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Promo 04

"Promo 04" (2004 Demo)

1. Really?
2. My Bleeding Scars
3. Endless Morning

1. Really?

Trying to remember the way you used to be
The time when everything was real to you and to me
Never felt so true before
Never thought that it would last
Now all is left behind
My life has turned into past

I really wanted to make you mine
I really wanted to live my life
I really wanted to say good-bye
But never really tried

I never wanted to hurt you, or do you wrong
But this pain inside, you made me suffer too long
So take this heart of mine
Oh please let it fly free
After your funeral it only belongs to me

2. My Bleeding Scars

Run baby, run
Iím right after you
I know you couldnít believe your own eyes now
Everything I did just for you
It only made you love more your own gun
And everything I didnít
It made me cut much deeper my bleeding scars

And made me crawl into the blindness
Where everything is for your eyes only
Now all I think is..

I waited for this all my life
In my mind searching for the truth through the lies
Crossed the line
Now itís time to say good-bye
Never mind, I wonít waste more of your time
So bye-bye

I canít help it
Iím flying too high
This feeling is getting stronger
Iím here all alone
Wanted so hard to catch you
Before you take your final step to fall
And I truly loved you
But now I cannot see you anymore
Youíll always be my only one..

3. Endless Morning

These tears theyíre running down my face
Youíll have to be so far away from me, my love
It wasnít easy to explain myself
You left me standing in the rain, crying
With the last morning dawn
Iíll kiss the rising sun to carry on, again
I know Iíll have to be so strong
Betrayal that you did to me wonít fade away

Donít want to wake on this endless morning
Donít want to close my eyes for nothing
God how I hate this endless morning
I know it never stops

These tears still running down my face
Iíll have to be so far away from you, my love
Iíll keep on whispering your name
Itís slowly dying on my lips like you, darling
Why was it so hard for us
To live our lives without the fear of pain, in hearts
Iíll leave with the drizzling rain
To follow your footsteps in the dank ground


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