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"Frysh" (2003)

1. Far from Showbiz
2. Increasing the Gravity
3. Among the Sedatives
4. Righteous Underground
5. The Right People
6. Right Money
7. Maybe Deeper
9. Severed Survival (Autopsy cover)
10. Bloody Comeback
11. At Ritas
12. Strange Relief
13. Decreasing the Gravity (Trulz & Robin mix)
14. Among the Sedatives (video enhanced track)

1. Far from Showbiz

I am someone a few seconds now and then between the real
No I don't really want to know when
One hundred ringing bells are flirting so intensely with my hands
And now dizziness
I feel like someone else so uncertain
I'm going up to front expensive microphones
I don't promise to speak an honest word
When it's absurd I'm even so fry
I take no measure whatsoever out of the applause
In the room what can I do but move around the floor
It's just a silly joke
Pleasure keeps on burnin' up my nose
If I only were a little more disturbed
I would have done it

Am I that far from shobiz
I feel I press my head against the ceiling
I set my aim for the sky
I can't be short of soul or lack the meaning

Am I that far from shobiz
I have not even tried expressing feelings
With the light in my eyes
Fucked from behind
I touch freedom...

2. Increasing the Gravity

It's gonna bring me down
The posh will be friendly
And I will hardly make a sound as I fall
With guilty eyes and a foolish smile
I'm increasing the gravity
It's not like getting high
Could I just keep quiet for a wonderful minute
The air is full of snow my heart with meaning
I sing along as it melts
Upon the tongue like a taste of electricity almost gone

Everything beautiful it's just a matter of distance
Between the city lights, things have a way of leaving me out
Where in the universe lies the location that I spoke so highly about
It's recommended to lie and change the subject
Every goddamn time and avoid confrontation
I may be strong but not equipped with anything more than a stranger
Would easily remove, I know!

3. Among the Sedatives

Let everything get out of hand
Hold my head to long underwater
Am I inhaling the sweet medication
For the state I'm in
Will the aching silence between us
Even out our differences inside a full perspective
100% superficial place I am becoming a friend with the future

4. Righteous Underground

I have got an idle little mind and a grateful attitude
Waiting patiently inside a subway on the move
Avoiding the eyes
I'm humming a song to the crippled among the healthy ones.

I step outside in the carbon dioxhyde like drifting off to sleep
Shameful, uneasy and delicate, appearantly not too bright or deep

I know I can do whatever I want to how ever cruel
What may seem like greed has nearly taken over me
Here I come like a sleepwalker down the street
I clear my throat position my mouth
I wanna kiss life...

In the house speakers beating my legs and arms around
Intoxication and free will in the righteous underground

Pleasure seekin' ignorance is not a subculture
I can't free my mind
I don't know what made me feel this way
Whatever you're thinking of it's not like I'm afraid

Behaving so good I am bound to get in trouble
With the truth, what can I say?
A seasickness makes me jump conclusions every single day
And I'm watching myself
Growing really funny on behalf of everybody else

5. The Right People

They will be happy with anything
You know the essential
You never get too annoying or too intense
Into the arena of light entertainment and hollowness
Nobody here are undressing themselves
If you still feel like offering a single piece of yourself
Throw it out like a joke it's a major mistake in your own rubber skin
You can touch your treasure
Life is hard in classrooms and bars relief is godknowshere
Start dealing with the rich people bow your head
You'll pay your attention or at least they'll pretend
The idea of a straight and narrow minded way
Will get you in touch with a few exceptions in the world
Follow today

6. Right Money

7. Maybe Deeper

Like I'm seventeen and the world turns hostile around me
I keep my distance but somehow I slip into their arms
And the well kept secret
Handing out compliments and stupid opinions
I loose myself

Figuring out how long I have pretended that I live here
Inside the private lives and ugly suicides
I would never bother among commercial signs and common sense
Maybe deeper I can't relate to the facts and I'm unable to act surprised
It's too familiar

Safe and sound inside of trouble deep feeling clever
There's not a thing that could wake me
You see like anyone of you people
Will be back here again to wake me when it's over


The drugs were expensive I'll stay behind they do not disappoint as I
expected I don't need anything more. Simple amusement somewhere beside the
point where the suns coming up and I feel good now I don't.

Pull up your defensive shield and walk around with me, meet the environment
with silly sounds in our ears. It's hilarious when the people won't buy it I
don't know about you.
I can control my excitement, don't say you're turning in. hold on to the
table and we'll try again...

9. Severed Survival (Autopsy cover)

Stranded alone on a barren island
No food to be found
Point of desperation
Shocking decision on how to survive
Now it's time to break out the knife
First inscion the cut is complete
First source of food is one of your feet
Incredible pain as you cauterize the wound
Preparing yourself for a horrible doom

Amputation for your rations
Legs are gone, start new gashes

Half of your fingers are now cut away
To live through another agonizing day
Feasting on the rest of your arm
Next the slice goes across your throat

10. Bloody Comeback

Sometimes I feel free enough to twist my and gets up
So comepletely well I don't know why indecision and a pair of clear blue eyes
I must admit it only looks stupid now
Unawake when it hits me with an unrealistic rush of surprise
With my open mind I'm down with species of any kind of sidewalk
On the rainsoaked pavement I leave my fear behind

Sometimes I feel free in a world of coincidence
Distant and careless unfuris around me

11. At Ritas

12. Strange Relief

Here I can smell the rain
And the city underneath 4 a.m.
It makes no difference to me
It's all below my feet
If desire was a reasonable friend
I would be imaging this
But Saturday has left a vaccum up here
I'm just glad I lfet

I tried to adjust to it
The violence had me erected but none the less cold
Walking up the stairway eleven floors into the appartement
And well inside another world...

However deep your empathy goes
It's hard to get carried away
By drunken confessions
I feel a strange relief knowing
I have ruined everything....

13. Decreasing the Gravity (Trulz & Robin mix)

14. Among the Sedatives (video enhanced track)


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