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Dark Minded

"Dark Minded" (2002 Demo)

1. This Time
2. Insane Inside
3. I Hate You
4. Don't Let Go
5. Name of the Night

1. This Time

This time I don't need your help
This time I'll do it myself.
This time it's got to be done right,
So please get out of my sight.
This time I wont waste my time,
This time I wont jump in your game.
This time everything's different
You never understood what I mend.

Leave me alone x4

You want control
But you will lose it all
You cant by my soul
Why cant you see
you´re lost in yourself
you need my help
you life is a hell
why cant you see

This time I've learned my lesson
I'm breaking out of your prison
This time you just cannot fool me
If you don't believe me just wait and see.
This time its gonna work my way
Cause now its time for you to pay.
This time the only thing I let
You be is the only thing that I regret

2. Insane Inside

ThisIll never understand
The pain inside your mind
Ill never understand
The fear that makes you blind

But I want to help you
I want to help you
Please don't you let go
Let me help you

The scars inside your soul
Gets wider as you gets cold
The time is running out
You're dying without doubt

But I ...

Let me into your mind
Though im afraid what I might find
Chaos swirling around
Without a single sound

The light I saw in your eyes
Is covered behind your discuses
Your screams from deep down inside
Is my proof of you waiting to die?

3. I Hate You

I hate - I hate you
I hate the way - that you act to me
The things that you say - and the things you do
Just makes me sick - makes me sick of you

Why - please tell me why
Why cant you see - that you have gone to far
You loose your friends - and you waste your life
End up stabbing yourself - whit your moral life

You don't seem to understand
That you - are more than I can stand
Respect - you seem to own
That's why - my hate to you you've just grown

I hate your ugly face
And I think you're big disgrace
You can call yourself a man
But I think you understand

You waste my fucking time
And I want to bring you pain
Don't you know that it's the truth?
Don't you know that I hate yo

4. Don't Let Go

Where can I go what can I do
Will I ever believe in you?
Do you earn my faith?
The black flames in your eyes
Your dark soul filt with lies
I think you've lost yourself

Sad but true when I see you
I don't see the girl that I once knew
I see someone else.
Markets to the bone never show
All I know is that your hates just grown
I don't understand

Don't you let it go
Don't you let it grow
Don't lie to me
Don't you keep it inside
Don't you break down and hide
Just scream it out

5. Name of the Night


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