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"Passionate peace/Songs of sorrow" (2002 Demo)

1. Passionate peace
2. Songs of sorrow
3. A bleak wail

1. Passionate peace

You fill me,
Crowned in majesty
Clothed in compassion,
Pouring the sunset
Into my window.
You envelop me,
Mighty on Your throne
Mercy in Your eyes,
Flowing renewal
Into my being.
You warm me,
Fire in Your Spirit
Father in my weakness,
Bestowing jewels of joy
Upon my heart.

You stay with me,
Soldier in my helplessness
Protector of your children,
Giving your grace
To my eyes.
You change me
Creator of my thoughts
Creativity in your being,
You use gentle hands
And mold me.
You are
The lover
Of my soul.

2. Songs of sorrow

Even the flowers weep
at the door of the grave:
the Son of man has been buried there,
and our hopes are so frail.

How could he just leave us to world?
We could not believe he had died.
Was he the King of Jews after all?
The flowers weep, and so do I.

"Truly, this man was the Son of God",
the Roman officer witnessed his death,
curtain of the temple was torn in half
and the Rabbi was dead, just as he'd said.

Three days of desperation
have passed since Jesus was killed.
Stories of an empty grave
are told, yet we could not believe.

Our lives are suddendly filled with void,
that woman, she must have been lying.
Were not we told of his suffering?
All day and night we just moan.

"Are you only man in Jerusalem
who does not know what has happened in these few days?"
Wake up, realize, Messiah is alive!

3. A bleak wail


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