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"Belial's Wind" (1998)

1. Hellintrousious
2. Supernatural Evolution
3. Belial's Wind
4. The Vision - Lucifer
5. Dream
6. Suffered Death
7. The Gift of Life
8. Highpriest
9. Awakening
10. Memories
11. The Song for Satan
12. Stin Prokleti
13. 5:10

1. Hellintrousious


2. Supernatural Evolution

Supernatural evolution,
creatung a new form of man,
Power of illusion emulate flesh and life,
rebirth of the damned abhorance of mankind.
Raping the Law of Nature,
break the ancient of Time !!

3. Belial's Wind

Question all without regard
an empty ringing breaks the silence.
A voice of the Belial's Wind tears upon the trusting face
turny away while you still can from the gaze
of your temptation.
Rebellion is upon our hands
sacred breeding desecration !
Belial's Wind...

4. The Vision - Lucifer

As I look toward the sky and think of days gone past,
Lucifer - he enter my mind,
born leaders of the quest, and his name is :

5. Dream

Six feet under, six feet deep,
beneath your feet is where I sleep,
shall not rest, rest in peace,
where I live needs no lease !

6. Suffered Death

My eyes trace the horizon,
winter brings another death to a year.
Give a free course a choice,
it's denied it's more intensified.
Shades of blue or just the shadow of the mind.
Suffered death but could not die,
so here upon my back I'll lie, freedom my fill
gaze into the deep my Black Heart.

7. The Gift of Life

The gift of life arrives with death, creation left
to sntence lives, declare exile, ancients survive
everyone escape! to heavens halls to wait.
Poised to loose their touch of hate...

But Satan is there and waiting !!

8. Highpriest

No mind is clear dark freak,
now in my presence Demons speak,
in my meat.
It is young and fresh, I loves to feast,
upon my tender flash.
Now I have risen, holy powers fell,
Anti religion -
I'm HighPriest from Hell..!

9. Awakening

Black Power open the graves,
Death is my killing slave.
Rising souls of Damned,
hide in my Baphomet.
Now I stand ! Now I stand !
In the Gates of Hell
my Fires again burn, my Pride is Great !
Nobody know what I have done......

10. Memories

Darkling escape, uncanny
Velvet haze, silence
Whisper of invisibles
Forgotten message
Sign on the rock
Overgrow with moss
Magic sounds
The trees shaking
The eye will see
Stamp of the hoofs
Bottomless lake
Silent wave
Grief memory
Wistful Belladonna
Thorn of the Black Roses
The legend of messengers
Murmurous wind
Ashes and Dust

11. The Song for Satan

Oh, Satan, you ruler of the world
my love for you is quite unshakeable
my faith in you is unchangeable
I want to have turned cross on my grave
Your picture is branded in my heart
in my heart that is yours forever
when you visit me at night sometime
Pentagram will glare like fire-flies
In the name of yours I coursed cathedrals and churches
Lucifer himself took my soul
I burnt the bible and all similar trash
and devote my body to you
I see I'm yours, a property of your sons
and I look forward to your Paradise of Fire
Only by faith in you I'll make up for my blame
Then I'll go on to the verge of an Abyss
When hearing Black Mass I am always proud
You've taken me as your apprentice
What no science can manage today
you have known for a very long, long time
When I put my hands to the centre of Pentagram
and my soul begins to tramble
Then you will see I'll never disappoint You
That I will love You - FOREVER !

12. Stin Prokleti

13. 5:10


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