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"Promo" (2005 Demo)

1. The Coldness & Finality of Death
2. A Storm in the Lands of Forefathers
3. Into The Lightless Depths
4. Lost Widsom (Burzum Cover)

1. The Coldness & Finality of Death

Close my eyes, a moment's darkness
An echo of eternity to come
I saw my living eyes stare back at me
Some day it will be an empty skull
Days or longer
The looming darkness yawns to swallow me
And nothing will be left, but bones
A gravestone among gravestones and in death alone

Welcome - I receive dark thoughts
My mind open as an empty grave
This void must be filled or else I fall
Insane, a mind's death, insane

Observe an epitaph, ponder
The marble obelisk and its even breath
The cold breath of finality of death
The headstone charged with a passed life's burden

The rest is mist and is soon forgotten
A fallen life granted an overgrown grave
If I restrain myself, a hundred autumns
Will topple it to the earth someday...

Empty - I trespass on misery of others
Its seems forever with much more to loose
"He's dead inside and his kind eyes"
She said, "change in an instant and I see his doom..."

I claim supremacy over the wretched humans
Destined to mark no more than churchyard ground
My mark will be upon the souls of others
Within their memory - my endless days

Hateful, a calculating cynic
The Reaper's scroll contains all names and dates
His work is tireless and death is final
No angel of rebirth is fabled - weep...
No angel of rebirth is fabled - weep...
No angel of rebirth is fabled - weep...

All of these things, I have seen and written down
Where we are going there are no eyes to weep
Remember this all those who draw breath
The coldness and finality of death.

2. A Storm in the Lands of Forefathers

Once awoken I have heard grand silence
The air still but full in earthy scent
Long ago there stood a great forest
The time has felled it in its passing wake

What I see may not exist, but here
In my mind, the darkwoods stand
Their branches sway under the weight of air
Of storms that pass over the forefather's land

I wake each morning and there is nothing
Not even dust remains of dead dreams
The breadth of land and the skies I've seen
Were all a dream and exist no longer

Too long, too deep within the man-made forest
Profound depths of it, that never had a heart
The hate and bile that blacken the winter skies above
Have filled my soul with this song's longing

I long for something I cannot perceive
An exquisite word that lingers, but leaves not my lips
A distant melody that I seem to have forgotten...

A storm over the lands of forefathers
The distant whirlwinds that have stirred my dreams
Like unkind feet treading on sacred graves
Unease, unrest and endless black-dreams...

3. Into The Lightless Depths

The bleakness lately hints at coming
autumn sadness / that with the cold mist's scent
a pale ghost travels

Swirling, softly among the tangles roots
In whispered steps, across the dead leaves
and the icy dew

A silent forest hid a myriad paths
Breathed winter's deaths / stood summer's epitaph
A dull reflection of the leaden clouds
Its late stole colour from the skies above

One quiet morning, a raven's murder
Cawed chilly death in murky lake waters
There was a name, but it had washed away
Was there a scream? Unheard it was in vain...

Adrift, distorted grimace and a former self
A sightless face whose eyes were pecked away
The pale mist that had embraced the shoreline
Like bloodless skin
draped over silent horror

Onwards - no start or end
The water ebbs the river bends
Once hidden underneath black boughs
The leafless fissures in the sky above

Once framed by willows
In the water seeping
A bridge, a gaze, aghast
A child weeping

But ever onwards and at last
Into the omoot, a stone cast
It makes here a ringing sound
Of unprobed depths for the river's drowned

Receding down and beneath the roots
That draw the water for the towering woods
Into the lightless depths - drowning
No more was heard but the water's running


4. Lost Widsom (Burzum Cover)


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