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"Breath of Genocide" (2004 Demo)

1. The Swords Prayer
2. Temptress of the Creed of chaos
3. When Again we meet
4. Parasite to the darkness
5. When the Blood of Dreams mixes with the scars of reality
6. Guiding Lights of Aurora Borelis

1. The Swords Prayer

lyrics- T, Burnett, music- Black Solitude

Your father
Destroyer of nations
Agony be thy game
Your kingdom come
Thy death be done
On Earth as it is in heaven
Poison today our daily bread
And burn us for our trespasses
As we slaughter those who trespass against us
And deliver us straight into temptation
And become the ultimate evil
For fear is your kingdom
Your power and your glory
Forever and ever

2. Temptress of the Creed of chaos

(lyrics- T Burnett, music- Black Solitude)

Memerising eyes invoke your spell
Infinite catacombs of hidden agenda
A gentle caress of the vipers tongue
The embrace to suffocate traces of freewill

Logic eliminated by animalistic desire
Controls even the strongest minds of man
Our instincts weave us in tapestried forests
A natural maze of our own morbid creation

The temptress smile that paralyses doubt
Burning fires dive into the witnesses of hate
And take the strings of our puppet bodies
For eternity to dance with the knife of betrayal

This is your euphoric world of pleasure
The statuesque succubi of ominous elegance
We池e lost in a blinding numbness of choice
Never to leave your chamber untainted

3. When Again we meet

(lyrics- T Burnett, music- Black Solitude)

Your worthless shell drags on your futile life
An infinite whore for whom death is too generous
The grass is greener on the other side
So you break hearts to achieve your ambition
You may break a heart
But I値l break your fucking Soul

I知 stab your bloated body and bleed you thin
I am going to take the revenge that is rightfully mine
I知 gonna take your insulin syringe, inject your throat with pain
And laugh as I watch you choke for mercy

I知 going to lacerate you, With loves whip of cruelty
And rub the salt into your blackened agony
I知 going to burn down your fantasy castles
And watch your skin incinerate and melt

I知 gonna take your paintings of lies
And twist them into something true
I知 going to destroy your retard bastard family
And kill every single trace of love you had

I知 going to rip out your lying tongue
With which you declared your love
And shatter each of your teeth into ashes
I知 going to snap, the arms you held me in
I知 gonna watch you die, when we meet again

4. Parasite to the darkness

(lyrics T.Burnett, music- Black Solitude)

What is this abomination that manifests before
A misanthropia of darkness my mind produces
Your love links to hate and reality blurs
It stalks my soul freely hunting its pray
I am a parasite to the darkness

With time it will leech happy memories away
And leave me the angst it needs to satisfy
Gestures of please are signals of aggression
Against which my heart says to retaliate
I am a parasite to the darkness

I hold the words with which you値l betray me
I hold the knife with which you値l slay me

For too long have I let this cauldron seethe inside
And now its beginning to spill out and ruin my life
Veiled for so long, but people are starting to see
The coated venom that I constantly breathe

5. When the Blood of Dreams mixes with the scars of reality

(lyrics- Tom Burnett, music- Black Solitude)

The constant continuing vortex
Evangelist to your minds dimming lantern
Ethereal residue creativity commands
To clot the blood in free-flowing scars

The dim surface of light beneath broken fingers
Weighing up the delicacy of your next accusation
As the empty sands of time glide effortlessly throughout
And from shapeless mists of nothingness your enemies march on

The lies ascend from where no tongue lies
The suffocation lurches from where no lungs breathe
Eyes that see where all else is blind
The darkest emissary within your own mirror

The venom of in-exonerated fear seeps and becomes your river
Sweep away and evolve into a decayed world of your design

Re-portrayal of a mirage of essence
Lost forever in the grim desert of the soul
Your eyes do not understand
That which reforms behind them

Seek clarification of what you thought was true
Re-acceptance of the facts you created
A misinterpretation and its glorification
Into your world

Step away from your jugged tower of illusion
And watch the rain cease as you heard it falling
Sunlight pierces your heart like a thousand daggers of angels
And realisation is born upon you this day

6. Guiding Lights of Aurora Borelis

(lyrics- T Burnett, music- Black Solitude)

From the broken gutter I call my life
I see it fragment across war-torn skies
The world evolves and the doves of peace fly
To the heralding call which I cannot deny

The choir sings in harmony
With the hatred and wails of pain
Which pour from my tongue
Drenched in the claustrophobic
Feeling of despair
Which I face each day with
Unceasing regularity
And the darkness in the world
Compares little to that in my mind
I know I am lost, and my shephard has found me

My Criminalisation by the synthetic system
Consumed by the feeling of self-esteem broken

Spiders crawl freely
Across my tattered corpse
A meer flicker
Of the candle of its former self
Parasitical predators stalk my mind
Encircle their pray with unexpected jubilation
And my life becomes engaged in combat
With all including my own base instincts
I create the enemies around me
I can never justify the reason, but she can

The northern lights gleam brighter
The jewels sewn within the twilight
Scars glimmer into vast emptiness
And my true queen descends


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