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Confined Slaughter

"Confined Slaughter" (2006 EP)

1. Confined Slaughter
2. Winterís Plague
3. Remnants of Humanity
4. Burning Hate 2
5. Torment
6. Endless Betrayal

1. Confined Slaughter

Confined Slaughter

to the opposite of all your opposites
no matter where you go you'll always be dead
i bring you to the slaughtering of life
i focused on confinement to trade for your time, you scream
this world will pay for your death and we all
will laugh when your losing your final breath, i don't care
how much of yourself i wanting the freedom
you won't and will never taste it
all this time
all this time
all this time traded for nothing
all this time has given my hurt
with the blood that's on my hands

to a spiteful god, confined slaughtering of my internal pride
damn this life - a broken deal of time
bring you to your grave, your named has been erased
your named has been erased
confined slaughtering of me (2X)

wait for your blood
why I burn... innocence can not be alive
we pay for your time
for your life, you will learn
all the confined slaugher of me, i don't see
through the bars of this disease
i live it, without a life
without a live
a better life, i scream
goodbye, love
to a dead world, goodbye

2. Winterís Plague

Winter's Plague

i have to be your wrong answer
we loathe this night
it's not what it's supposed to be,a better tie to burn
the cold is in my heart created
a better me
will you accept despise

you - why you loathe me, i've become regrets
why - you loathe me, i focus on all the pain
i can't begin to feed - endlessly

ive got a better dream
without you being apart of me
i force a broken reclaim
upon my hands, the blood of a saint
i set myself free from this and all disease
the winter will take you away

Low - Below - the ground - you'll find me
Under grave snow, on my head stone
Low Below The ground you'll find me

3. Remnants of Humanity

Remnants Of Humanity

i don't want to know anybody's fucking name
i don't want to hear about anyone else's pain
i can't sustain much of society's ways
i can't believe unless it's right in front of me

can't stop, can't trust, can't back away
keep quiet, don't speak, only i can say
you can't word in this
your sorrow becomes my bliss
i witnessed a mass destruction
A fatal war, fought for society's construction
you have no better direction
this will be your fucking lesson
it's all about you, you know it's a fact
it's all about you, why is that (2x)

only the enemies know about my revenge
only few have told the story and lived
only the ones like this have blood to shed(2x)
only to this world, will you always be dead

fuck you all (4x)
it all comes down to you
what is named to be true

i found a separate fixation
i stomped the ground's impression
all focused upon bettering one's self
all your turmoil brought upon by guilt
it slowly changes by hope of life
fucked yourself by wasting time
can't escape you own labrynth of strain
feeble-minded you can't have what you may

i realized it was all about you
i comply to trying to fuck you
it's all about you, you know that's a fact
it's all about you, why is that (3x)

4. Burning Hate 2

Burning Hate 2

it goes into my wretched core
same forced feeling as before, not anymore
i won't put up with this shit
this burning hate my life has accept

instant change from sane to rage
unlocked my kindred evil
fortunate to know the passage
i crawled through pins and needles

enough of this unerasable pain
all this anger too much too sustain in my veins
blood boils at a different degree
this is the true honesty of what i need

unknown, follow the path i've shown
capable, spite can only be my real label
face down, smell the entrance to my grave
unrestrained, focused to make life my slave

does anyone understand what pressure weighs this man
does he have a plan, does he have to live
are you able to hear, subliminal welcoming to fear
why be afraid to be near, what's left to give
does he have to live, what's left to give

the way i feel about my inner self
a sickness i can't rid of
a hatred that i fell in love
a weakness within the system
a savior has made me a victim
a coward that has lived his day
a murderer who escaped his ways
a survivor i haven't fell apart
at peace with the hate in my heart (4x)

(repeat pre-verse)
(repeat chorus)
My beautiful burning hate (4x)

5. Torment

does it matter, all the pieces of your life you have lost
my presence is shattered, open to you for all it cost
It's an honest opinion, an ignorant decision, a life ending incision
this is what always burned, this your messiah will have to learn

this lonely mind
hides another danger you can't deny
All this is, another focus, on my madness
explain it, attempted misery, addicted sadness
all my torment---can it be described
all my torment---will it leave from inside
all this is, another focus on my madness
explain it, attempted misery, addicted sadness
all my struggle---can it be justified
all my struggle---amplified, WHY

every day---another struggle
every day---lived in fucking torment
all these fears made up of nothing
all my life tricked into killing
myself and the shit about me
fuck this world and all around me
for being in my life and wasting my time
i bury the remains, i end it with my own life
i end it with my own life

(repeat 4x)

this is my natural torment

6. Endless Betrayal


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