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Old Prophecy

"Old Prophecy's Truth" (2004 Demo)

1. New Times Messenger
2. The Cursed Princess
3. Bitter Frost
4. Slava Mertvogo Roda Dojdet Do Chuzhih Nebes

1. New Times Messenger

The world from darkest light was born.
Under your dawn, a son of a daybreak.
Let the remote ages’ dark, your shackles’ load,
The alien god’s lies die in the light of new times.

Pure stream of crystal tears is colored with dark blood,
Colored with dark blood it will never try up.
To kingdom of cold winds you carry your hopes.
Reviving the previous epoch, you disappear forever.

You ever looked for enemies, a piece of ice from sleeping flame.
You wished to give light to create a new world.
To share the dream, for the sake of new light to beam.

New eras herald. Wind is praying.
Carnivorous wind, born by fury.
Through thousand years will break the wolf’s sleep.
The sleep of wolf covered with snow.

2. The Cursed Princess

On springy wings of wind
The magic flight of darkness
The cold moon beckons
And bears malice.

The ancient grove
Rustle of branches distorted with pain.
I choose the way of dark
Though hard is press – the seal.

The forest path,
The light of moon has filled my way.
My eyes can see the figure of
The lady-guide to show the path.

The kid of dark is near me.
With me cursed princess is for now.
We have a common path to enter on.
She is the most beautiful I’ve seen.

The peals of thunder sound loud.
We give the words of promise then.
We tied together with the curse
And shared here nocturnal mourn.

The deep forest
No faith the forest sends to crowd.
My sword will be a forest safeguard.
It’s made of universe dark of metal.

Oh, precious she-wolf,
Securest than others.
You’re shining with nocturnal smart
Together will we fight.

The cold moon beckons
And attracts malice.
The time will come
Of morning star of gloom.

You and me united.
This union is true.
The union of dark.
And night will join it forever.

3. Bitter Frost

Army comes with blizzard strikes,
Times of white cold on the earth descend
Troops of wolves will cheer up
And raise the banner with it’s face.

Oh, great equinox!

January night froze up for century,
World lost its sense.
eternal winter’s awful echo,
Gusts of wind, a string of frost.
The frozen rivers of shed blood.

Fight! Hard frost.

A choir praises wolves troop’s steps.
Fight! The face of chief is distorted with malice
And marked with scars of distant winter.
Instead of words – the sword and axe,
When white frost comes the words die out.
No more the sunlight and the morning,
The strokes of swords in dark,
And men fight with the wolves.
The people’s hearts and air, and sky, and see, and woods,
And even steel are burnt with frost.

4. Slava Mertvogo Roda Dojdet Do Chuzhih Nebes


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