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"Noah's Ark Project" (1998)

1. The Fairy Tale
2. Die for Allah
3. God of Toys
4. Nightmare of Reality
5. Don't Dare an Eye
6. Memories
7. Indians
8. Children of the Death
9. Noah's Ark Project
10. The Last Door
11. Changes

1. The Fairy Tale

Itís so cold, howled the wood
And he forced some trees to die
So the sun could freely shine
Make it warm down the line

And behold, it got warmer
It got warmer down the line
And behold, it got warmer
Even warmer down the line

Thereupon the wood went on
More trees heíd force to die
So that sunbeams there could shine
And it got warmer along the line

Thereupon the wood went on
Started killing all his trees
So that the warmth would increase
Like never before and he was pleased

But then, one day thereís no sun
And the cold win, it run through the wood, heíd begun
Start realising so much he was missing
The firs and the pines and the beaches and the limes
And the birches and the oaks and the other fine trees
That protected him truly for so many years

This was the moment he did realise
That a wood without trees is like no water in the seas
Like no freedom for an eagle, like a king without a people
It got colder, not passing by
Thatís why the wood, it had to die!

2. Die for Allah

Some people proclaimed the Holy War
And you followed them till death
You havenít asked and you havenít reflected
God will know why youíd confess

Holy War as so often before
Religion exploited for power and war
Holy War Ė how manyíve died under the sun
But Godís will has to be done Ė Holy War
Fight Ė kill Ė die Ė for Allah

Fanaticismís made them blind
The name of God abused to kill
With hate and weapons of all kinds
Born to impose on us their will

Love your neighbour like you love yourself
Thatís written in a holy book
But I only see force and destruction
Died for God, their lives he took

3. God of Toys

Now here comes what youíve waited for so long
Thatíll change in your life what went wrong
That makes you gentle, happy and satisfied
That protects you all day and night

Buy your own god of toys
And you hear a lovely voice
Buy your own god of toys
For the soul of yours

Out of pure cotton,
Washing-machine proofed at last
In original size and of course colour-fast
Always on the right path he leads you
No matter wherever it goes through

He doesnít cost much, just a thousand DM
But whatís that compared
With the profits youíve then
He takes your sorrows, forgives your debt again
Makes you sleep as firm and as calm as you can

4. Nightmare of Reality

I had a dream tonight
Woods and rivers died
And the oceans turned to dumps
Thereís a hole in the ozone layer, big as the USA
Nuclear power stations got to infernal machines on
The way

But fortunately I awoke
What a terrible nightmare, what a stroke

I had a dream tonight
War was right on my side
And the people have killed each other
There were weapons to destroy the earth a 40 times
And imagine they went on to get more piles

I had a dream tonight
Men got tortured and died
Just for different birth or religion
Politicians respected with distinguished relations
Turned out to be liars and betrayers of the nation

A nightmare of reality

5. Don't Dare an Eye

Come out little baby
Come out of your cradle
Come out little baby
Get into the world

Cast an eye all around you
See the world all so nice
See the bushes and roses
And the light on the high

But donít look behind things
Itís not good to see them all
Donít look under the bushes
Where the dead ones may lie

Donít look up on the high trees
So that you havenít to see
The dead leaves and roses
Died from a special disease

Donít look into the houses
Where the generals may sit
Playing war with their soldiers
Who are not out of tin

Come out little baby
Thereís no need to hide
Just donít look around you
Donít dare an eye

6. Memories

Sitting in front of the TV without a word to say
The same situation every day
Pensioners weíre now, and the children are gone
And friends there are none

Are we now, where we wanted to go to
Did all our wishes really come true
Nothing worth to dream of left
Of all our hopes and intentions bereft
To change this world, make it better and sunny
But our ideals got replaced with money

First came the children, then the house at last
And everything was over just too fast
Now there are the both of us alone
But our great love is all too long gone

Do you sometimes think of the time when we were young
What happened to our dreams, to our fun
There must have been a time, where we lost the right track
Our rebellion got replaced with unconcern in a crack

All the years went by so fast and yet
There is nothing I really regret
Just sometimes, when thinking of old times makes me mild
I wished I again were a little child

And again we are sitting in front of the TV
Watching the evening program just after the meal
With crackers on the table and a beer in the hand
We are waiting for our deadly end

7. Indians

A people free in mind and heart
Brave men in fights not one coward
With spears they killed the buffaloes
Those Indian men this life they chose

The tribes and chiefs tied with their land
Sowing the crops with their own hand
Living in peace and dignity
With nature in pure harmony

And suddenly the white man came
And what he did was just a shame
He killed and fought, started to raid
The Indians saw the threat too late

They had to die, most of them did
Those pride brave men they had to quit
And what followed that invasion
Was a life in reservation

8. Children of the Death

Rio in Brazil, 1991
The town with the highest rate of murders
The victims: mostly children
The motive stays unknown
The victims: mostly children
The perpetrators donít be caught

The children are living on the street
They have no family and no home
Born to admit their own defeat
They have no chance to live on their own

They are children of the death
Have no way out, no future left
No place on this earth they possess
And of their life they are bereft
Children of the death

They are stealing to survive
They take drugs to escape reality
Under 20ís their expectation of life
Thereís even no help from charity

The perpetrators: former policemen
Their job: to clean the streets, so dirty
Hired from unscrupulous business men
Acting brutal and without mercy

9. Noah's Ark Project

The scientists shouted: Soon it will be true
Destruction of the environment is the flood number two
Like on the earth will be impossible along these line
Thatís why we need Noahís Ark of our time

They constructed and built as fast as they could
And soon, very soon they reached the aim that they should
And everyone knew, that an arkís not enough
So they built a small world under a roof out of glass

But that there werenít much places was soon very clear
The question, who may come in was very severe
And as I yet thought: women and children come first
There came the notice and I felt to burst

Head of states, politicians and civic heads
Worldwide stars and multi-millionaires
But no one of the little men, there could be found
Because itís power and money, that is what counts

And then it was ready, all ran quite in
And the door was locked behind them

But behold, they were too much, the ďworldĒ was too small
And the siren was false alarm

But the door it was locked, they couldnít get out
And the oxygen came to an end

And outside were the little ones celebrating and singing
And watching Noahís Ark going down

10. The Last Door

Covered with the coat of mortality
We walk through the streets of our reality
We are just staring directly ahead
At the last door to which we were led

Last door, last door
Itís a long journey
You swing wide open
Wheel comes full circle
Itís the last door

Itís a long journey to that place
It takes a lifetime, no use to race
Thereís only one question to be put
What would be behind the door, what should?

We all donít know what awaits us
Behind the wall of our lifeís fuss
If good or bad, thereís no sequel
Behind that wall, weíre all equal

11. Changes

Hau wass a tu bi gona
Karame atula ma Ė of changes
Sana re minu sata
Liminit keta sema Ė of changes
Wotan beacon rama fu
Luk es minit wa is nu Ė of changes
Börn as viel long dessini
Sanet bel began sivie Ė of changes


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