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The Ghost

"The Ghost" (2006)

1. Disappear
2. Repentance
3. Away
4. Scar
5. Angel's Tombstone
6. Black Dawn
7. Enemy
8. Stormbringer
9. Ghost Town
10. ...Nowhere

1. Disappear


Breath inside infected air
Airborn cancer spreading everywhere
Starting to tear apart
Apart from flawless shell it´s in our hearts
Diseace that has been brought to a fine art
We unleashed
The flames of the end
Empyrium within
Is burning like pyre
We set the heaven on fire
Today I feel
I wish to disappear
Leave without a trace
Wish to become
A transparent one
A ghost under the sun
Broken trust you can´t repair
We´re just victims
There´s noone to blame
First rule in this game
You play
Hide and seek of predators and prays
Our true nature
Revealed in godless ways

2. Repentance


To prove my own existence
Not just breathing but alive
Repentance taking place inside my head
Price of my remission
Shed blood and retaliate
Repression of my rage I have denied
Devoid of emotions
Senceless and dead inside
Final retribution on it´way
No hope of revival
Salvation of a kind
No irresolution
It´s my will, it´s my way
Mark my words
Every accepted failure and fault
Will turn you weak and hollow

3. Away


One circle of sun ago I saw in you some colours
Instead of 13 shades of gray
Today your name disgraced with your shape erased from pictures
Like 8th day of creation
When all is said, I prefer to hear only voice of silence
When air turns bad between us, breathing turns to self inflected violence
Turn away
Walk away
I slay and burn if you return to take some actions
Seek satisfaction, burn my core
A faceless one what you have become, just like dead man's phantom
You don't exist, You don't belong

4. Scar


Needles in nerves
Nails in my spinalcord
Acid burns inside my veins
Blood creating stains
Limbs with broken bones inside
Tearing my flesh
Penetrating thru my skin
I cannot feel a thing
Peeling my skin
Revealing tissues underneath
Taste the blood while I breath
Limbs with broken bones inside
Tearing my Flesh
Penetrating thru my skin
I cannot feel a thing
Can't recognise myself
So torn apart
The scars and burning marks
On my skin while the real pain
Hurts deep within

5. Angel's Tombstone

Angel's Tombstone

Dreamworld so dark
Where I follow your trace
Only place where I can see your face
Feel your touch
Feel your skin
So long I have been waiting
To feel you in my arms
And I wish to be
Buried inside the abyss
Where light has withered and died
And my princess walks by my side
Her black wings
Carrying me

The shape of seraphim
Black wings carved in stone
Sleeping down below
Buried under the snow

This icy burial ground
Like snow white skin
Now seals my soul within
Like pair of stars
Burning in sky
Like heaven was set on fire
Cold flame inside
Of two pearls made of ice
Dark light shining in your ice
Your voice enchants
Words seduce
Strongly I refuse
To be awaken
From this dream
Let you be taken (from me)

6. Black Dawn

Black Dawn

Words unspoken
And plans left undone
Thoughts so dark to share with someone
Eyes deceive
And words mislead
Hardly an open book for you to read
Read between the lines
See behind my eyes
Touch something inside
Anything to wake me up and realize
Missinterpitation about life
Endearement of death
Inearths and blinds
Breaks inside
Dying sun is rising
Solar flares reach to the ground
Burning me
Setting free
Flames of the end
After all the life inside
Still so much death in my thoughs
It´s killing me
Sharpen theets
And nine inch nails
Blades like razors
Soflty impales
Burn marks around my skin
I am the father
To define my sins
She begings to spread
Her black feathered wings
Darkness that she brings
Spreading like black cancer cells
The sound from death bells
Playing the lullaby
Notes of my demise
Soundtrack for my dreams, nightmares, beliefs

7. Enemy


Fighting against the one I see
Mirror reveals my worst enemy
Zero tolerance for weakness and remorse
Breaking point reached long ago
Some things inside should be left alone
Our intelligence too low to deal
The hell inside
Darkness ate all the light
With sorrow as my guide
I denye you
Soon it´s imposible to deal
Make difference between
And to separate
World of darkness from the light
It´s dying inside
Black and white before my eyes
No emtions
Touch as cold as ice
Frozen and paralysed inside

8. Stormbringer


In dream once again
I am sinking
Beneath the surface of the sea
Dark waters surrounding
I fall in reign of waves
In this cold embrace
I disappear without a trace
In dead calm
Ocean deep inside
Longing for the moon to bring the tide
I wach her scent
Standing at the waters end
She calls my name and black rain
Starts to descent
Without grief
Without pain
I let the falling rain
Wash away my fears
Soul that seared
Now purified and free
Clouds above creating circle
Her voice like thunder
Calling for the storm
To raise the flood

9. Ghost Town

10. ...Nowhere


No god above to hear prayers
No guardian angels to lead my way
I carry marks of different race
Amongst you cannot find my place
Where do I belong?
Not by myself but alone
Restless soul without a home
I carry marks of a different race
Amongst you cannot find my place


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