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"Mythistory" (1998)

1. Sacrifice (Intro)
2. The Gods Lament
3. You Fear My Kind (The Truth Divine)
4. All Creation Wept...
5. Soulbound Eternity
6. The Dark Woodspirit
7. In Nocturno Silencio
8. Come...Burn with Me!
9. We Dance 'till Dawn
10. Dreaming the Dark
11. Without Soulcontrol...

1. Sacrifice (Intro)

Under the sun I have called your names many times...
I revived you in these glorious flames...
With each new moon I adore you more...
With each ritual I grow stronger...
No sacrifice is good enough for you...
My life I live to honour you...
And if I must sacrifice blood...
Then blood it shall be!!!

I am not alone anymore...
Let us journey, far away...
To where blood is the highest sacrifice...
To where blood is the highest sacrifice...

2. The Gods Lament

I: I see a distant obscure place of passed glory
And my souls feels the presence
The presence of many veities and their essence
From Europe's lands and nature

II: They sit underneath an old oak
Between the cromlechs and monoliths
So little, so cold, without any cloth
Without any hope...
And no one (no one), no one feels their grief...

III: Lamenting...of glorious sunsets in melancholy
Whe´n the people of Midgard were still wise
Who adored mother nature and never destroyed her
And silently they weep... silently they weep!!!

Repeat I & II

IV: Now we set your world on fire again
Energy bursts out into the frozen midnight sky
For waking the Gods my soul would gladly die
For waking the Gods my soul would gladly die
If I could only wake the gods...

Repeat I

3. You Fear My Kind (The Truth Divine)

I: Through distant dark ages and centuries unknown
My wisdom, divinity and knowledge has grown
But yet my quest has just begun... Oh, my quest
Your hate of my presence only makes me strong...

II: You... Fear... My... Kind...
For I could be the truth divine...
As your world is falling to pieces
I rise and conquer, make you mine
I am the truth divine... The truth divine

III: The holy inquisition could not erase my kind
For the sinister secrets I kept within my mind
My followers you burned at the flaming funeral-pyre
So many, but not all, did vanish in the fires

Repeat II

IV: Torches and magick candles are lit again
The ancient words echo once again in the night
The eternal doors opening the true sight
We prevail, we belief, we are might, we are fucking right!!! We are fucking right!!!

V: You... You are so afraid of my truth
Fear... Fear the things I know
My... My wisdom turns your shrine to ashes
Kind... Kind we will not be... Leave!

VI: At the turn of the last emotionless decade
Of the second millenium of the fish
The runes replace finally your decayed cross
An enemy you are... Not even worthy of the name... Not even...

Repeat II

4. All Creation Wept...

I: The sun grows dark, earth sinks under the sea
From their steadings in heaven the bright stars turn...

II: Fire and reek burn upward break
With hazy heat against heaven itself

III: Zu end, ewiges wissen
Der welt melde weise nichts mehr
Hinab, zur mutter, hinab

Repeat III

IV: Weap all gesceaft
Cwithon cyninges fyl
Weap all gesceaft
Gotterdammerung, twilight of the Gods
Godenschemering, Ragnarok

Repeat III

V: The Sybil's prophecy reveiled
Doomsday, Judgement day...

All nine worlds into flames
The world sinks into the boiling sea (repeat)

Repeat IV

5. Soulbound Eternity

I: Sadly departure, one after one
Never their voices again, now gone...
Always the uninvited, unexpected death
Together, even in their final breath

II: Souls together
As on earth, so in after
On all - soul's night your will be free
Soulbound eternity

III: I saw you as sparks in the sky
Somewhere among the stars up high
Just two tiny lights together the gates of eternity

Repeat III

Repeat II

IV: Tired spirit gone
Your earthly work are now done
Your will now free, no more pain
Your remembrance will remain...

Repeat III

V: Somewhere away in the astral deep
Where you go eternal sleep
And you will watch upon me
I know you will (And I will remeber you!)

Repeat V

I will remember you...

6. The Dark Woodspirit

I: Travel with me into obscurity
Through trees into nature's heart
On an open spot we'll be one
Let now your soul depart...

II: In the light of the moon
Through shapes of mist
My woodspirit apperas in his shape
And greets me loud, but silent...

III: Father of times long ago
When true cults ruled this land
Through fields of tears...
Through fields of tears!!!

IV: Their reign has passed
But the dawn will be gold again
The oaks will not weep anymore
On my knees I'll fall...
On my knees I fall!!!

It's time for the sacrifice!

V: A sacrifice of blood
Makes me stronger than ever
A new Aeon of justice glows at the horizon
Glows at the horizon!!!

Repeat V

7. In Nocturno Silencio

I: Twilight...Visions become so dim...
I must away...Far away...
To where I am king...
To where I reign divine...

II: My path of delight...(Or pain)
Oh, it is so silent here!!!
Where the dark is and silence rules
Where the moonlight reflects my throne

Repeat I & II

III: In the nocturnal silence
I find rest, I find anguish
Among trees, on my knees
I invocate thee... (but who are thee?)

IV: I's where I belong best
It's my book to read
It's my love and delight
It gives me strenght and might

Repeat III & III & IV

V: I could swear I hear voices
And see dark shapes in the mists
I want to scream with them
Who dwell in the nocturnal empire!

VI: I belong here...I hope
My soul and will...Away...Away
I feel you in my veins...The dark grant me silence forever!

Repeat VI

Anguish, Trance, Death, Peace!!!
(repeat once)

8. Come...Burn with Me!

I: On the eve of another day
Time to gather and travel far away
Let our heathen, wicked blood be united
In trance with your ancestors, you are invited

II: In the circle in the moonlight
For I am a moonchild
I greet my darkest mother and travel...

III: The circle will never be broken
The forces of the all - two have awoken
The elder smile, hail Gaia, great mother goddess
Hail the hordes one, I thee unite!

IV: Soon I'll hail the sun again
For I need it's embrace as well
But for now we kindly worship the dark

V: The moon witnesses, possesses me
I thee both invocate
Give me thy strenght and guide my path
And I will forever honour thee!

VI: Are you willing to transform?
And become a higher being?
Then die a thousand deaths!!!
I will burn, I must burn...
Come...burn with me!

VII: I smell the witches burn
I taste the blood of the night
I hear spirits cry of joy

IIX: I feel I'm part of the universe
I know I'm part of the universe
I feel I'm part of the universe
I am the universe!!!

9. We Dance 'till Dawn

I: As I walked home on an ice-cold autumn-night
Along the sounds of the smoothly stream
A thick lair of fog in the sight
She appeared, so white, she was so clean
Oh yes...she was so clean

II: Her skin was of the darkest white
"Let us dance, white, and I am your bride"
She was beautiful with gracious hair
I was seduced by her naked body and her air

-The Dance-

III: We danced on throught the night
Skin to skin
The moon smiled with a grin

Repeat III

IV: I touched her beautiful white skin
But it was a reality, so grim
Into her eyes of ice I stared
"Let me go, I am scared!!!"

And thus she spoek to me...

V: "I will never let you go" her voice spoke
"For it is my haunting spirit you awoke
I'll take you into the nightly kingdom
The eternal horror you will never escape from..."

VI: In the morning the sun started to rise
I was on the frozen ground
Covered in the sweetest sweat
I was smiling, but dead

Repeat VI

Smiling....But dead!

10. Dreaming the Dark

I: Inside this circle the dark is charming
Never understood, never was I right
I cut in my veins, too deep
Finally it starts, the end is in sight!

II: Life's blood drops unto the sacred ground
A last sunbeam, a distant hope
Gone forever, gone all alone
This will be my burialmount

Dreaming the dark!!!
Dreaming the dark!!!

III: Dreaming the dark!!!
Dark it shall be!
Dreaming the dark!!!
As my precious blood flows...

Repeat III

IV: It was all enough, too much
My spirits slowly gather around
In cutting my veins the happiness I found
Soon my soul will leave and be unbound!

Dreaming the dark!!!
Dreaming the dark!!!

V: I cry out to the ones I leave behind
Sadness and depression, I think I'm dying
Tears on my face, mix up with blood
Naked on the ground, life is floating away
There is no more colour
All turns to black
My funeral rites no one knows (or cares)

And maybe I will haunt this earth
The only thing remaining is crying

Is it only a dream? Is it only a dream?
Only a dream...

Repeat I

11. Without Soulcontrol...

I: Nocturnal pagan stories have now unfold
But many more are left here untold
It feels like I have no soulcontrol
And my spirit keeps on travelling for knowledge
So it must be, forever...
So it must be, forever more...

II: Witchcraft and magick revived
By earth, air, fire and water
We will meet again...
Blessed be!!!


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