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The Son Of The Sun

"The Son Of The Sun" (2003)

1. Amenhotep IV (Intro)
2. The Vision
3. The Great Hymn to the Aten
4. Welcome to Akhet-Aten
5. Nefertiti (Together We Are Strong)
6. Show No Mercy
7. Kill the King
8. Triumph or Defeat
9. Akhenaten (Outro)
10. Nefertari (Where Are You Now?) (Bonus Track)

1. Amenhotep IV (Intro)

Amenhotep: Amenhotep is my name. I'm the king of Egypt's land.

Nefertiti: Nefertiti, chief wife of the mighty king.

Aten: The great king Aten who is in jubilee, the lord of heaven, the lord of earth

People: Praise the king

2. The Vision

Now as my father has dies, I'm Egypt's new pharaoh
I've been chosen from the gods to lead the land into it's future
I, Amenhotep IV, king of upper and lower Egypt
The son of Re, who lives on truth, the lord of diadems

Then I had a vision
Aten spoke to me
I had a vision
Don't know if it was real

Aten: Amenhotep do you hear, this is your god speaking, don't have no fear
Amenhotep propagate, my doctrine all around the world

I will overthrow the old gods, strike a light in these dark times
Where all mankind will be caught in a prison of fear and superstition
Not fear shall show us the way to devoutness, but obligation and gratefulness
This faith I will plant into all hearts, in the light of Aten all life will shine

3. The Great Hymn to the Aten

Thou appearest beautifully on the horizon of heaven
Thou living great Aten, the beginning of life
When thou art risen on the eastern horizon
Thou hast filled every land with thy beauty
Thou art gracious, great, glistening and high over every land
Thy rays encompass the lands to the limit of all that thou hast made
As thou art Re, thou reachest to the end of them
Thou subduest them for thy beloved son

How manifold it is what thou hast made
They are hidden from the face of man
O sole god, o sole god
Like whom there is no other!

Aten - thou are in my heart
And there is no other that knows thee
Aten - save thy son Akenaten
For thou hast made him well-versed in thy plans and in thy strength

The world came into being by thy hand
According as thou hast made them
When thou hast risen they're in life
When thou settest they die

Thou art lifetime thy own self
For one lives only through thee
Thou raise them up for thy son
Who came forth from thy body

4. Welcome to Akhet-Aten

Aten requested me to build Akhet-Aten
As a memorial for his name to all eternity
Akhet-Aten, town of the sun and of love
Akhet-Aten, town of the art and of joy

Welcome to Akhet-Aten
Welcome to the home where Aten lives
Welcome to Akhet-Aten
Welcome to the most beautiful town on the earth

See all the temples I have built
For my father, Hor-Aten, he lives
Look to all that palaces and buildings
You have never seen such beauty

At this place I will stay
Till the hills stand up and leave
At this place I will stay
Till the Nile flows upstream

5. Nefertiti (Together We Are Strong)

Akenaten (A): Nefertiti, the King's chief wife
Nefertiti (N): Akenaten, long in lifetime
A: You are the princess, great in the palace
N: You are the Lord of the two lands

Both: Beloved of Aten, our father who's with us
The beautiful living Aten who began and ordains life

Together we are strong
Together we belong
Together our whole life
Till the end of time

A: The beautiful in the double plumes
N: The son of Re, who lives on truth
A: Possessor of graciousness, great of love
N: We all praise the Lord of the crowns

A: At the hearing of your voice one rejoices
N: May you live forever and ever
A: Living, healthy and youthful
N: King of Upper and Lower Egypt

6. Show No Mercy

Oh Nefertiti can you see
The priests of Amen are still mighty
They instigate the people
Against us and our god

Oh Aten, my father, what can I do?
They believe in Amen and not in you

Aten: Show no mercy when you see
That they have other gods than me
Show no mercy if the people talking bad about me
Spitting on my name and deny me
Show no mercy

I can see the hate in their faces
Why can't they sense your gracec
Love and peace is what you preach
But only violence is what I see

7. Kill the King

People: The temple of the gods are dilapidated
And all the shrines got to ruins
Everything is at sixes and sevens
The gods turn their back upon the land

Kill the King

Now your time has come
This must all come to an end
Your reign is over and also that of Aten
Amen is back, praise the lord

Akhenaten: Oh Aten, where are you
Where are you when I need you
Ah Aten, don't leave me now

Oh Aten, please help me
Oh Aten, don't forsake me
Oh Aten, I don't wanna die

Oh please forgive me
Oh will you please forgive me
Oh please, I don't wanna die

8. Triumph or Defeat

Joy in the streets, the people did win
Amen is back again
With blood are stained the hands of them all
Brains ragged at the wall
Demonstrations brutally put down
Where no one defended himself
Knowing the danger of the time
For many too hard to fall into line

Talk - say what you though
Pray - for every new day
Fight - for a better life
Hold - on to your dream

Common graves line the streets
Candles, a sign of solidarity
But when will we forget what they bore
Like all the millions before
Aten is dead, Amen is back
Freedom is in everyone's mouth
But our fear, it seems to stay
Insecurity drives us all the way

Humans tortured and pursued
Faces mutilated and tormented
Children shot down after a chase
Incredible bloodshed all over the place
A world full of violence
We decide if good or bad
We turn the night into the day
Whether triumph or defeat we say

9. Akhenaten (Outro)

Akhenaten: Akhenaten was my name. I was king of Egypt's land
Nefertiti: Nefertiti, chief wife of the mighty king

10. Nefertari (Where Are You Now?) (Bonus Track)

Ramses: Now I'm dead and here I lie
4000 years later
In a cold room, at a place
Where I've never been before

Nefertari: Now I'm dead and here I lie
4000 years later
But where are you, my king, my love
Why am I not at your side?
Please tell me why.

Ramses: I've entered into the West
To join our sungod, Re
On his endless orbit through this world
Through this world and the world of night

Nefertari: You were like the sungod Re
when he rose in the morning
And you beams burnt the limbs
The limbs of you enemies

Ramses: Nefertari
Nefertari: Oh, Ramses
Both: Where are you now?

Nefertari: Our whole lives we were one
Vowed to be together all along
Beyond the grave, a couple of eternity
Near by the Gods, west of Thebes with you

Ramses: I, Ramses User-maar-Re-Setepen-Re
Mighty Taurus, Egypt's protector
I, Ramses, have recreated Egypt's Land
But where am I now, with Seth, what's happened?

Both: Will we see us again
Go our way to an end
Climb up to the Gods
As they predicted us?


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