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Nocturnal Beauty Of A Dying Land

"Nocturnal Beauty Of A Dying Land" (1997)

1. Rain (Instrumental)
2. Apostle Of Greed
3. Blinded By Abnormality
4. Lost Love
5. Nocturnal Beauty
6. Towards The Edge Of Degeneration
7. Emotion Obscurity

1. Rain (Instrumental)

2. Apostle Of Greed

If the choirs of tragedy shatter your existence and your inner life
And your sould drowns in a sea of tears…
Then pray!
Adore the apostle of greed and hypocrisy
Fall down on your knees
And praise the gods of fallacy
If the rapid vortex of despair
Pulls you into the circle of faith
And your soul bursts under sublininal pressure…
Then pay!
Initial rapture will turn into lethargy
The funeral of lost lifes
The sanctuary of insanity
Repent your sins - pray for salvation
Twisting your mind - and pay for absolution
Believe in the false promises of sects
Be a follower
And pervade the claims of greedy deity
Only be a lacking willpower
Gear in the egoistic
Machinery of plutocracy
When the gods opress the weak
And profit by their simplicity
And the blasphemers preach
Their false commands
Then pray…pay!
The trust in faith sinks
In the mist of self-deception
In the labyrinth of sects
There's no redemption…
Only tears…fear!
A religion built on fear
Evokes the wish of immortality
Only a drop...
in the cascade of believers

3. Blinded By Abnormality

A creature possessed by brutality and lust
Crawls out from the dusk
The dusk of insanity, emotionless
He searches for a cruel way to satisfy
His burning desire
Afraid to feel - lead by his inability
Afraid to feel - blinded by his abnormity
They grow up in a web of distrust
The child inside will cry…
Innocence is lost forever
Their souls will suffer day by day
He's lurking in the shadows
Imaginary voices in his head
Awake the greed to abuse our future
Under his psychotic eyes a life withers
Like a flower in a cold autumn wind
And the cold autumn wind blows away
The trust in humanity
The imploring and bleeding soul
glows out
Like a shooting star
in a hostile atmosphere
The child escapes from within
Escapes from reality, a child terrified
By the cruelty in his eyes
Raped by a disease of society
They closed the doors
to their world of dreams
And drift in a sea of traumatic memories
...and tears

4. Lost Love

I'm sitting here alone
Remembrance is my wife instead of you
Remembrance is the mirror of my soul
I'm suffering here in the dark
Solitude leads me to insanity
Anguish is a long forgotten friend of mine
Lost love is a reason to cry for
And there is nothing
Nothing what allays the pain
Inside of my heart
The stabbing pain covers my lonely soul
I remember all the days we had
And nothing still remains of you
You have become a memory
And a memory is nothing to live for
Time doesn't heal my wounds
My future - equal to a broken dream
It is time to realize the bitter truth
It is time to realize the blame is on me
I see my future as a deep black hole
I see a black candle burning for me
I stand in front of an abyss
and watch my life go by
My time has come
to realize the sad and bitter truth
I drown in a sea of sorrow
feel the fear about tomorrow
Now I lost my love and my soul
Is obsessed by dreams
and there is nothing
What allays the pain
Is there really no deliverance for me
Or should I suffer for my sins eternally?

5. Nocturnal Beauty

At nightfall…
The rosy scenery changes
Into a frozen fantasy
Where the fragments of moonlight
Overshadowed by the night
At dusk you fall asleep and awake
In a distant galaxy of dreams
A garden of twilight - bitter delight
A long forgotten path of dreams
Leads through the mountains
Of grow stiff fears
A garden of bitter delight
The nocturnal beauty of a dying land
Casts a spell on you if the firmament obscures
The nocturnal beauty of a dreamland
Takes you into the nightshade
Where you can see your fate
The withering flowers crying your name
On the silent meadows of dreadful dreams
A garden of twilight - bitter delight
At nightfall…the rosy scenery
Changes intro a frozen fantasy
The autumnal forests of shadows hides
In a different cosmos of nightmares
The nocturnal beauty.

6. Towards The Edge Of Degeneration

Someday humanity will be
Unable to form an own view
The price for progress that we shall pay together
Pay with our intelligence and our knowledge
Don't say it's only utopia
The seed is sown
Push the button and believe
Receive your daily injection from the screen
But will you see the retrograte evolution
Of human race which hides behind the lies
With wide open and empty eyes we gaze
Into the screen
Hypnotized by the colourful
waves of misinformation
We swallow up the lies and pre-conceptions
Simple human race
What are you today
Simple human race
What will be tomorrow
Technology will control
The confused masses
Progress wil be the new regime
Unable to avert the fast stagnation
We trust in implanted views and drift
Towards the edge of degeneration
Towards the eve of the end
See how the machines
get stronger every day
Progress enslaves humanity
Tomorrow we will live
in a sad and grey world
Reigned by solitude
Personal communication
Will be unnecessary for mankind
Simple human race
What are your today
Simple human race
What will be tomorrow
Technology will control
The confused masses
Progress will be the new regime

7. Emotion Obscurity

Dark clowds overcast the sky as I await
The birth of hatred and rage
Born by the dephts of despair
They spread their wings to fly
They spread their wings to flay away
From deep within my hatred rises
A gloomy shadow covers the innocent sky
A monolith of helplessness will overflow me
The burning flame of anger will never die
I drift away...
Dissolution of sanity
A feeling treads out from darkest shade
I drift away...
Emotional obscurity
Hate hides behind hypocrisy
An outburst of rage crushes the shores
Of my mental foundation
You shall be buried
By the fragments of my mind
You shall be burnt by the glowing fire
You will find!
Hate will turn in violence
Harmoony is now ablazed
Anger flows through my veins
Hate returns again and again
When my dark phase passes by
I see the ruins of sudden anger
And I cry
Only emotional void remains…


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