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The Work of Destruction

"The Work of Destruction" (2001)

1. In the Name of the Blasphemer
2. In the Wet Embrace of Dreams
3. Benediction
4. Loneliness Amidst My Wrath
5. White Gleaming Desert
6. The Work of Destruction
7. Winter Storm
8. The Last Journey
9. Fiery Bed
10. Holy Whores, Burning Virgins

1. In the Name of the Blasphemer

Beneath my filthy body burn the eternal fires
Strings of suffering and ecstasy sharpen the sight
I drank the herb of madness with the ruby liquid of revel
While she showed me the wet flower of her open lips
I gave her my prong full of boils, wales and scabs
Like a scorpion's venom my semen filled her body
With filth and blasphemous pleasure of my name
She covered her whorish body that night. She's mine

Meddened demons circle amidst lightings over ashes
Of dead bodies of fucking lice
Of whorish sons and whorish doughters
Of measly kingdoms of plastic thoughts
The black spirit spat from it's golden trumpet
the melody that kisses the shadows
Which excited get stronger and stronger
and assume titanic shapes
Filled with sexual scream of frenzy
They plug the slippery naked wombs
and mouths, and anuses

2. In the Wet Embrace of Dreams

In the wet embrance of dreams
I saw the leafless trees
As they showed their branches writhing in pain

And the old oak, so tired
The lone witness of the passing time

Grey clouds suspendet over it - so pregnant with wetness

The nighty darkness
Has defeated the drab of the day
All vitality
Has beed stolen by time

In the wet embrance of dreams
The sky so dark and so starry

Among the stars they dance in the dark
Flitting like big cats
Stars are their eyes
The eyes of the stalking predators

In the wet embrance of dreams
The diabolical revel has come upon me
As a radiant swish of the flying demon
It has rained with pearly hail
On the moon-silvered forests of trees
Covered with sparks of madness
The space has floated me to the peaks
of the mountains of oblivion
Everything has faded in the deluge
of scarlet and desire

3. Benediction

I do not tread the edge
'Cause the edge I am
The tormenting blade
Which cuts the peace
and virtue of ladies in white
Their lives now live on my blades
Black feathers and black coaches
Thunders of pioson
and diamond tongues of demons
Which slurp on their virgin purity
Holy whores and burning virgins
I pluck you out of the flames
and bless you

4. Loneliness Amidst My Wrath

Oh, demon,
The demon of silence
Silence whose soundless scream
Kills every echo in itself
Let the black crows fly
Over grey shadows of wolves
Let the tears shine like diamonds
And the night music rock
the hearts into moral sleep

When the comets rift the black abyss of the sky
Let the beast arrive on the teeth of thw wind
To impregnate earthly woman
Who will the bear the giants

Let the chambers whisper to me
Of terrible webs of mystery and darkness
Le the driver of my soul's chariot arrive
And with the silver liling laughter of the dwarves
Accompany me to the other side of life
And sentence the living to the grandest of pains
The loneliness amidst my wrath

5. White Gleaming Desert

The sleeping lake of my spirit of oblivion
Is flooded with the cold silver gleam of the moon
The rivers of my painful dreams roar with thousands of hells
The sea of death storms upon the tired coast of life
The diamond lullaby showers the emerald bed with rubies
Where once the amber love lay
Now the stinking blasphemy of your bodies
Drunk with the embrance of diabolical revel fire
Sucks on your souls

The faces are falling off
Leaving the dead staring eyes
And the grim grimace of polished skulls
Where once the proud crowd treaded
Of your children, fathers and your mothers
On the carpet of broken bones
Now walks the gang of skeletons dressed in rags
In the end, the white gleaming desert is left
Where my demon will build his throne

6. The Work of Destruction

The work of destruction
Has evolved from the seed of my hatred
Poison has penetrated all of human life
Into each deed, each thought
Each dream and desire

The mind of the world, sick and slow
Separeted from itself
The day is dark, the noon is cold
The mind slips into delirium
Never to depart

The demonic webs of suffering
Each tree standing
Carries a dozen of veils
When they grow together
The web becomes a whitened roof
And covers a labyrinth beneath

Where forests stood before in patience
Now there are fields of naked trunks and branches
Dressed in the garland of the web
Afterwards, there are only dry shards
Then, there is only grey swamp

Their bodies blacker than the deepest shadows
Shine with the reflected light
The shapelessness of chaos of primeval fire
Like large jewels of the giants

The work of destruction has storm-slashed clouds
Now they are raining blood
Suffering breeds uncontrolled fear
And envelops all in the cool, life-safe darkness

7. Winter Storm

Your terrifying vision of death
In the terryfing land of ice
Will be the cause of death
Of the hearts and souls of your gods

The winter storm - the legion of arctic spirits

When gasping out their last breath
They punished their minds with
the nightmarish vision of hell
The hell that dwells in the eternal frost

At my whim the card of time and space
Will contain the chaotic future

8. The Last Journey

Amdist the black of the night
Awash with the silver winter brath
Amidst the depths of snows
Attired in the icy shroud
You stand under the stars
Gazing into the black eptiness

Hearken! The wind has spoken
One that carries the smell of death
It weaves the stories of countless full moons
Of dead worlds covered with mist of oblivion
It tempts with the stories of keeps
Cut in the granite cliffs
Of distant icy domains

You listen to stories
And cross the gates of your last journey
One that is filled with pain and desire
Fuelled by grim moan of millennial forests
You arrive at the end of your journey
Fulfilling your destiny and fate

9. Fiery Bed

From the bed - clothes of heaven
The stars are shooting like a radiant rain
Invisible dreams on the ownerless world
Crash against the crust of reality
A white angel in my fiery bed
And my restless soul between his legs

Withered flowers and stale wine
Can you feel the smell , the taste?
When the dear tiredness descends upon you
Lie down next to me
In my fiery bed

Whores writhing in the ecstasy of suffering and pain
Their bellies slit open
Show the innards and hearts still beating
Swelling beneath the ribs that glow with bright heat

10. Holy Whores, Burning Virgins

Holy whores and buning virgins
The torn velvet curtain of time
No crystal kingdoms anymore
No roses which set love aglow
with their bloody crimson
Only angry peaks of the mountains of oblivion
And their grim shoulders
Clad in the rays of the scarlet planet
Full of dreams ruffled by heatred
They reach when the suns go quiet
Where the black wolves devour the stars
And inhale air into their rotting lungs with a hiss
The scarlet totem of harlots rises
And the fire has devoured the kingdom of white ladies
No cystal kingdoms anymore
No roses which set love aglow
with their bloody crimson


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