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Trail of Valhalla

"Trail of Valhalla" (2001 Demo)

1. Baptism (Intro)
2. Epic Tale
3. Warrior of Ice
4. The Legion of Warriors of Metal
5. Nordic Wind

1. Baptism (Intro)

2. Epic Tale


Our hammers to the sky
Marching to the battle
Our gods look at us
There from hall of Valhalla!


The blood glides early
The Valkyries are arriving
To conduct our warriors brothers
Between the mountains the sky and the mist

My shield punished by enemy
It wonít resist other battle
By very knock suffered in the past
Now what it rest me
Is my helmet and my sword


Some time i feel the death next to me
When the blood glides trough my skin
But when i close my eyes
I see my brithers on
The march for side of gods
With my sword killed my enemies
On homage to the honor and their courage.

3. Warrior of Ice

The Nightfall

Together with mist in the forest
Inside of the valley the warriors sharpen
Their steel

I feel the power of the wind, and the
Presence of the spirits oh the forest

I see the trail in mist
My blood is frost lik my soul
Baptised in Ice between the moutain

I follow the trail of triumph
I follow the trail of sword
I follow the trail of Valhalla

The snow cut the air
Falling about the eternal white land
This is my land

With our ship will
Follow forever for the north
With our sword conquest virtue
My sword shed the blood of my enemy
And itíll shed till i fail
When i will see my father and my ancestors
In hall itíll resound of my voice
Between the great warriors.

4. The Legion of Warriors of Metal

Thereís many years of searching
And nothing of meeting
Of this reunion of warriors in this valley
But today this history finished
The great meeting will happen,
They come from far, from the other tribe
To this valley here and now!

Long life to heavy metal!

In the horizon of the sea
The wind brings great ships,
The crew come carrying their flags
And their shouts of glory
In the forest other warriors is coming
To ride their beautiful horses with their
Flog in the hands, long life to heavy metal

The reunion will begin
Ours warriors is ready to the battle
Nightfall and the great warriors of Valhalla
Came to hear us

Ours sons will follow the way of steel
The sun born and the reunion finished
With all our brothers united
By the shouts

Long life to heavy metal!
Heavy metal is our blood!

5. Nordic Wind

My eyes admire the clouds
Wich become its glory and power
The wind pushes us toward the
Nordic star
Of our ancestors
Of our gods,
Whispering like a choir
From the northem warriors

The ravens fly
Above our heads
Now i hear the sound
Of the horses from behind the clouds,
And the trumpets,
Announching its arrival

The frost falls down on our helmet,
As if it werw baptizing us
With the power of the wind and the rain
I can feel my soul becoming purified
In front of a hammer,
Culting the eternal sky


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