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Tragaedia Eternal

"Tragaedia Eternal" (2006 Demo)

1. River of Betrayals
2. Shadow of Beauty
3. Tragaedia Eternal
4. Invisible Thorn
5. A Theatrical Act of a Depressive Season
6. Wampyr

1. River of Betrayals

River of Betrayals

Its waters run cold and dark
Recycling my life thoughts
It is impossible to know how
I can swim out of its freezing row

My fear is growing every moment
Every second that my life expands
To the highest point of infinity
Where I meet my own broken dignity

River of Betrayals
The freezing waters take with them
All my past denials

The river never stops from going
Carrying me away till the very end
To the ultimate shelter of myinner sins
Which is hidden in my hearts mists

River of Betrayals
The freezing waters take with them
All my past denials

River of Betrayals
The tornado never leans to rest
It keeps destroying my lifes fest

Ill never reach the shore
I know it is written long before
When the angels began crying at dawn
On the day that I was to be born

Written by Anthony

2. Shadow of Beauty

Shadow of Beauty

Crawling like a headless wreckage
Forgotten by the centuries tide
I seek to find a meaning to all
All the broken rings of my mind

And as I try to stand and look at the sun
The furious tide pushes me back again
Unable to make a new beginning
Marching towards another end

Times blessing at last appears
By the shape of a blinding angel
Who was expelled from heavens
Condemned to walk eternally on earthly hell

A presence that spreads light everywhere
Giving back life to souls that ended nowhere
A shadow of beauty in endless pain
Filling myself with the mood to gain

Dance with me precious angel
It is long now that I have slept
Maybe future has much more to give
With most of all the lust to live

Written by Anthony

3. Tragaedia Eternal

Tragaedia Eternal

Fire, tears the sky
The purple sun, of my soul
Emotion, the poison within
A stoned time of my own
I open my eyes to see
Sorrow, pain and despair
Feels like a filthy dagger
A pity, a sacred death

Now a river flows
Like blood out of my veins
What is left then behind
A lifeless piece of soil

Melody a cry of sadness
A voice you hear at death
Flowers, the gift of past
A torture of fear in mind
Hear my voice now
I wither as time melts in fire
Listen to what I say
It is my moment for regret

Now a river flows
Like blood out of my veins
What is left then behind
A lifeless piece of soil

Written by Anthony

4. Invisible Thorn

Invisible Thorn

Words of salvation,
Defending our rights
Nothing more to give us
And nothing left to hide
No colours of the rainbow,
No colours of the light
Where is our life,
I try to recognize

Fire, on earth and in the sky
Tell me where they are gone
when the sun will burn

Invisible skies, invisible seas
No nature I can see
Eagle lies on the ground
Only his wings have found
To the end of our days
Civilization s fake
Can t you hear this shouting call?
Push away this deadly thorn

Creations of the universe
Promise us paradise
In lands and modern lives,
Control us day and night
Dynasties of hypocrisy
Prepare infernal fight
To do our hopes activities,
Protecting our minds

All that we see now
It s a warning comes from past
Words of the oldest
That will take place at land
To give us more,
More and more and nothing to enjoy
Give us peace in way of blood
In order to destroy

Written by Minas

5. A Theatrical Act of a Depressive Season

A Theatrical Act of a Depressive Season


First act of a damned play
In a darkened season
A play of misery,
Agony and death

Main Act

The clear waterfall of wonders falls
From inside an ebony, crystal cave
That lies in a most wicked site
The most of world well knows

The rule forces you to be always alone
Without anyone to talk to
Of what to be done
It is a moment of pure darkness
That leads to the true emotional sadness

Try to rise and look high to the stars
But realize they have closed their eyes
Deprived of all that you had to stand
You feel your soul rapidly dies


Welcome final act of this damned play
A play of misery, agony and cold death
The skies salute your blinded inner self
Which will rest after the applause faints

Written by Anthony

6. Wampyr


Now as the night has fallen again
I spread my wings for a mystic voyage
Among the stars like a dark comet
Searching for what gives me life

My victims become my slaves
A love that grows darkly erotic
Their eyes staring at me with fear
As If they re looking at their savior

Lurking in the dark
The smile of the world is lost
I crawl out when
The night has fallen
I m haunting your weakened souls
I m hunting your human flesh
Thirsty for sweet blood
The nectar of my life

I have lived for a whole eternity
It is a suffering highway
And my role will keep on playing
Until the day of my real death

Written by Anthony


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