of dead

Ready to propitiate
Her death now is imminent
He slashes her lips and deflowers her asshole

Stabbing the abdomen
She's paralyzed and can't scream
Terrified by his butcher acts…

Random stabs, her tissue becomes a strainer
Recording suffering, frame by frame,
while her bloody pussy he copulates

A body satiated in punishment
An innocent girl gutted and raped, tormented soul
In his bathroom appears the obscene attainment
Her precious figure rotten and foul
Everything caught by his lens in the snuff.

3. Fostered in Agony

Dense and perverse misery
A container of human evilness
Repugnant ambient visions
Darkness another place to hide

Everyday is a severe distress
Quietly invades me the mighty malfeasance

Macabre mistreatment
Satiric self destruction, a maniac repulsion
Spewing filth, black seeds of hate
A bizarre shroud engulfing the cerebral surrounding

Doze draining painfully through deformed perception
A malformed postulate installed in the head
Producing sickness, sprinkling death
The fancy to kill, voluptuous urgency
A tenebrous framework enveloping the skin.

Malignancy thoughts hack brains,
Ruthless feelings bring the death which human race deserves
Rage excretes pain
Anguish will fill the masses pit,
Desecrating all the fears

Coupling all the hate that a human being can feel
I bring suffering to all those who surround me,
Unlimited rottenness inhabits in me
They`ll feel my vengance,
Their life will be their torture.

Drowned by eternal hate
My ecstasy, their misery
Endless massacre runs my veins
Perpetual mistreatment is my plague
A frantic form of living,
All the wickedness lives in me.

4. When Hatred Becomes Torture

Ruthless, smashing the brains of my enemy
Sadistic, enjoying the laments of agony
Atrocity, I feed myself now with his suffering

His weeping eyes searching for human aid
I break his neck but they keep looking at me
A life has ended and with it expires a revenge

Suddenly, I'm not alone in this rotten place
At my feet lie a thousand cadavers
I walk on them and the thrill increases inside my being

Only death has provoked my unmeasurable hate
The torture begins unto them

I feel excitement with fallen whores - necrophile -
I fuck them while I'm grinding with my weapon their entrails

Footpath of pain, abstract dimensions,
a mental disturbance with thirst for death

Through my skin I emanate dregs, the next station - devastation.

I wear putrefaction…

Hundreds of bodies ablaze, bloody dramatized
Mortal entertainment. I'm in the audience victimized
Inside of them there's a reflection,
just a result of my sexual frustration

Infected with madness, the morbus increase with the ripped stiffs

Triumphant entrance, the butchery in front of me (my tiny relief)
A slaughterhouse refuges me, its maternal pit caresses me
Exhaustive tranquillity



Live in me.

5. Sodomized Then Impaled

Being full of hatred looking for death
Desperate anger begins to sprout in my head
Thirst of grief runs through all my veins
Inhuman thoughts my brain spews
I need a body to satiate me

A little female is near me
Eleven or twelve years old I can see it in her tits
Snatch her as fast as I can
Now she is on my bed imploring me
But it's exciting me

Stripped, I mutilated
Her feet and hands, then I cut her tongue off
Drenched in human limbs
Contemplating her face in panic for me

Penetrate the virginal cavity
While I tear her cloths off
A hemorrhage comes
See my cock covered with clots
I pull off her clit,and make her eat it

Now I turn her over, and I see her ass
Drily sodomize her until membranes of the anus dilate
Feel diarrhea on my dick

I ejaculate pus upon her verts
Break them with my fist
Stab her lungs with my nails
Then impale her
A stake crosses her whole anatomy

Movements done in vain
Living in pain, watching vibrations gone foul

Skin turns green and pail,
Breathing hurts flesh,
Glassy eyes percieving everything done
Perpetrating the suffering
Her pregnancy of death

Felt her chaos in my head
'Till it made me suffocate
Sodomized then impaled
All her fears in thirty minutes came true

6. Bizarre, Nasty (Fancy)


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