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...Of Honesty Forbidden

"...Of Honesty Forbidden" (2000)

1. Prologue (Instrumental)
2. Kneel To Pray
3. Another Stranger
4. Pierce The Eyes
5. Under A Frozen Sun
6. Innermost Emotions
7. No Sinners, No Saints
8. Compressed Individuality
9. Pure Evil
10. Epilogue (Instrumental)

1. Prologue (Instrumental)

2. Kneel To Pray

A vision so mendacious
Transfiguration of the sight
Servant of deception in a cold world
A chemical reaction alters reality
A negative of presence
Where dark becomes light
The unreal garden
Where rotten roses bloom so bright
Kneel to pray
Lost reality
Drifting in a sea of sweet tranquillity
Another disillusion follows an ecstacy
Empire of illusions a distorting mirror
A psychical attraction binds a forlorn soul
Morbid visions deliver from a dreary world
Inject the essence of
A psychodelic bliss
Grip of reality runs away
Through an open vein
Strange philosophy predates the end
Slave of dependency rises to defend
A clouded sky prevents the shine of clarity
False solutions reflected by porosity of mind

3. Another Stranger

A world, drawn in shades of grey
Framed with the ebon destiny
Lost in helplessness
Lost in apathy, swallowed by a
Ravage beast of prey
A cut shatters all structures tears they fall
Indifference stops the future emotions
All confidence smashed
...ignored honesty
No ambitions to deliver
...suffer alone
Walk this path
Towards the light alone
Another stranger
Forsaken in pain
Moral cripples hide
Behind their masks
Passive murders feel no remorse
In times of fear and danger
They will recall
They heard the cries
They turned away
They closed their eyes
A deplorable grievance
No pity without emotions
A flight from ommissions
Can`t wash away their guilt
Play down the indolence
Shameful behaviour
Obtuse and selfish creatures
Take without giving
Live must be phlegmatic
To bear the pain
Letargic an cruel
See the stranger suffer

4. Pierce The Eyes

A gloomy constellation
Of planets and stars
A vision of revelation
Completed destiny
Impassible audience listens
The oracle of downfall
Perfection of manifestation
A sinister prize
With blood-coloured clouds
Comes the rain of thorns
To scratch the skin
To pierce the eyes
Starspangled firmament - vanish forever
A burning star enlighten - a godforsaken galaxy
Modern civilization
Confronted with a catastrophe
Hailstorm and fire - a plague from above
Red shimmering shadows - witness of downfall
Visions of revelation come clear
And complete the destiny
Sun and moon obscure
Fading source of life
Eclipse of their shining force

5. Under A Frozen Sun

As an origin of all existence...
Spring is mild and pure

Fertile season
Where all life begins to bloom
No clouds disturb the crystal air
No shadows of doubt
Darken the day

Beware the dark destructive winter so cold

Sweet summer - so free from care
The senseless waste
Of a given paradise
The seeds dry up before they start to sprout

In my dreams
I see the children suffer
Under a frozen sun
Where life has dwelt
And then will be gone
The season of the fall
Earth`s act of revenge

Autumn awakes
And dependence comes clear
The errors made in spring and summer
Time to atone for

Forerunner of winter
Spread incertainty
The golden age, a leaden chain
Ravaged land, toxic water
Death remains

Beware of eternal autumnal leaves

Prepare for the dark
Destructive winter so cold

Clouds of poisonous gasses
Fill the sky
Sun and moon disappear


6. Innermost Emotions

Individual is free -
so it`s seemed to be
Individuality has a lucid body
Invisible eyes so cold
And piercing cut through the flesh
To project the innermost emotions... on a screen
Like words upon a page
Emotions cannot hide
There is no place to crawl
No way to prevent
The constant exchange
Of intimate informations
Pleasure, grief and pain
Occupy inner life
Every mental impulse... perceived by illumination
Individual is free -
observed from within
Directed reactions
Transparency of being
Unobtrusive and omnipresent
Gratings of glass
No perception about
A transmission of thoughts
Observed and guided
Deciphered thoughts
Streams of informations
Transmit emotions
A new definition of delivery

7. No Sinners, No Saints

Factory of nameless terror
A clinical science against life
A new dimension of annihilation
Incarnated visions of an imminent immolation
Manifested - tendency to suicide
Conclusive embrace of decay
An immoral invention ends
Eternity - leaving a ruined posterity
Last dawn of a lost race
Oh pale moon hear the silent screams
Who shatter serenity
Crown of creation
Reach the shore of omniscience
And fall into oblivion
A weeping and dying race
Listen to the serenades
Of their artificial pestilence
Breathe the burning air
Infected flesh and blood
There are no sinners
There are no saints
There is nothing left to gain
A form of economic warfare
Modern tools of systematic devastation
A soulless chemical can`t discriminate
A fate that all share...

8. Compressed Individuality

Abomination of inhuman logic - jailed and forgotten
No more dignity - imprisoned by narcotic sympathy
No use for useless gears in the machinery
The shameful hunt begins
When the strong select the weak
Who doesn`t fulfill the valid norms - isolated misery
Compressed - individuality
Compressed - live without dignity
Combustible - in the fire of ambition
Embodiment of cruel ingratitude
Compressed within the walls
Of loneliness, fear and despair
Kept, banished and condemned
Discarded like broken tools
Victims of inhuman conditions
There`s no place for inability
There`s no place for
Frailty and weakness
Act of grace, only a farce
The bread of charity tastes bitter
Freedom and pride
Swallowed by a jackal called man
Victims of inhuman conditions
Jailed in the temple of cynicsm

9. Pure Evil

By the light of the moon
Comsumptive creatures awake
Crawl through the dark
Beware of parents awake
A pilgrimage of pimpled hordes
To worship satan in the woods
Poor evil -
Tormented by a hydrocephalus
And paranoid haemorrhoids
Poor evil -
Worshipped by pale pimpled hordes
With bloody plastic swords
Icy winds blow through the forest
Satan`s parish trembles with frost
Purulent pimples in black and white
Beaming through the gloomy night
A fire within the mystic circle
Straight from hell
A stench of diabolic transpiration
Satan`s smell
Lord of hellfire, bedridden and old
Disturbed by puberty
A real satanic blasphemy
In dark winter nights
They molest you
Pre-school education
Has to be done
Salvation army of evil force
Celebrate Lucifer`s rise
Rotten beavers from the wood-path
The sacrifice
A penknife cuts through the flesh
Entrails and blood
Stinking clouds in the air
Satan vomit into the woods
Unholy error
Lucifer is a poor devil
Rheumatism is the price
For the nights within frost, snow and ice

10. Epilogue (Instrumental)


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