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Opaque Reveries

"Opaque Reveries" (2000 EP)

1. A Cry To Silence
2. Ascension
3. The Craft Of Heroism
4. Beyond The Glacial Wall
5. The Ultimate Decay

1. A Cry To Silence

I stand beside your lowly grave
Silence is breathing around
Mourning while you are slumbering low
In this world's vernal dawn

Ah dream too bright to last
Ah starry hope that did arise
But to be overcast
A voice from out of the future cries
On and on and over the past
Dim gulf, my spirit hovering lies
Mute, motionless, aghast
Mute, motionless, aghast

For alas with me !
The light of life is over more no more!
Shall bloom the thunder-blasted tree
Or the stricken eagle soar
Such language holds the solemn sea
To the sands upon the shore
To the sands..upon the shore!

(Free adaptation of "To One In Paradise" by E.A. Poe)

2. Ascension

Thousands of men together
Synchronized in blood and pain
The whips are cracking their bodies
His power engraved in their souls
Finally, the perpetuation
Damnation holds grip of the land
Shadows are cast upon the deserted
As the sun lowers the day

Ordaining the ritual cleansing
Soft flesh leaves through his mouth
To preserve in an excavated silence
Accompanied by his resigned queen

"Slowly the night is changing,
as the portal will guide his spirit to the stars
Long was the wait in advance of the completion,
but the stage is now set for ASCENSION"

Alone, naked and floating
Embosomed by senselessness
But not bereaved of his limbs
The struggle towards the surface

"His breath of life upon me
I leave my mortal remains
His fluid spilled all over
I'm raised, enriched with power"
No one would dare to question
his cry

"So this is my liberation
Assigned to glow between stars
Preserved to live forever
In the Timeless Void I fly
In Time and orbit I die"

3. The Craft Of Heroism

Deep in the forest,
the solid woods do tremble
The earth shakes by the sound of his chant
A vision of grandeur,
a sight of strength and justice
Haunting the dead, warning the living
Pain is an illusion of the senses
Despair is an illusion of the weak mind
Now you're a warrior, raise the flag - united !
Never turn your back for cowardice equals crime

Now life is a prison,
a cage that weighs upon him
There lies his duty, a work without redemption

"Now set them free,
your sword's the key you're holding
Then you yourself shall once be released"

Every single man is
a spark in the darkness
By Time he is noticed
and then gone forever
Enough of this talking
As I storm towards you

4. Beyond The Glacial Wall

Far below the surface, beyond a sea of weed
A vast remaining structure,
remnant of the past
Ancient and forgotten,
senescent, through Time
Somewhere in our knowledge,
a cipher in our mind.

"A murderous quiet impression
in deep chromatic blue
Embedded in lethargy
our anorganic roots
A shining fair transcendent
An awe-inspiring view
Conceiling all the answers
The Mystic Absolute"

Tormented by desolation,
the black night of the soul
Exhausted and unconscious,
existance on parole

An altered state of pleasure,
better known as pain
Attending the foretold arrival,
while growing insane

"The water's slowly swirling,
the death-like silence dies
A noise is quickly swelling,
the dark recesses sigh
A lightning-blinded vision,
an entire race defied
Exultant declaration,
carved in the blazing sky"

A supernal stroke from heaven
enlightens our newborn fate
Freed from this chaos and rampage,
freed from this inbred hate
Returning to the Dawn of Ages,
the capricious wave of Time
Fulfill us with bright radiation,
or grant us the price for our crimes.

5. The Ultimate Decay

Birds exhale a toneless song
while growing goes reversed
The queasing sight of rotting leaves
In shriveling sunlight blurrs
Forever is the hunger
That drives us to the skies
Survival of the fittest
Will lead us to demise

Devastation takes control,
returning to the Age of Holes
Mankind signing it's doom,
for ressurection there's no room
The world will suffer, helpless,
the Ultimate Decay

"Since the fruit of the Forbidden Tree
brought Death into this world
Banished from the Realm of Bliss
The Paradise on earth
Forever we'll be striving
To equal the Most High
But Eden is still guarded
All access is still denied.."

Oceans filled with poison,
slowly turning black
Mountains are spitting fire and ash,
giant streams of red
Regions are drowning in horrible rain,
starvation feeds who cries in pain
A virus so deadly is spreading outside,
no one is ever to arise
Envy Hell it's Paradise

There's no god and we will never
breed a divinity, we turn to dust
We're the last in the chain of command
to fulfill the task, to erase this crust
The world's now turning without a soul,
the Ultimate Decay.


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