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"The Endarkment" (2003)

1. The Land of Night
2. As the Evil Endarkens
3. Symphony of Fire
4. Amongst Whispers and Shadows
5. Rising Undead Armies
6. The Wraith
7. Unleashing the Cosmic Tempest

1. The Land of Night

Many years have past / since the sun was extinguished
my sorceries crossed the Time and Space / thus I have created the land of night

I embraced everything beneath the welkin / with arms of the purest Evil
as the fullmoon is guarding the curse / werewolves marching near my stronghold

I am the Immortal Wargod / tasting the appal of humankind
for my hate knows no mercy / alive or undead they shall serve Me!

2. As the Evil Endarkens

Nightmare befalls over the cementary / spiritual winds are carrying a raven
that sees the forbidden ritual / tonight the portal will open

From the temple sacred once of yore / Darkcloaked figures with torches
dragging the seeress of light / with their eyes burning with fire

Velvet innocence crying in pain / the last manifest of harmony
remembering the dungeon of torment / now willingly awaits to die at last

3. Symphony of Fire

Candles are burning upon the altar / when the caster rises a sword
splittering scream of agony / then horrible silence as the storm arrives

Magical forces of moonlight eclipse / conjure their mysterious Master
The ancient Berzemon has spoken / nocturnal rhymes of incantation

And they hear the sinister laughter / as the evil endarkens her soul
there is no blasphemous order / in the twilight sunken world

4. Amongst Whispers and Shadows

I am escaping from the place of suffering / oblivion haunted prison
going after only dim light of the moon / that challenges the endless dusk

Amongst whispers and shadows / as the northern thunder roars

Running from fearful noises / distant wingbeats of prowling dragons
to be lost in this ghastly wasteland / forlorn I will surely perish

5. Rising Undead Armies

Rise o' undead armies / from below the funeral soil
abandon ye cold graves / awake from illusionary dream

Ye who dwellst in cryptic tombs / once tortured spirits seeking for revenge
ghouls the devourers filled with bloodlust /
Who shall stand against the restless hordes?

Lifeless riders of abhorrence / furiously slay the enemies
on the edge of thy swords / hunt for wanderers astray
From the woods and ruined castles
follow me for thy last battle
those who ventured from the shelters
they will never find their way

Let the morbid legion walk the land
along with the scythe armed death!

6. The Wraith

It was so cold inside the void, in between the dimensions. Now released from the stone,
I am floating upon my corpse. I must leave my ancestor's shrine and hurry along the
river of doom. To seek for the eternal one. I can't resist this destructive force. So
long I drowned deep in the embrace of mindsplitting horror. Now I'll find the top of
his keep. So mote it be.

Through the gate / up the skies
reaching far / into dark

He fulfills the sorrowful myth, almighty ruler possesed by wrath. Amongst moans of
corupted nature, evil shall triumph!

7. Unleashing the Cosmic Tempest

Sudden quake cracks the earth / liberating whirling flames
ye can hear paranormal howl / of demons from beyond

I saw the wizard on a scarp / unleashing the cosmic tempest
rising hands into splendour above / annihilating all with ring of fire

I admire this macabre spectacle / soaring ghosts of burning children
straight into exhaling abyss / whilst the clouds are bursting

For everlasting suffer / they descent into deathlike infinity


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