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Blood, Desire and Dead Nenuphars

"Blood, Desire and Dead Nenuphars" (2000)

1. Female Masturbation For My Ill-Natured Pleasure
2. Lesbian Moon
3. Lustful Embrace Of Whore
4. The Portrait
5. Nocturnal Episode
6. Vestal Part I (Flame Between Her Thighs)
7. Princess With Mermaid's Soul
8. Vestal Part II (Blood Between Her Thighs)
9. Black Countess' Erotic Poetry

1. Female Masturbation For My Ill-Natured Pleasure

2. Lesbian Moon

Lesbian Moon
Clouds are parting giving the way to a full moon
Its light - is a seeker for chosen souls
Streaming like sweet wine from the bowl of skies
Giving life to eternal Temptresses - Whores of shades

Winged women - children of darkness, moon and sex
You see their faces under the mask of night
They are beautiful

Fullmoon erotica under their sweet languid moans
They perform their dance of seduction
Chosen girl - walking under moon
They call you join their lesbian love

You fall for their temptation
And lay on the wet grass
Down among the opening orchids
The winged creatures round you
You feel their fingers fondle
Your trembling body - they undress you

Their Queen throws off her black dress
She stays on the knees above your face
And you see her seductive sexual hole

Mistress's laying upon you embracing your flaming thighs
And soon you feel how she licks your clitoris
You also lick her cunt and moan in orgasm

Moon is lighting the orgy bewitching you
You unable to feel how their greedy mouths
Sticking into your flesh
Your pain seems sweet like wine, like sex, like moonlight

3. Lustful Embrace Of Whore

Lustful Embrace Of Whore
The wanderer under shroud of the night
Exhausted with hunger and thirst
Destiny guides you to the lost house
Heavy oak door opens and you see
The woman illuminated with light of candles
She smiles to you biting her finger sensually
Through translucent dress
Appear beautiful forms of her naked breasts
She follows you to the soft splendid bed
Puts candelabrum at its head
And brings a bowl of excellent red wine

You drink and thank her for lodging and wine
She answers with mysterious smile
And let the dress falling on the floor with ease
Staying only in narrow lacy panties
You fall silent from matchless surprise
Stopping your look between her thighs
White nenuphar in her hand arises
She puts it into your hair and whispers closing eyes

"Plunge into the world which's perfect and free
Take your forbidden fruit and cling to me
Touch my wet heated cunt, my sinny flesh
Fuck with me cause I'm so ready and fresh
Leave your past behind and let me kiss you
Let me wrap my long legs around you
I will satisfy you more and more
Because you'll don't dare to resist the Devil's Whore"

You lend yourself to her sexual voice
And Whore's laying you down your back
She's standing on her knees at your feet
In a moment you feel her fiery mouth
Covering your hardened phallus
Her tongue, lips and fingers fondle it

You see in her desirous and smiling eyes
She seizes you stripping her shameless hole
And straddling her thighs
She's thrusting her sharp polished nails into your skin
Starting sexual liaison
And terribly laughing with pleasing sin

You cum into her dead fruitless womb
Raving Whore is triumphing
Her sensual red lips's striping lengthened fangs
Her eyes is becoming black chasms
And you see her true face - face of Succubus
She throws herself on you

The wanderer under shroud of the night
Your scream - so sweet music for Daughter of Darkness

4. The Portrait

The Portrait
When night is clothing skies into black velvet
It could be heard her singing
Her voice calling to show yourself
Vamping into the depth of her multy-faced being
I'm flying in this muse, feeling her with whole my body
Above the beaten way behind the light

Sometimes ill-natured eyes of the Demonic Moon
Open the flesh of night by its dead ashy look
And then I see her children awoke after day sleep
To slake their hunger performing nocturnal trip
Their desire gave the centuries of dark being
Their screaming victims went from the lost blooded ways
They are the cruel history of gothic night -
The mother of wolves and vampires tide

I see dead fields full of faded flowers
Slowly waving under the autumn wind
Fields with bones are spreading everywhere
Like white spots shown on the grey canvas

Packs of wolves come down from the high hills
To this left and lost dale
Following the path of eternal call
Hours of great hunt are waiting for them

Oblivious melody is still spreading around
Like dark water of Lethean river

Among the hills covered with dense Forest of the Dead
Mirror-like surface full of blinking stars is spread
The lake with mysteries hidden inside its black gist
Covered under shroud of light spectral mist
Sometimes this mist materialises and tempts
Shaping as graceful bodies of young sexy vamps
Her eyes reflect unlimited desirous abyss
And ruby lips are calling for voluptuous kiss

O lonely wayfarer cling to their naked legs

Rest after a long way
Sleep under their kisses and caresses
That'll be a last dream in your life

I fly further passing the whispering forest
To the castle on the rock from where
This nocturnal music sounds
My Countess - a beloved of night
I'm flying to you

I know that real love can't die
That's why I always return to your chamber
To your Portrait
I see my flight in your eyes
I see how night is clothing skies into black velvet...

5. Nocturnal Episode

6. Vestal Part I (Flame Between Her Thighs)

Vestal Part I (The Fame Between Her Thighs)
"I hear the voice of my Lord
Whenever watch
At flame spreading over forest
A sunset flame
Dressed as any of nuns but not like them
With hand between legs trembling from desire
I burn myself from flame of mine
Blazing up more often in my dependent life
My Lord promises to slake my wild desire
Thus I decided to escape this night
To his lonely castle
Dark forest will shelter me and wolves will show the way"

My child I'm waiting for you in my crypt

Now you're at my door
Break the holy seal
Follow the steps down
Open the coffin's cover
Move apart your thighs
Above my mouth
Give me your vestal blood
Give me life after years of vampiric sleep

Put out your flame
Slake your sexual starvation
And don't think about further punishment
Because it'll be just reward
Come with me into the night life of blood and desire
Be my Bride!

7. Princess With Mermaid's Soul

Princess With Mermaid's Soul
She was a beautiful girl loving ocean
Young Princess with mermaid's soul
She felt its mighty majesty
And gave her flesh and blood
To his depth beating the stone...

Water is outlining new-born body pleasantly
It's naked
Hair creeps behind her
In harmony her movements
She is one of them now
She is a Mermaid
She is to go along her own underwater way

The death isn't the end
The death is just the beginning
And my Princess is alive again
Her element is water now...

I see her in my dreams
I hear about her from the legends
I know her...

8. Vestal Part II (Blood Between Her Thighs)

9. Black Countess' Erotic Poetry

Black Countess' Erotic Poetry
From time to time seven selected virgins
Were exposed to majestic sexual ritual
Making members of demonic whores
Travelling around the world

The kingdom of depraved sex
The kingdom of cruel Countess
In the castle among rocks and barren scorched emptiness
She is sitting on the menstrual blood coloured throne
With cold grin the light of burning candles
She is not alone

"Down on your knees - I'm your Queen
For you my lovely rite
My vestal concubines
Give me your hymens at this night"

Obey her lesbian bias
Or you'll see the opened gates
Behind which cuts by the abyss
Paths of your innocent fates

"Crawl to me and lick my legs
Lick my depraved cunt
I'm carnivorous perverted Whore
Welcome to my Vicious Haunt"

Concubines can't resist her witching spell
They crawl to her and start to lick her legs
Countess delights, touching her infernal vulva
But soon she repulses the virgins off
Servants bring for her majestic magic phallus
And she masturbate with it looking at young girls
They deflower themselves with their fingers
Laying semicircling at her filthy throne

They masturbate violently too
Feeling the taste of desire
And moan from carnal delight
Fresh blood is running to the floor
From chinks between their thighs aparted wide

"Stop to open moaning mouths
And curve your scarlet lips
Your virginity is your sun
I'm your eclipse"

Obey her revolting lusts
And don't awake the Beast
Don't contradict your destiny
And end the bloody feast

"Look at me and once more
Wide apart your hussy's thighs
Be ready to new sexual pleasure
Read it in my eyes"

Girls are obeying
Countess leaves her throne crumbling to Mist
And soon they feel how something enters them
The Mist - it fills their mouths and vaginas
They feel unearthly orgasms
And cruel fire flames in their eyes

"The seven young virgins now are not pure
And night is playing for them lullaby overture
Now they are Newborn Vamps - they are free
That is my lustful legend - Black Countess' erotic poetry"


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