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With Wolvish Lust

"With Wolvish Lust" (2005 Demo)

1. Purist Hate
2. With Wolvish Lust
3. Inhale The Night
4. Release

1. Purist Hate

Raise the knife

With cruel determination

Raise the laughing knife

Sans hesitation

Striving - with conviction

In Hatred - ever seeking

Starving - writhing heart

Moon-light - rays are piercing

Tear the wall of flesh

Without feeling fear

Open the wall of skin

With a key of steel

[Salute and] hail the burning DARK[ness]

2. With Wolvish Lust

Day-light cuts and tears my form

With golden whip of ancient curse

Accursed famine�s endless course

A lust for crimson flowing life

In raging waves of Wolvish lvst

Within the grip of poisoned blood

To drink the ink of dying light

The torture of an endless life

In dusty silence listen and behold

Breathe and choke in final solitude

Stand as one in blasphemy -

Light of a thousand dying stars

Savage Hatred - Lupus essence

Feeding Frenzy - Torn apart

Raging Spirit - Storming blood

Within a Cruel and Wolvish Heart

3. Inhale The Night

The Morningstar burns up the dusk

Its torch sheds light on pallid greys

Flakes of snow drifting liquid frantic

Moon drowning in spilled blackness

Poured from wounded skies

The dust of fallen stars still glints

Within the empty void of silent woods

Star-light slices seeping wounds

Through midnight�s muddy flesh

Eyes open wide, paleness glowing bright

Inhale the night -

Inhale the breath of night!

Chorus:Hail the Morningstar -

Bringer of the Light!

Praised be the Blood -

Blessed, liquid Life!

To inhale the night

Eyes are open wide -

Embracing failing, dying light!

4. Release


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