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Evil Chains

"Evil Chains" (2005)

1. Four Letter
2. Wasteland
3. Collapse
4. Villians
5. Infiltrate
6. Break Wide
7. Reemerge
8. Skull Rotted
9. Evil Chains
10. Pushing
11. Casualty
12. Threats
13. Cut It
14. Burial Rites
15. Poison Arrows
16. Reversed
17. Wounds
18. One Drop

1. Four Letter

Four letter. Four letter. Four letter high.
Can't communicate. Language sounds obscene.
Shit spews from mouth. Lips cannot contain.

2. Wasteland

Light it up in the wasteland, pleased to bring inside the spark. Brush fires come and singe the nostrils, clouds grow weary til breathed apart. Fanning only brings it higher. Defenselessness you are a must. Your fingers come and join the ashes. Your breath becomes flame and dust. The wild blind and screaming, it's lips blister from the heat. Grieving, blowing, sounds like frightening. We're accident bound.

3. Collapse

Legs bow outward, knees fall in. Collapse under master's weight. Watch the fathers fall. Righteous they will fall. Histories of men pull us inside, but we will push upward with all our might. Fall!

4. Villians

No use for villains, this time means war.
No use for traitors, got nothing to fight for.
No use for beggars, rise up from your knees.
No use for villains, your words of decay spread the disease.

5. Infiltrate

In the eclipse, at the apex.
Written numbers, you will find us.
Behold bodies, burnished brightly.
Piles of corpses shine like trophies.
Consequence, congruence, lifespan shortens at mere sight.
Raze the heavens, battle mountains, till all that's left is leveled plain.
Smoke and fire, burning timber, moist fumes crackle into death.
Evaporating into hazes, wet fumes toxic infiltrate lungs.

6. Break Wide

Hips break wide at the sound of bone cracking.
The basics unfold the days into night.
A sense of time the only familiarity.
A feigned moment an hour.
A true minute a day.

7. Reemerge

Histories of kings transcribed on flesh as transgression disappears.
Night preserves us all, as darkness brings day from dawn.
Locked in the dampness of corners and cellars.
One day we will reemerge.

8. Skull Rotted

Brain decayed long ago, nothing's left but rotting bone.
You're skull rotted, skull rotted, skull rotted.
Far past brain dead.
Skull rotted, skull rotted!
Nothing's left in your head.

9. Evil Chains

Soldered and slaughtered.
Write in the heat.
Turning it inward.
Displaying defeat.
What are you hoping to find?
Destroying you peace of mind.
Evil chains will bind.
Link by link.
Nothing will stop you.
The love has run out.
Finally succeeding.
In killing all doubt.
What are you hoping to find?
Destroying your peace of mind.
What are you hoping to find?
It's over, no longer mine.
Evil chains will bind.
Link by link.

10. Pushing

Divide all your veins, to make two out of one.
A mess of decay whose sole purpose is fun.
One licks the screams of death's frozen fight.
The other is seen disobeying the night.
The revel of lies versus the hope and the faith.
Calamity has won once bitter the taste.
Buried in bliss until you rise up in dread.
You try to find hope, but turn missing instead.
The suns have all burned and the stars are unseen.
Life exists in the hours between.
The self that was loved is the one who is loathed.
The backs have all turned, are your secrets still clothed?

11. Casualty

The rhythm of twitching runs backward and outwards.
Dance my face around your face.
Whisper the stroke in the might of numbness as snapping fingers break and break.
As velvet runs in ropes, around deathlike smiles.
The hidden lines cope, with casualty worthwhile.

12. Threats

The cloak of righteousness hung down.
The scents of prey held loosely in the fall.
Occasionally you act as though you were the predator.
The fuel doesn't matter as long as the fire stays alive.
All the baseless skies ring out to the threat of forgetting.
Rounded the curve, I'm in front.
Watch me break necks and you'll know.
Occasionally you act as though you were the predator.
The fuel doesn't matter as long as the fire stays alive!

13. Cut It

It's hip to be a homophobe.
It's cool to call the gay boys queers.
It's hot to bash the baby dykes.
Being a fag is so last year.
Hip is the new hegemony, for fashion or for fun.
Straight laced white boys run the game.
It's the course that ironies fucking run.
So throw away your magazines.
Cut your fucking shaggy hair.
Feminists go put on short shorts.
Cuz there ain't no fucking problem here.

14. Burial Rites

Widowed flesh burns marks on skin, here as if in undead's tomb.
Wounds left unhealed, for centuries wait.
As phantom hands grasp for life.

15. Poison Arrows

The lies are told without her breast, for therin lies the soul.
The head of serpents lives to speak, long after the body lies cold.
Poison arrows talk like men.
Foot over foot ponderous.
Sliding deeply into soil.
Sending rivets into hearts.
Poison arrows talk like men.
Sound familiar, near comfort.
Pressed like murder against our ears.
Ringing firmly, they speak of death.
Her eyes remain venom, paralyzing all witness.
Cast in stone til cracked and dust.
The whispers echo even still.

16. Reversed

The image reversed brings with it a truth.
Pressed onto paper and burned into minds.
Evidenced in angle, illuminated in tone.
Skin shines like glory and teeth bare like bone.
The darkest of hair against the pinkest of skin.
Tissues release the scent of distress.
United in mystery and founded in blood.
Fused by the knowledge and a touch from above.
The glare nears blindig the image possessed.
Reaps unto sorrow where lace hits the flesh.

17. Wounds

Eyes hitch and moan as corners of mouth break into fragments.
You would taste blood, but the surface is too dry to bleed.
Let us lick our lips in silence.
Quietly tonguing our wounds.

18. One Drop

One taints the stream.
The truth is revealed.
Linked without, question the threat never healed.
One drop brings a warning.
Two drops bring the plague.
Third drop spells the message.
Fourth drop brings the grave!


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