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"LXXVIII" (1998)

1. The Blasphemer
2. Wolf's Desire
3. Black Winter
4. The Curtain Falls
5. No Regrets Before Death
6. Lengsel LXXVIII
7. Sumarian Rebirth
8. Brief Is the Flame
9. Et natens eventyr

1. The Blasphemer

I am the shadow's darkness
I am the sweetest pain
I am the curse of heaven
I am sweet tender hell

I bring you cold winter
Upon the mountains high
But what I crave from you my love
Will never satisfy

As nothing stands before me
I leave nothing when I am gone
I come with the cold wind from north
And I always must go on

I bring you nights of passion
Between walls made of wood
And when I have to go I whisper
"I thought you understood"

Take comfort as I leave you
one day I will return
Continue where we left off
You have so much more to learn

Why is the night so brief ? What we could accomplish in a small eternity,
two in darkness. The sun hidden behind the horizon. Forever darkness...

2. Wolf's Desire

Wolves in the night searching for prey
Children of darkness, choires of dismay
Joining the wind in their cries in the night
Haunting the darkness devouring your fright

Feel me...
As I draw nearer

Look into my eyes
Seek my desire
What will you find beyond the fire ?
Look into my eyes
See my desire
Darkness, deception, all that they hide

Subjugation... Feel the blood pump in my veins
Mutilation... Feel your body teared apart
Asphyxation... Choking as death comes closer
Desecration... Pray for the sun to rise again

Feel wolf's desire in shadows so dark
Playing with flames, as you light up a spark
Feel its heart beat, look into its eyes
As the blood falls it is delighted by your cries

Subjugate to wolf's desire...

Dark as the night, but inside a fire burning bright
No sorrow, no regret, but yellow eyes you will never forget

3. Black Winter

I used to miss the cold winter-nights back then
I waited for the day to pass so you would come again
Remember how I fed you (those memories do stain)
I always gave you more even though nothing did remain

My world is black
Black fire burns the night
I greet the darkness
With wide open eyes

Cover me white, cold winter sky
Cover me white as I take off and fly
Cover me with your ice cold tears
Near you I possess no fear

I used to cry myself to sleep those nights so long ago
Both day and night I longed for you, I never could let go
But recently I realised that you were on your way
As frost did spread across the ground I knew you'd come to stay

One last time I kiss the frozen ground
I wave goodbye to my fallen gown

Winter, winter... at last you have come to set my soul free
Black I was forever and will forever be
Embrace me, I will touch you, the wind my elegy
The children of the Great winter are mourning constantly

4. The Curtain Falls

Hear my tale of tragedy:

"Alas, philosophy I have explored
as well as medicine and law
add to these regrettably
my studies in theology
Yet here I sit, a foolish bore
no wiser than I was before

No dog can live like this
knowledge gained is far from bliss
So I resolved my soul to free
through blackest magic and dark alchemy"
(Goethe: Faust)

And from my library old
I have this book which I am told
Holds the key to strangest lands
Places never travelled by man
It will, no doubt, open my eyes
through Hell I will finally find my Paradise

The Fool:
From browsing through this book I have learned
that all that I have ever yearned
may be accomplished easily
with words uttered feasibly
As long as I in my circle remain
nothing can harm me, the demons are chained
And with the next word I do burn
The devils back to Hell return

As a fool summons a devil, so will I
summon the Fallen Angel of Light
And with his widom in my sight
I will remain (both day and night)
as happy as a man can be
for no knowledge will be strange to me
Of stars in heaven I will know
As life itself I will explore

Rain and thunder I do endure, likewise
fire and ice
the elements are torturing me
with the only purpose that I shall see
and know the wisdom of the lord
Lucifer I summon thee!

I have come to visit you this late
(although your spells are out of date)
To see who mocks the name of God
he might be of interest to my lord

Then I will speak, and you hear this:
In my search for eternal bliss
I will give my very soul to you
If what you claim is really true
Then you will serve me loyally
obey my orders accurately
For me accomplish any task
bring me the moon if I should ask
When time is up you claim your prize:
My soul forever absent from heavenly paradise

As I do sign this covenant
in blood from a cut in my hand
My soul is not for God to claim
I will have twenty-four years with maidens and fame

And now I do enquire of you
The secrets of life, of Oceans blue
of stars upon the mighty sky
of moon and planets far up high

That is not for man to know
as words can not tell what they are of
and man cannot grasp what words cannot command
for words are far more glorious than ever was man

Your tracherous lies are powerless
You do not convince me, for I stress:
do I not grasp love and hate,
pleasure and pain, lust and fate ?
I cannot describe these, yet I know
that in my heart with fire they flow

How I repent my loathsome deeds,
these devils do not fullfill my needs...

Faustus! I am not at all thrilled
you try to escape, yet you have no will
but to bath in all pleasures that flesh can give
even though, as it appears, your virgin is a devil

and now is the day of your fears
I will collect what is mine after twelve years
as day and night I gave you plenty
(twelve and twelve is four-and-twenty)
thus, what was thine
is now forever mine

5. No Regrets Before Death

See the leaves wither, see the flowers die
As animals seek shelter, as birds towards south do fly

Forever my farewell is, forever will I depart
Forever my soul remains black, forever remains my heart

I do not hope for remedy, I lost all hope on my way
And all I ever wished for was to find love where I stayed

And all the blood was spilled, how many tears were shed
As darkness falls upon the sky these thoughts return to my head

Autumn... I welcome you home
Waiting so long, always alone
Autumn... the cold of the sky
Now at last to die

I do not attach importance to sunshine any more
Or sparkling fountains that the youth is so fond of
I love darkness and the shadows of the night
Here I can be alone with my thoughts and my emotions

I do not ask forgiveness, my sins are far too great
I walked the streets of Babylon, I always turned up late

I do not claim to be guilty, guilt does not suffice
Wherever I brought hell, I took away your paradise

See the leaves wither, see the flowers die
As animals seek shelter, as birds towards south do fly

Forever my farewell is, forever will I depart
Forever my soul remains black, forever remains my heart

Autumn... at last you have come
Never again will I see the sun
Closing my eyes, for one last time
I kiss you and whisper "goodbye"

6. Lengsel LXXVIII

...og nar morket kaller gar jeg atter inn
jeg lukker porten bak meg, porten til mitt sinn
jeg stenger verden ute, alene i min ensomhet
jeg legger hodet pa min pute, tarene faller, en etter en

A leve hvert sekund av et liv
A do hvert sekund av en dod

Omsluttet av morket, min lengsel og mitt savn
Tidens hjerte slar langsomt mens blodet enna er varmt
Mine sanser har forlatt meg, kun doden gjenstar a se
Et skritt i riktig retning pa den lange spiralen ned

...og du forsvant bort fra meg, du forlot dette sted
na er det bare kulden a dele natten med
og morket finnes der ute, og vinden blaser kaldt
mens tomheten vokser i mitt sinn forstar jeg at vi begge har forfalt

Nattens blod har dekket meg, sovnen vil besta
Morke skyer samles ingen kan meg na
Sanden har har rent ut av livets timeglass
Timen har kommet , jeg vil ta din plass

7. Sumarian Rebirth

To be lost in endless mazes
with no thread to lead me home
As violent waves of doubt embrace me
(but for them I'm all alone)
All mysteries I thought I knew
Now wondering about life and death
As clouds of thunder gather above me
Layer by layer, my soul: Undress!

What can we hope to feed the gods with
when we do not understand
Their need for something far beyond
what ever came from hands of man ?
And still we say our prayers begging
to be heard in our plea
But they have more important tasks
to do than grant the wish of me

At night's dawn the darkness rising
Slowly eats the light away
And dreams of forces from beyond
that lives in veils of fright will prey
On minds of sane that never wished
to be entombed in madness' breath
As they begin their slow descent
at last devoured in dreams of death...

Walked this endless labyrinth of chaos and of pain
Filled with ancient artifacts of times far away
Sorrow fills my soul, for a moment to behold
The divinity of nothingness the truth at last unfolds...

8. Brief Is the Flame

Travelling this strange and dark dimension
Awakened by the powers of the night
On insanity's path I saw redemption
Now I only see with the moon's eye

Brief is the flame
Burning bright for a moment
And then never to be seen again

All my life I lived in the night
I found comfort out there
All my life I lived in the night
I thought I had nothing to fear

As I gaze into the night
I see two figures sublime
As I gaze into the night
I die a second time

For a moment I stepped into the moonlight
At last... I behold my nemesis
The two cursed figures dissapearing once again
The shadowless vulture... the carcass of no hope

As I gaze into the night
Too late to realise
As I gaze into your eyes
All they told were lies

River cold, if I could be like you, flowing in the dark of the night
Black and lonely you are like my soul immortal
Without meaning, but in the great sea your journey ends
But even then you never die

9. Et natens eventyr

Sorgens sorte slor har senket seg over skogen
Nattens eventyr skal fortelles nok en gang
Skapninger som timer for sokte ly for solen
titter frem fra fjellsprekker i glede over nattens sang

Musikk sa vakker og grotesk blir fremfort der ved tjernet
Langt der bortenfra hores fossefallets brus
Hvisking i fra buskene og knaking i fra trörne
Alt blander seg og gar i ett med vindens spokelsesus

Du fremmede som nörmer deg vokt deg for skogens arme
Med mindre du for alltid vil ta del i nattens klang
Evig vil du sky den solen som for gav deg varme
Aldri vil du settes fri fra morkets kalde fang

Nar manens lys gir bekkens smeltevann gyldne farger
Da skal du snu og lope hjem hvis du har livet kjört
For under mosekledde hauger eter mark og larver
Fra restene av de som skogen gradig har fortärt


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