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"Bealiah" (1995 Demo)

1. Worship The Adonai
2. Sapientium Crusts
3. Kairos
4. A Homage To The Father Of The Undead

1. Worship The Adonai

Adonai, I adore Thee
Adonai, I worship Thee
Adonai rules forever in endless time
Author of life, I praise Thee
The sovereign power of Immortal Persons
Command us all to walk His path
Chants are heard from deep inside
Glory and honor for the Holy Adonai
We were once children of wrath
Apostasy, living life against God
Now we're all reconciled
Justified by the blood sacrifice
The death of Christ makes us alive
Knowing that one day we shall join immortality
Nothing more to say, nothing more to do...
But praise and worship Thee forever
(The spoken Apostle's Creed)

2. Sapientium Crusts

Discovering the ancient books of wisdom
Scriptural scrolls; the written promises and truth
Guidelines to the New Testament
Those which awaken the spirits of our ancestors
Witnesses of faith, hope, and love...
Responding the calling, new self sanctified
A prophesy of the upcoming Savior is now completed
Divine Word incarnated in the Holy flesh
The blood spilled on the cross has purify my soul
A path to immortal life is right before us
Calling us to be a part of The Kingdom
Where evilness shall not reach His side
Sapientium Crusts makes us awake
Teach us the knowledge of The Holy Adonai
Sapientium Crusts makes us aware
Rising within us and we shall make a stand for the Son

3. Kairos

The moment within a chronological line
Becomes the historical part of one's life
When someone receives The Son in the faith
Believes in the death and resurrection of The Incarnate
Once, the humanity had fallen into the opposite state
Apart from the The Creator and became the friend of darkness
But now the fact is turning, there is the hope indeed
To escape the evilness that had captured us all
Let you possess a Kairos in your life...
A Kairos that shall change the future of your soul
There was no forgiveness without bloodshed
But there was bloodshed of Divine Flesh
Forgiveness is here, Make the Kairos
You shall be remembered all the time
You shall become a part of The Immortal Kingdom
Driven by The Spirit far above the northern sky

4. A Homage To The Father Of The Undead

A prophecy to be remembered from the valley of dry bones
Ezekiel did see the fragmental skeletons around
He knew there were rotting human flesh down there
Dried by time of putrefaction until remained skeletal
Morbid sight had been in him
Seeing was that the last state of man?
Then he heard the voice from the mouth of Adonai:
"Son of man, can these bones live?"
Ezekiel said to Adonai: "...Thou knowest!!"
These bones would hear The Word..
...that cometh from the mouth of Adonai
Ezekiel began to prophesy as he was commanded
Then those remains began to come together
A miraculous recomposition of the bodies
Reversing the natural process of putrefaction
To became the human bodies once again
He continued to prophesy as he was commanded
Then breath of life came into them and make them alive
"Behold, I will open your graves, and raise you from your graves. You shall know that I am THE LORD..."
Those prophecies have given us hope and understanding
That we shall arise from the dead and live again
Father of the undead will exhume our graves
This is a promise of immortal life given by Adonai
Ancient Trinity, You are the Cause of Life
All nations shall pay homage to You!!


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