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Xtreme Power Of Metal

"Xtreme Power Of Metal" (2002)

1. Ace Of Aces
2. Fire Blade
3. I Will Survive
4. Also The Dragon Cries
5. Not A Dream
6. Šedé Tváre
7. Smoking Mountain
8. Call Of The Forest
9. Too Far From Your Heart
10. One Day...
11. No Pain - No Gain
12. Echo

1. Ace Of Aces

Sometimes I feel like I was
the maddest on the world
Sometimes I´m feeling mourning
for enemies killed by my hand

Face to face, eye to eye
Fighting as at the last time
The ground´s thirsty for the blood
Maybe I will be the one
who will be trying to quench
this everlasting thirst
God please go hand in my hand
I´m fighting for a better world

Chorus: Ace of aces...

Enemy at eight hours
Full left lever, full down
Full throtle, just a second
and I will be behind
It is not very simple
all the time be the best
Forgive me human in front
I cannot give you any chance


2. Fire Blade

My thoughts are goin´ back
To the times when my life was so black
dark and so empty
with a heart full of hatred
Ghosts and the beasts ruled the world
People were blind and defenceless there
But one day from a hole in the sky
Bright light came rumbling down
brought me a sword
with an eternal force
The ground shook and started to pound
Never known fear crept into my heart


Beautiful voices that I have never heard
told me to kneel and to start to pray
Shown me the way by the fire of the blade
And took my mind all over the world
Your mission is to punish the evil
to help the good and to win
Never retreat never come back
this is the way to redeem your sins

Daylight came into my heart
First I saw the sun and the stars
I saw the evil
And crying people
I´d rather die if I can´t stop it all
But if - in fight only with my sword



Power of blade of mine
Immortal sign, my fire blade
fear in your eyes
Don´t touch my sword
if you want to live
´cause it´s serving only to me...
This bloody blade and mission to win
these are my dues for my old sins
After my death there will have to be a man
with heart to share and courage to bear my blade...

3. I Will Survive

My enemies all behind me
My sword is still standing by my side
My desires all blown away
God, bring me death if I should ever fail
I´m all alone noone is here
Only my horse understands me
I´m riding free, I´m riding fast
Who´s against me, who´s the next?


And after all I will survive
Noone could fly as high as I
This is my way - a trip to nowhere
Even I don´t know what am I lookin´ for

And from this height I saw bleeding world
Hearts full of pain, hearts full of hate
Threating me, threating each other
What´s this good for, it´ll have to fall


I was always on the run, endless fear of what I´ve done
What are we livin´for? Don´t lie to me any more!

4. Also The Dragon Cries

Once the fire burning much higher
higher than highlands are governing
filled up the skies and its light was seen
in every country and in every land
I stood up from the dust´n´bones
and in the fire and the smoke
I was born!
And noone could remember…
…remember my name…

Rising up to the skies to watch the earth
Fighting the evil, that´s my fate
Punish the bad and help the good
But after years has come my doom
I saw her eyes and her hair
and realized my own face

I was born to fight and to kill
and not to love and not to feel
But why do I feel the pain in my chest
and why am I hiding now my ugly face?
And then she saw me
but I ran away to my cave


I was born to hit the skies
And not to die for lies
Also the dragon cries…

Her people told her about me
But they only lied ´cause of their fear
Fear of my wings and of my teeth
But they've never known who protected
them and their ancestors for all of those years


5. Not A Dream

have found what I was still lookin´ for
Your love made me the free prisoner

Now I see what we have lived (2nd time only)

I shut my mouth and talk to you
You close your eyes and look at me
We know this love is just a use
But could ourselves one day be free?!?

Just like a dream
I can´t believe
If this is real
Will it proceed?

No matter how, no matter what, I´d die for you, you know it
No matter when, no matter why, would you die with me, my darlin´?
We were so free but now I see it was only a fuckin´ dream


I believe this is not a dream
This belongs to you and me
This is true reality

6. Šedé Tváre

Vo vnútri ma nieèo hryzie, vo vnútri ma nieèo trápi,
všetko dobré zo mòa mizne, odišli moji kamaráti.
Vo vnútri sa nieèo deje, nieèo vo mne umiera,
niè dobré tam už nieje, zlé na dušu mi udiera.


Vo vnútri je diera ve¾ká, vyhrýzlo ju svedomie.
Všetka krv zo mòa vytiekla, ja sa odtia¾to už nepohnem.
Vo vnútri je diera ve¾ká, vyhrýzlo ju svedomie.
Všetka krv zo mòa vytiekla, ja už nikomu niè nepoviem.

Neuhnem sa babke v autobuse, som neslušný, nadávam v kuse,
neviem vôbec èo sa patrí, požièané zabudnem vrátiť.
K ¾uïom som èasto nedobrý, falošný, hnusný, odporný,
zvádzam na svete boj nerovný, odíïte duchovia záhrobní!

Ja som dávno býval iný, zlé veci sa so mnou dejú,
teraz som všetkého vinník, šedé tváre sa mi smejú...

šedé tváre:

Ty si dávno býval iný, zlé veci sa s tebou dejú,
teraz si všetkého vinník, šedé tváre sa Ti smejú...

7. Smoking Mountain

fire and smoke
cinders and stones
everything what you feel
is your fear in your bones

maybe this day
will be your last
it doesn't matter who's good guy
and who's the bad


smoking mountain high

8. Call Of The Forest

the rivers and the hills
the lakes and the trees

9. Too Far From Your Heart

/rise again/
i'm just a stranger here in this town
i feel the angels flyin all around
/rise again/
day for the stranger, day of my life
day from an angel, day for my heart
/rise again/


i'm too far from your heart
i'm too far from an angel

nothing is perfect and nothing is as
as we want it and i'll tell u that
most in time of my life
shadows and nightmares are takin me away
i cannot stay even though i wanna stay
i have to fly away
/rise again/

the questions will find every man who wants to try
to understand why i've changed my wicked life
the answer is time i've spent alone in dark
She came to me and shown the way to light
…ok, come on!!!

10. One Day...

I used to be askin what's life about
why are we drowning in a river of the time
what is the death and what is outthere
what are we seekin for if we wait for the end
Could we get more if we lived before
and what would be the price
Lost are our names and only the tales
will stay here when we die

One day I'll be free again
oh my lord, free of hate and pain
I know that the death
is not the end

11. No Pain - No Gain

'don't understand u, why not to try it any more
I will not lie to u, reach the bottom of yours
You're still askin me how could I
but this is not the way to prove
to make much better your life
nothing can but u

Don't listen to your pain
but listen only to your heart
your borders not far away
but if u want they will come apart


no pain - no gain
u got to feel insane
no pain - no gain
try me one more feel the same

12. Echo


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