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"Dysphoria" (2005)

1. Intro
2. 2nd War in Heaven
3. Passage
4. A Deadly Path
5. The Tragedy Within
6. Shrouded
7. Days of Joy
8. A Desire to Leave

1. Intro

2. 2nd War in Heaven

And there were angels …
Who could not accept the lifting of man
Above them …
And like Lucifer, rebuild against the armies
Of the loyal archangel…
And there rose… A second war in heavenAnd there shall be a dark soul …
That will lead other souls …
And become the inheritor
This soul will not rest in an angel, but a man….And there I’ll make my second war in heaven.
Above These words …I say
Over my (dead) body Of Clay
Touching my dying hands …I’m close to …My war (in heaven)…to revile the truth of which we’ll follow...And like the first time with fear…
Our souls drowned for many years…
And Then ….. This War Shall End.

3. Passage

As I Follow My Dreams

As I hear the sound of the wind

As I look behind and know My End,

In this forbidden skies

Into my Dark Passage

4. A Deadly Path

I Am Standing Alone Screaming Today
To Hear the Wind, the Breath I’m Gonna Take
Screaming Silence with No Words to Say
Just a Meaning of This Empty Way The Words Came Out In Non Spoken Way
Embracing the Silence and Last Over Days
No One Is Hearing What I Have To Say
I’m With Myself and My Soul in My WayWe Are Fighting Together
For Right and Wrong,
My Soul Is Dying
And Death Will Take Her

After She’s Gone All What I Had Said
"Nothing Will Stop Us from Ending Our Way"***
Now Me And Myself Are Trying To End This Misery We Live
Seeing The Dark Path Life Has Given
Myself Is Too Weak To Fight And Live The Light We Are Waiting For Has Gone
“There’s Only One Way …
To Die While We Can Take This Exit”
Myself Is Gone Now
What Could I Say
It’s Just Me Now …
With No One To Share

A Deadly Path I’m Taking
To The End

In This Moment I'll Say :
“Nothing Will Stop Me From Ending This Way”I’m Meeting My Lost Ones At The End …
My Soul And Myself …
They Are Waiting For Me And That’s Where I'll Be
At The End Of Today
At My Deadly Path

5. The Tragedy Within

All The Mornings That Passed Gathering A Grief To Last
A New Pain Is Born
A Misery With No Demise
Just A Tragedy Within Me.Many Years Of My Life
Moaning To Their Divine
And The Mourners I’ve Seen
Are Struggling In Between
Their Forgotten Days ..
And The Days To ComeNo Words That I Have
About The Unknown Of Life
Nothing Can Take Me (Out) Of
My Blasphemous Life Another Friday Had Come
And It’s Prays Were MissedGod Is Waiting .. We Are Bearing
A Day Will Come When No One Is Wrong
And A life Has Passed
With No One To Regret The Cries We Lived
And The Times We’ve LostAnd I Know A Life will Be Reborn
A Young Sky Will Witness
All What I’ve Said And More
Will Be Repeated On Thy Soul
Until The End Of Time ….. Farewell

6. Shrouded

7. Days of Joy

Days of Joyous Pain … Passing
Alone with the Mist Ahead in my sight
She's trying to understand …our life
She looks with her eyes. An Innocent Smile
Captures our souls… I can hear the wind in her breath
I can see the look in her eyes
She doesn't know ,She will never know
Still I am by your sideThat hollow love I'll give for u
I'll stay with u for awhile …then I'll go in my way
You'll reach under my skin and hide from your fears
Alone in the dark awaiting the sunrise to end our journeyAnd many moons of sorrow are passing
Fixation upon this everlasting nation
Towards This dark side of living
Days of joy Ended This Time am searching For my Life
These Days Will Come …to remember
Upon the Forever Land
Days Of JoyDays of Joyous Pain … Passing
Alone with the Mist Ahead Of me

8. A Desire to Leave

I Wander Through This Existence
Like A Thought Lost In A Dream
And In Every Moment I Can Feel This Pretence
Of A Joyous Life As It Seems…I Wish I Could Escape This Insanity
And With An Everlasting Light Live Through EternityBut I Know The Sun Will Leave The Earth
Swallowed By Darkness And No Rebirth
Despite The Weakness I Survive
I Just Hope I Could Stop Being Alive…“He Knew This Day Will Pass
And The Night Will Fall Bringing
All The Darkness Into His Mind
And As The Suffering Begins
He Enters His Nightmares
And Wonders If He Could Ever Leave”
Why Should I Endure This Cruelty
And This Cursed Darkness Of Monstrosity
In Your Hatred My Dreams Are All Buried
And The Taste Of Death Revives In Slavery
The Breath Inside My Chest Screams For Purity
And Now The Flesh Is Left In Obscurity
Alone Crying With A Shameful Poverty…Release Your Helpless Soul Into My Demise
And Feel The Sweetness Of Your Painful Cries
In This Path I Deliver The Demons
To Guide You Towards The Restless Regret
Of Surrendering Your Life To The Darkened One
The Discouraged Have Lost
With Emptiness They’ll Rust
With Ego I Shall Rule You
And Leave You To Sink In This Surrounding Hell …
At The Moment He Thought He‘d Lost It
It Decided Not To Lose Him
And As the New Dawn Approaches
He Could See The Bottom Of His Grave
All Lightened With Fires And Darkened By Shadows
But Then He Could Feel The Heat In His Veins
And hear The Wet Leaves Whispering
For The Merciful Gods To Light His Inner Darkness


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