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Electric Sulking Machine

"Electric Sulking Machine" (2000)

1. Violence Heals
2. Additions Are Private
3. On The Subject of Turning Insane
4. Certain Qualities
5. Fairy Liquid
6. Aagé
7. Pop Ist Verboten
8. Cigarette
9. Pacific Blue Disorder
10. Hairy Liquor (mer kraft i hver draabe)

1. Violence Heals

Are you breathin'
Right here under my nose
The air has turned so pungent
Like being inside the restless cars
Or the bodies they pick from the pavement
And I shudder, I am sickened
By my presence like a narrow-mind routine
As I'm trying to disappear
Into a self-supporting cloud of nicotine

Here is the scene
Where infinite beings
Must rely on his hands and knees

As night turns the shape
Of the creatures obscene
I really do hate their existance
Surpassing themselves in the ugliest ways
Like a crowd that won't keep the distance
I am sinking, I am lowered
Into a pool that isn't water, is it dear?
But violence heals
The wildest deceits
Of a mind that's forgotten its human

2. Additions Are Private

Am I being loved
By under-estimating fools
With a certain distaste
For progression and the new
Like the negative photograph
You see when you close your eyes
Slips away in a moment or two
You don't get me, do you?

I didn't really put myself out
But I fulfilled my expectations
Perhaps it didn't feel so grand
Neither was it so convincing
In dreams I've seen all of these things
Now it seems as if I was awake
And they were human beings

Changing by the hour
While I stayed here all day

Now there's just a few
That makes any sense
Of all these objects viewed
Through the palm of my hand
To leave this room
Means going straight
Out of fiction and into the great
Sentimental truth

Singing little clichés
Though I am not in love
Failing to define
What I'm thinking of
Dreaming that I speak of
Things I cannot say
Hiding in my pockets
Well, all addictions are private anyway

3. On The Subject of Turning Insane

My self confidence has resigned
Now I walk with indifference
With my will and my fear
Following me from a distance
So presence please
Make love to me
Clean my head with nonsense
You are a whore that I can afford
Nobody wants my conscience

If I cannot open to what I love
Then will it be gone, along with the sun
That shines just slightly
Upon anything I hope for
I'm alone where dreams are born
Where my eyelids hide your picture from the sun
This stupid dolled up longing
That I cough up every morning

This is my skin you see
Stretched all over me
Tightened around so perfectly
Exposed to other peoples eyes,
Safety-pins, razorblades and knives

4. Certain Qualities

Certain qualities are required
To make you feel concluded when you fall
You may find yourself with all your clothes off
Standing three feet above them all
The flames will be up to your neck like problems
Far more concerning than the thought
Of being someone, however not worthy
Of anymore attention from the world

Do you feel like those
Who lie silent in their graves?
Do they seem that close
To the fertile earth behind your dreaming eyes?

Certain qualities are required
To remember pleasure when it's gone
You may lack the wit to see misfortune
More entertaining than a stone
Just like convenient crimes where noone gets hurt
You wouldn't notice any wrong
Inside those lines that I'm producing
To make you feel connected to this song

Oh you bitter one, your love's labour lost
Or was it nothing?
Were you ever close
To achieve the gift of understanding?

5. Fairy Liquid

What a cruel sensation
To feel the shape of bones beneath your aging skin
Your naked emotion
Meets with the fear -now will you give in?
You may hold your life
In these fleshless hands -there may not be more
What a wrong decision
To dig into the nature of what you adore

And there is sweetness in the thoughts familiar
In any book of any capable dreamer lying buried below
There is beauty in the feeble killer
Inside the drugs that make you shiver, tender, out of nothing at all
You may fool your mind
All of the time -now will you ignore
This cruel sensation
And all those shameful years
'Cause there will be more

You are choking and it's serious
Well you can't see it's delirious

6. Aagé

My behaviour is strange
I am lightyears away
Like a star unknown
Sleeping in the light of the day
And tonight perhaps I could crawl
Into a dream

I could hide between those
Blankets and sheets
And tonight perhaps I could crawl
Into a dream

7. Pop Ist Verboten

Like unfriendly temptations
Under sea coloured heavens
The icecreamy faces
The adorable maidens
Upon the roofs of the city
The sun sends his pity
And I am kindness wrapped in a suit
And I'm not really ugly

8. Cigarette

There's a cold, constant neon flicker
Filled with an odour of decline and sour liqour
Where bodies intertwine and spirits linger
I suck the blood of a left hand finger
And with it I release my self-esteem
A reason to redeem
I'm a failure - I'm unclean

There's not an action I regret
I light another cigarette

And through the smoke, I feel the scent
Of something far beyond an incident
A lecture for the trivial
Artistic, not theatrical
And she moves just like an erotic cabarét
Leaving the lust for both happiness and dismay
The softest lips, gold gracious fingertips
As she moves, I watch her hips
This is chaos, this is karma
Coming down into a drama

This is what I feed on - I won't forget
I light another cigarette

We inhale the honey gently
Planning a smooth and thoughtful re-entry
A first world war documentary
With a touch of the twentyfirst century
Two calculative wannabes
Running dry on energy
With poison floating through their veins
Superficial intolerance
Four blurred eyes taken leave of sense
Intoxicated, in pains
Confronting, colliding, exploding
As if our lives would end this very day
With lethal words that sting and say
I've seen it all
I'll take anything, come what may
Given the world into my hands
There's something I wouldn't miss
The fruit of an evening like this
The reuniting kiss

Take aim, fire - this is what you get
We light another cigarette

9. Pacific Blue Disorder

Out of the tunnel comes the train
Into the bright light of the day
Into the overwhelming sun
Into the staring eyes of anyone
They´ll never leave you alone

And the sand on the pavement you walk
Are like rocks inside your shoes
And the people like door frames
As you enter their rooms
Something supernatural
Always likely to occur
When all the lights are out
And nothing really hurts

And all of these derailments
Deform their point of view
They are all wonders to the eye
They won't become distant to you
Open or closed
You´ll swim in deep pacific blue disorder
Yeah, it's a wonderful drug

10. Hairy Liquor (mer kraft i hver draabe)


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