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...Or Else

"...Or Else" (2006 Demo)

1. ...Or Else
2. Beyond Hell
3. Fiend
4. Death to the False Emperor

1. ...Or Else

Black and gold, his wondrous guise
With iron fists he rules the skies
Take your chance, and take his test
Or its down into the burning hells

I won't see you in heaven
Cause we're going to hell
So rev that fuckin' engine
And I'll see you at the show

Flying high above the world
Around his sword his hand is curled
Make your bets and roll the dice
Fall from his icy throne

Chorus x2

2. Beyond Hell

Screaming for mercy, begging to be let go
What lies in your future, sure ain't growing old
Iron maiden or the rack would be heaven from here
Beg your mind to leave this place, to just pass out from fear

A torture chamber, a breeding ground for fear
A painful death for you is growing ever near
Can't even see your fate cause they're gouging out your eyes
Beyond hell, is where you're gonna die

Still screaming and hurting, your asking "Oh God why?"
It's becoming evident, that fate's not on your side
Blotting out escape, the torture now resumes
Picking up the chainsaw, its here, the end, your doom


3. Fiend

Driven to madness,
From decent disposition
That this creature never came,
Is what I have been wishing

You're always around
And an axe would make you dead
Her compassion went unheeded
And the axe went into her head

Her murdered body
They came to exhume
They all heard her screaming
You inside the tomb


4. Death to the False Emperor

Vikings of the forty thousands
Sailing on the blackest sea
Continuing our reign for eons
Universe, soon ours will be

Moving to a new planet, moving to destroy
We see it, and we have it, entire planet's fate is sealed
Deploy landing mechanisms, move out with guns blazing
Marching legions, a deadly rhythm, the planet's death is here

Space is now our territory,
Engines roaring, loud as hell
You won't live to tell the story,
Demise for you, so soon



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