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"Q7" (1994)

1. Kärgeräs
2. I'm Alone
3. The End Of The World
4. Killers
5. Gallery
6. Tree
7. Mystic Sky And Mystic Earth
8. In The Jungle
9. Contemplation

1. Kärgeräs

Once a long time ago they lived
I´m drawing back the dark
curtain of time,
over the land ancient and lost,
forgotten in immense depths of ages,
where nothing begins and nothing ends.
With mix of love and sorrow,
I´m watching beautiful land
thats already by its birth
was ordained to come to an end.
Why ? it disappeared under the layers
of millenniums, not even a recollection
has remained.
Where went the living and dead
so beautiful and yet mortal ?
It only lives in my mind,
the woesomely sad recollection
of the cruel fate and my beloved.
proud nation - KARGERAS !

2. I'm Alone

You're killing the night with golden
knife getting in to our throuats and souls
With sounds of panic voice
with sounds of evil war
I see the shadow in arms of death
and I heare the storm everything
will be wet
Silent blood run down
swallow up all the town

3. The End Of The World

No place to hide, no placy to cry,
no place for future, no place for presence,
no place for war, no place for win,
no place for sun, no place for moon,
no place for love, no place for hate,
no place for flower, no place for tree,
no place for man, no place for woman,
no place for children, no place for human,
no place for animal...
no place for you, no place for me.
It is time for machines...

4. Killers

There Richmond crack dealers will be executed
for a string of murders-only the second
applilcation of the 1988 federal death penalty
for drug kingpins. Richard Tipton (22),
Cory Johnson (24), James R. Roane (26),
were convicted February 2, prosecutors said
the men killed 11 people in six weeks last year.

[from: USA Today, February 18, 1993]

5. Gallery

Sometimes I feel like live in the gallery of empty pictures,
among them I'm motherless child.
The guide is their master he's wild, dress in the veil
of the street wants make me one of his victims
So, come on baby fast like a flash and slow like night
so, come on baby when the night falling down.
I'm still waiting till "the driver" will say:
"Next stop the end!"
We're both on same bank, on same ship, between life
and death
Between heaven and hell in large gallery of pretend!

6. Tree

Upon this mount I fand a tree, wat gyf agayne my soule to me!
Wen erthe toc erthe of mortual note and ssulen wormes feste
in thi throte, my nayle-stranged soule will sterte upriss
on ssulen wormes and erthe to piss.
Quben thow art ded and laid in layme and raggtre rut this ribbs
ar thow art than brocht to thi lang hayme than grett agayn
warldis dignite.

[Old English]

7. Mystic Sky And Mystic Earth

Mystic sky and mystic earth
this is my inner world
world without lies and false
this is my own world...

8. In The Jungle

9. Contemplation


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