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Nigrum Terroris

"Nigrum Terroris" (2006 EP)

1. Svastic Supremacy
2. Sodomy and Extermination
3. Satanic Triumph

1. Svastic Supremacy

Svastic Supremacy

flag hoisted
svastic on the tope
elitism ideas emerge
extermination emerge
elitism emerge
the svastic supremacy

oh my master
oh my Führer

oh my master satanas
from your infernal empire
you request Jude blood
soon you are going to be satisfied
annihilate the dud race
we will do it in your name
hail the supreme beast cult

the great majestic panzer Faust
destroy all Jude homes
break all happiness
break all unshapely bodies
break all Jude illusion
they will have escape
not salvation
destroy the bodies of dud race
spilled bloody
excite the Führer

oh my master
oh my Führer

eloin cries
when see his village extermination
cant save his village
of the Nazi power
in the sacred fields of extermination
kill in your name
my master
hail the supreme beast cult
thousands of Jude corpses
in Berlin
hail the Nazi work
make in your name
hail Führer
all extermination act

elitism in all the supremacy
odes to genocide
hail all evil act
total war
total terror

oh my master
oh my Führer

you in your throne
you want more judeo blood
majestic svastic
lifted in sacred bloody fields
the sign of aur great power
ancestral german songs
letanies to satan
celebrate that we have the victory

svastic supremacy
svastic triumph
svastic supremacy
thriumph of Führer
svastic supremacy
thriumph pf the infernal beast
svastic supremacy
a new order that reing............

2. Sodomy and Extermination

Sodomy and extermination

massive escape from hell
the black gate
of the infernal circle
beelzebu`s infernal troops
cross the black valley
come to the earth
to sodomize and exterminate Christians

pressed and submissive
in the infernal fields of Satan
slaves of the darkness
gagged and tied
To the black sharp mallet
covered by blood
uncontrollable crying
Caused by the pain

Struck and flagellated
Sacrifice of the damn lamb
Naked bodies receive the damn blood
the sodomy is beginning

Demons take the bodies
wild rape
lust is drained
In the Christian bodies
Their skins uprooted
By the demonic claws
the painful extermination
is going to begin

slow suffering
satanic murder
pleasant necrofily
dirty bodies
Thrown and sectioned
By Beelzebu

Beelzebu and his infernal army
Triumph back
bye the infernal gate
Christian heads
offerings to Satan

sodomy and extermination !

sodomy and extermination !

sodomy and extermination !

Sodomy and extermination!

3. Satanic Triumph

Satanic triumph

The austral fire
Emerges from hell
The Christian temples
Are under the sinister fire
around the world
the Christians are suffering
when they see the
destroyed temples
Christianity perish
Satanism prevails
glory for the sons of lilith

the world is conquered
by the darkness
Christians pigs
the black terror
pest in their minds
and destroy in their souls
the evil is winning
the fucking battle
to false god

Satan contemplate from
his black throne
in the top of the sky
the evil reigns the world
anybody is going to revel
to the new order

the putrid blasphemer
look to minority of Christian souls
destroy their self
they see bloody and suffering
from their mouths leave pain screams
when they see their paradise burned
their eyes reflect only scare,
terror and chaos
Satan reign

the glory of satan
Produce that god
surrender and turns in a slave
of the satanic empire
black fire in the chaotic hell
the black temple
reguarded by demons
and infernal flames
eternal cult
the magnificence and the satanic power
Satanís empire
reigns the world for ever


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