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Woden Sons

"Woden Sons" (2002 Demo)

1. Bifrost
2. The Fire of the Warrior Spirit
3. In the Name of Sword
4. Carriage of Thunder
5. Baptised In Ice

1. Bifrost

Hendal the guardian of gods
And the gates of Asgard.
He is a watcher god attentative to the danger
That surround Bifrost.
In heavenly town,Odin is his palace.
Near to the huge hall,
He adopts the war's victms.

Einherjar,War's Victims
Einherjar,you were the chose one

Hendal saw something strange,
He thought to play the alarm.
But he changed his of conception,
He did not Know that realy was,
The enemies wascoming
There inthe begin of rainbow's bridge
Then Hendal used his trumpet,
Alerting the others gods of Asgard.

Hendal,open the gates!
Hendal,let's go to the war!

The gods went out for the war,
With their weapon in their hands.
That culd see was blood and more blood,
From the enemies that were been dead on the ground.

2. The Fire of the Warrior Spirit

The spirit that still walk across the ice
Is a creature that act more than any other creature
Is a creature that act almost like a god in the earth
Surviving in a cold and freeze hell

Between the fire and ice of the fight
Between the fire and ice of the freedom

The warrior spirit is strong
But is note alone
Creatures in the nature and Heaven
The guide and protect them
Showing the way ahead to go
Of the justice and virtue warrios

Where the fight is everyone
Where the justice will be everyone
Where the freedom will be everyone
Where the equality will be everyone

Forward warrior spirits
Combating with the fire your courage
The monsters of the dominator ice
In the middle Hellish ice
In that are baptzed
Always Foward
Warrior spirit
Always Forward
That the fire of the warrior spirit never fade !

3. In the Name of Sword

In the begin of storm , the oat by sword
How ask ceremony of warrior going battle of Honour
The warrior kneel lifting the sword to thre sky

The Almighty hear me , I'm ready to light
In the name great Odin,
In this war swear Loyalt and nothing
Obstruct me of protect our Kingdom

Veleda that protect with her magic all warriors of Asgard
We fighting forever in the name of sword

Storm and thunders annunce that Thor be together
With the hammer came of green hill,
To riding with other warriors in derection by the sea

Much warriors falling and other deads,
More warriors near of Odin exterminating enemy
With out standard
Let's go fight against that damineds and reveng
Ours brothers , dertroyed that be against us
And leaving his rest to the wolfs

Spirit of eternity come to help the purify with fire of honour
Ours swords against thi enemies
Wi'll have ride forever in the name of sword
Never wi'll have fear of raise our flag of battle
This the symbol of our brabery and courage
And raising with pride in the sky ours swords.

4. Carriage of Thunder

I am a warrior
I ride through the clouds
My Hammer is my weapon
I am the god of the thunder

My carriage is black
And the male-goats to draw we
Now I'm going
To the battle against the giants
Oh, Lord of courage and power
Together fighting and diening for you

Fight my sons
Let's go to show the power true
I were in the side the everyone
Now and forever raise they swords to the sky.

5. Baptised In Ice

I travel through these lands
Devastate by the wars
My destiny is die fighting
That says the runes
Send by Odin
To the great warriors
Following the truth trail.

My blood sword on my hand
Was thirsty for destruction.
This is the time of steel
I see the Death ride on it's horse
She carries the weaks
Down to eternal darkness.

In the valley of death their eternal lost
Will burning eternaly under the brightness fire's
In the valley of death their eternal lost
This is destiny for those aren't Baptised in Ice

Odin you are one eye powerfull god
Commend the pantheon riding the sky
Send the Asgard's Valkyries here
They'll carry the Valhalla's deads Baptised in Ice

And the valley of death is waiting our enemies
That will make the long travel without return
Fe'll unhappy soul , fe'll under the brightness fire


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