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Black Candles

"Black Candles" (2004 Demo)

1. Wizards Of Fire
2. Drown In The Flames Of The Death
3. Shadow's Equilibrium
4. Forever Lost In The Ethereal Dreams
5. Sleepless (Anathema cover version)

1. Wizards Of Fire

Walking in this mystic place of strange memories
Deep in the mountains, in the cold of the mist
In magic rivers of occult energy, in dark woods
Where we are lost forever with the Moon

Defending and holding the secrets of the Pentragram
We are wizards of fire, dark souls, masterminds
Searching for the Archetypical world
Using the jupiterian vibes again anda again

The dark vision that I had one night
We were passing through the centuries
The obscurity and the wisdom belong to Us
The totality and our black and somber side

2. Drown In The Flames Of The Death

I devour the stars and far universes
I'm a dark and desolated soul
A legion of burning angels
That are fighting against the false God

...Drown in the flames of death
drown in the flames of death...

Trapped in the distant voices of my dreams
And in my memories or dark places
I feel the smell of the death, shadows of the night
I'm lost in worlds of winter and desolate places

...Drown in the flames of death
drown in the flames of death...

Feeling emotions that break my mind
Fear and disperssion in my heart tonight
Lost, uncontrolled, cutting my flesh
Giving the Demons a slaughtered soul

3. Shadow's Equilibrium

World of chaos, war and hate
We are here to lead the destruction
Tormenting blessed souls and bodies
Searching for the balance of the shadow

Religion, only a stupid game
Real faith hides in magick, philosophy, self superation
Life is a mirror of destiny
Religion, only for souls

In one hand, the antichristian fury
In the other the sword of spiritual flame
Blood is the price, to be paid
The work to be done, the energy to be consumed

Dying, in this fadeless shadow
Not a mortal see, my deadly visions
The moon will shine, in me for you
In this life of passion, I live in this way....

4. Forever Lost In The Ethereal Dreams

Floating on distant feelings that dissapear when rain falls
In lost moments of lust and drunkness
Tormented I live in my black sphere, of lost days, of perfect nights
Darkened and desolated I am in shadow of time

...Now could this pain can be true?
Like my grey days without you...

It is an abyss of darkness, distant and cold like a storm
But fragile and confused like your black heart
There are distant galaxies, the farest stars, lost love
Not a single shine of light can touch the death, eternal lover

5. Sleepless (Anathema cover version)


And I often sigh
I often wonder why
I'm still here and I still cry

And I often cry
I often spill a tear
Over those not here
But still they are so near

Please ease my burden

And I still remember
A memory and I weep
In my broken sleep
The scars they cut so deep

Please ease my burden
Please ease my pain

Surely without war there would be no loss
Hence no mourning, no grief, no pain, no misery
No sleepless nights missing the dead ... Oh, no more
No more war


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