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Of Battle And Ancient Warcraft

"Of Battle And Ancient Warcraft" (1997)

1. Armagedon Arrives
2. Retrobution
3. Angelfire
4. Forever Laid In Chains
5. The Sword Of Death
6. Darkened Descendants
7. Of Battle And Ancient Warcraft
8. The Dawn Of The Black Hearts
9. With The Blackstorms I Came
10. Snow And Ice And Demonmight

1. Armagedon Arrives

The dawn arise, a new surprise, armageddon in disguise
the fog lies thick on morning ground,
spreading its fingers untamed
a choking sun has just begun its painful trip
to a total eclipse
crimson darkness, oh sweet darkness come conceal my world
flashing black clouds fills the sky, a mist descends in wraith
mountains crumble, forests stumble, time itself turns dead
silence breeds eternal expectations,
the ancient gods await in awe
never knowing what to hear, or what to see

Yet the louring sky beholds, yet the ancient ones foretold
crimson darkness clench the earth,
blackened clouds give demons birth

The silence breaks as the earth it shakes,
the mountain cracks as we attack
and enormous rumble rises as the sky explodes in red
hundred thousand armored demons hail their king and draw their swords
"- Oh. My god, our world collapses!" the Chirstian's shrieks in fear
"- Enter chaos!" I pronounce as ancient armies rage to war
an avalanche of swords and spears, cataclysm for mankind
mesmerized and satanized by demoniacal twilight
blood on ice when life demise for Christian hearts despise

To war, we draw, out to the mighty battlefields,
all that's in our hearts is battlelust, we'll crush,
you're feeble gods white armies, for your death has arrived

Unholiness unspoken breeds of twilight's night disguise
lurking in the shadows waiting to arise
of anciet gods I have been spawned,
of ancient might I have been born
behold me and my armies as the end comes for your life

2. Retrobution

Ahh! the smell of morning! the break of day,
the peaceful silence brought dreams to my sleep
a distance cry awakens me
I realize this is the last I'll hear
an respectful warlord I have become
put fear in heart in every man
people used to call my name with joy
now they just freeze in panic or run away

it has come to my knowledge
that some people wants to see me dead
what is that sound I hear?
Someone's coming I can hear the steps
I feel a knife slice through my flesh
my mortal life have come to it's very end
now starts my journey on the path straight down to hell

HAHA! Do you think you can kill me?
I shall return and with me the powers of darkness
where only creatures of the night exists
shall never be taken away by the hands of light
but live on forever into the infinity

3. Angelfire

The twilight emerged with an enthralling glow
the winternight welcomes us with storms of snow
survival of the fittest, eradication of the weaker race
destruction of the pearly gates, heaven torn asunder

emerge my allies, emerge, Come forth and bring me chaos
untrodden paths preseverd for us in ages and ages
finally have the time arrived to shake the core of gods creation
finally have the time arrived for angelfire

Fire! Fire! My one desire
Fire! Fire! of darkness born
Fire! Fire! My sweet funerl pyre
angel cry when angel die and later turns to fire

Beg for me my precious angels
beg for me to ease your pain
oh dear! I think your wings are burning
feel the flames embrace your soul
scream for me my precious angels
scream for me to take your life
now all heaven is set on fire
gods creations burn for me

4. Forever Laid In Chains

These fields have become my legacy
by ancient gods been given chains
free me now or fear forever
Dissemblers! These bonds of temperance soon unsealed

I greet thee masters of distopia
enchant me with your immortal grace
I bid you welcome to this gathering
who knows what the night brings?
Thunder lightning strike the earth
frost and blizzards come for me
storms of hatred tear the skies aprt
fire clench both land and sea
limbs and coprses scattered everywhere
the smell of death lies in the air
this is my birthplace, this will be my grave
who ever enters shall by my sword be slain

5. The Sword Of Death

Here I stand in my tower, clothed in marble and ebony
and from my tower I behold my vast infinite kingdom
the shadows reveal flocks of wolves hunting in the night
warlords gather their armies of destruction and hate

My tower, my supreme black work of art
a gateway to the everlasting fields of eternity
where forests stand proud and evergreen
where the wolves join me for nocturnal hunt
where the soil is untouched by holy hands
where the mountains stand tall, pantheons as they are

The dark ocean reflects beams of moonlight
the night reveals memories of an ancient past
I travel with the wolves, I fly with the ravens
I gain ancient knowledge buried by time and dust

In the black mountain up ahead lies the dreaded caves
the caves which conceals the sword of death
waiting for it's rightfull owner, waiting to be used in war
I reach for the sword, my fingers clutches the swordhilt
as the ancient past opens up before my eyes

I return to my tower, in my hands lies the sword of doom
the sword that means the death of the hordes of light
the sword that means the arrival of the dark age

6. Darkened Descendants

As the night arrives we come forth
we the nocturnal uncanny ones
watch us, hear us, feel us, fear us
fear us as the obscure creatures we are
a raven brakes the sky, as the hordes
of the unholy ones storms over the landscape
blackened warriors filled with hatred
storming over the frozen landscape

For centuries we have yearned
for the infinite darkness to arrive
yearning for the eternal shadow
yearning for the day when we shall rule
with pride in our hearts we shall welcome
the day of the total eclipse
when the world of light shall perish
and from its ashes a land of darkness arise

A land of unpure, immortal darkness
ruled by the unholy one wearing a black cloak
my servants no light they'll ever see
but in darkness embraced in for eternity
and this darkened land of mine

7. Of Battle And Ancient Warcraft

Behold my throne dressed in black
upon which I rule these wastelands
for many centuries have I been
and shall forever be
these lands has been under my powers
for centuries and centuries again
the throne became mine after the war
the battle against the ones of the light
suddenly a mesanger storms in
-"Hordes of white have appeared"
War! the thought cleanses my mind
centuries have past since the last time

The time has come, I bid farewell
the lands I rode shall burn again
the sword I held shall slash my foes
and victory shall be laid upon me once again

Prepare for war! The words echoes in my mind
Sounds of armour and weapons reaches my ears
feelings of obscurity and hate pours into my soul
now is the time for pure fucking armageddon
we the warlike army of the infinite darkness
shall once again ride out and create chaos
We'll ride out towards the blackened horizon
and forever blow out their candles of life

8. The Dawn Of The Black Hearts

The war against god has now begun
swords slashing throats is heard all around
feeble white armies crushed and destroyed
heavenly palaces burned to the ground
angels of death come ride with me
come see my sword make christians bleed
blackstorms of hate comes tumbling down
this is the twilight of your precious god

Kneel before my throne you fools
I am the god almighty now
your holy god, his head removed
the dawn of the black hearts has arrived

Holy churches burned by hellish flames
the blackest light shall burn again
my heart is cold and filled with hate
my eyes sees red on holy life
I've raised a fortress coloured black
I've gained the powers of ancient might
embraced by the black flames of eternity
this is the dawn of the black hearts

With powers over the storms
and the beasts of the earth
I am the one who shall walk in darkness......

9. With The Blackstorms I Came

With the blackstorms I came, as a thousand
black clouds stromed against the pale sky
upon the mountainside I stand, as a black
sunset rises over a funeral sky
at the top of the black mountain I stand
with the wind whipping my face
beholding my unholy black kingdom

My blackened legions marching towards my enemies
and with the funeral winds caressing the landscape
no light shall ever shine upon these lands of mine

I will ride the lands in pride
as the skies goes from dark to black
with the blackstorms I came
and with the blackstorms I will forever walk

As a norse warrior I ride
the dark valleys of evil
as a norse warrior I crush
my enemies the ones of god
it is said that death rides on black wings
through dark northern valleys
and what is said is true
'cause I

10. Snow And Ice And Demonmight

The blizzard roars into the night
the howling wolves cry to the moon
the dawn will never shine again
the northlands is where I shall reign

The war against god is close to it's end
the blackest of lights shall win again
the armies of god will lie dead on the ground
all that is missing is the head of jesus christ

Dark as black and black as night
far away form holy light
snow and ice and demonmight
blackened creatures, gorgeous site

The war against god is close to it's end
the blackest of lights shall win again
the armies of god will lie dead on the ground
all that is missing is the head of jesus christ

Swear allegiance to me your lord
and I will grant you might forlorn
fly with the winds and run with the wolves
this is a place where evil rules

The war against god is close to it's end
the blackest of lights shall win again
the armies of god will lie dead on the ground
all that is missing is the head of jesus christ


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