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Talk About Life

"Talk About Life" (1994 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Talk about life
3. Shock way
4. Blind rage
5. Life...
6. Radical medicine
7. World off
8. Master of false
9. Denial of future
10. Turn me off
11. Madness sufferance
12. Outro

1. Intro

2. Talk about life

Pride recalls to death,
What for to agonize on life-way?
There weíre burned in the gyves,
There weíre only dice.
Why? We want to hear,
Why we must suffer?

There is a rock-slavery,
The eternal duel with oneself.
Duality is inside of your heart,
Who are we actually?

Talk about life...

There is a career the guide,
There is varied lies,
Itís our life,
The throughgoing dice...

Talk about life...

3. Shock way

Shock way... Shock, shock, shock

4. Blind rage

Blind rage,
Ultimate claim,
Mad efforts,
Blood runs again...

Blind rage calls to death
Because itís wish of mad brain...

Blind rage is result
Of mad power and unseen wishes,
Blind rage kills all those
Who canít restrain it...

Blind rageíll kill again
With insatiable bloody passion,
Blind rage... but why?

5. Life...

Communism, fascism, racism...
To be slave of THE IDEA,
Itís your aim?

To struggle, to suffer, to die...
To be a neck in the sheet,
Itís your existence?

Rhetoricians, rascals, fakers Ė
All roads are open for them,
Faithless jokers conduce to death
Which entrusts their dares
To live up to directions,
To defend your oppressors...
Is it your life? Life?

6. Radical medicine

7. World off

Fatal progress
Threatens to the world,
Itís pay for the human life...

The growing life
Narrows the vital space,
Itís pay for humaneness...
Itís oracle, itís fate,
Peopleíve gone to doomsday...

8. Master of false

When the ego is evolving
In the world of masked falsehood,
Who may tell him whatís the truth?
Who may tell him whatís the lie?

Youíre able master and itís your game,
Youíre maker of practice that you preach,
Human life is nothing for you,
To control the world
Is your only wish...

9. Denial of future

Look into the future, tell, what do you see?
Although, the one is covered with darkness.
Itís only clear for me
Sooner or later robots or viruses
Will be out of control
And will kill the human race.

Humanity balances on edge of abyss
And bare fluctuation brings us to death
What for to resist to the coming future
Since you nothing can do?

The futureíll revenge for rustic mistakes,
Nuclear course is way to death,
Sapless desert is a lot for conqueror,
Thirst of the rule is inspirer of wars,
There are no conquerors, there are no underdogs...

I donít know what for to die,
Owing for those whoíre mad,
I deny this existence,
I donít want to go to the future,
Denial of the future...

10. Turn me off

When to LIVE means to SURVIVE,
There is no sense to exist, I want to die...

11. Madness sufferance

Mad sufferance is like demise,
There is support of barrier for life,
There is support of deadly load,
Mad sufferance is risk for life...

Gold rives sturdy chains,
Which rein the madness
And awakes a sleeping devil.
Itís death-warrant for life
Because nobody can fight
With mad efforts
And lifeíll go to deadline
Because nobody can strive
With arrant satan...

12. Outro


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