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"Deadlight" (2007)

1. Wrath
2. Faithless
3. Fear Me
4. Eternal
5. Morning Sun
6. Deadsong
7. Guardian
8. Star Of Fire
9. Reign Of Fire
10. ...

1. Wrath

with brand new hate
Inhale the pain deny the blame
Beat them sore this is not a metaphor
Black machinery with tons of steel
breaking free
One man genocide
Legion in one heavily armed

My broken bones grown whole
Wounds turned to scars
and bleeding stopped
By divine wrath I am reborn

Withdraw behind your own lines
Pull back the men
The ones who went and slayed my queen
This is for them to see
They bleed
The same blood that painted my dreams
The blood of my enemies


2. Faithless

These ways of self deception
Underneath the living shield
We born and erase
Our sins to be forgiven
The nature we deny
Now blind leads the blind

Believe in me
And my justified confession
Of the 7 deadly sins
I won't bleed from my palms
Or see the statues bleed
No faith left in me

This law without exception
Is written to the core
Words of violence feed the war
Countdown to the judgement
We have all a cause
And saviour from the fall


3. Fear Me

The cross I built to clean myself
from the filth and be purified
Self-created burden
to feel alive by suffering

Fear me
These hands breed
only suffering

3 nails made of steel
12 inches each
They have to reach
Deep enough to carry the weight
Of the flesh
I mean to break

Fear me
These hand breed
only suffering

Feel free to disagree
Like the ones before
you too will bleed

4. Eternal

What is the price
at the end of the world
To get to blame and reform
The grand declaration
of the final war
Ignore the thought
Clearly deny it's not a lie
Gods never die
I am eternal

These days of self betrayal
Endless vault of failures within
Birth of a whole new black hole
The dying earth feeds new worlds
Superior race without
a name to recognise
We have no name
we are as one
With our blood we paint the sun

5. Morning Sun

You can't carry me
I am too heavy inside
You don't have the strength
To get me untied
Beyond salvation
Don't really care at all
Unleash the tide
And let the waters fall

It broke me into little pieces
With edged razor sharp
glass drawing my skin
Sharpened by my sins
Aim to rebuild with self-hatred and guilt

Save me
From the morning sun
Rewrite my fate
and let this life be undone

The ocean swallows me
into the depths of ages
Darkness as old as the earth
Demons' hive
This crushing abyss
A bliss called life

At the edge of dawn
forthcoming light will burn my eyes
and leave me blind
Solar flares torch my skin
and wind blows the ashes away


6. Deadsong

The container of my soul
was severed from my shell
At birth I was stigmatized
by fires of hell
This hollow space inside
is growing still
It's going for the kill
Beneath the blood red sky
the song was born
The sky was bleeding
when I sang her the deadsong

By my burning cradle
The lullaby of death
was sung by dark angels
The daughters of flame

She slept under my wing
A cold embrace
Death's loyal servant
now filled with pain
Forever haunted
by her angelic face


These chains
Hold me down
Down on this frozen ground
in this world
where death walks the earth
The sign of reaper
given in birth

7. Guardian

Nevermore shall the choir of angels
sing the song of despair
with fear on their voice
Or the darkest creatures
shed the blood of divine
Dark princess of mine
spread your wings and fly

Flying high
Reaching to the sky
so divine
My princess

Never again shall the fire of angels
light of stars go out
and darken the sky
Nor the scythe of the reaper
reach the heart of divine
Dark princess of mine
spread your wings and fly


8. Star Of Fire

World is a distant image
with no colours
Each day a step towards the loss
That follows with a silent
Reminder of the grief
It's always there
Constant and severe

Memories of the failures
Will feed others to come
Hollow and numb
Death by choice
instead of feeling alive
Life pushed aside

These days without the sun
Dying star of light
Burning darkness has begun
To raise flames of the end to come

9. Reign Of Fire

Absence of light
where only hollow words
left to describe and measure
the darkness with crown
made of bone and flesh of his own

Can you see
the fractions in me?
Searching for someone
to burn my wings
Preaching of something
greater and dark

The reign of fire
Destroy and rule
Dominate hellborn
playground of feeble fools
And with blood I am god

10. ...

Feels like I was born
with a black hole as a soul
Devouring all the light
Chaos engine inside
Feels like I wasn't meant to be
nothing more than a stranger to all

Every loved one
now and before
I will miss you all
I am waiting in silence
the darkness to come on my way


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