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"Promo CD 2001" (2001 Demo)

1. Memory's Inspiration
2. Scattered Words
3. Better Than Crying
4. Against All Odds
5. One Of These Days

1. Memory's Inspiration

2. Scattered Words

I can see the changes among the times
I can see another side of life
I can see the truth is lying down
But I can't see your expressive eyes
I can see my life to change so fast
I can see my time to pass
I can see the people with nothing to say
But I can't see you in my sight
So Where Do I Search?
To Find You Again...

Moments of pleasure and moments of cries
Some scattered words Some scattered lies
When do we find our eternal time
To end our doubts To end our sighs
You can see your passion would die
You can see your words would lie
You can see together we fly
But you can't see the reasons to try
You can see another life from now on
You can see your self now strong
You can see your past wrongs
But you can't see me standing watching you

Written by Minas

3. Better Than Crying

There are times I feel like a child
Hurted bad and afraid of silence
Oh... When I need a song

When I'm alone and tired
Thinking that my heart is dying
Oh... Music is my friend

Better than crying... ... ...

There are times I'm trying to find relief 'n I need to cry
Oh... A melody helps me more

When even you are away
I can feel distance between us
Then... I'm gonna sing a song

Better than crying... ... ...

Now I know when my life is falling
Better than scream
Run away or cry
Oh... I'm gonna sing a song

Written by K. Karayiannis

4. Against All Odds

You a figure dressed in black
A dissident fate that turns me down
Stand before me dark and supreme
Like a wrecked bridge, I fear to pass

All my memories go round again
To the special things I'd like to have done
Starting with great pleasure
But ending in despair 'n' sadness

For you were the reason of my agony
As you've never smiled at me
But all these can't last any longer
Cause now it is on my hand to control

I have to try, I have to try harder
I have to search, I have to search further
Reaching the end , I know there is no more
It is time to struggle for what I'm looking for

Written by Anthony

5. One Of These Days


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