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"Trust" (1994)

1. Betrayed
2. Mind The Doubt
3. What Went Wrong
4. Everlast
5. Intense
6. Low Life
7. Attitude
8. Prove
9. Trust

1. Betrayed

Hey, you fool what you think you're going through
Do you fail to understand
That you take your life in your own hand
What you say - the others do it anyway
What you do - go ahead and tell your truth
You think you got help
From anyone
But if it's close you'll be alone
So put yourself up on your feet
And find the others for your believe
Put your believe just in yourself
Never struggle, never fall
Give the maximum on what you think
So in the end you can give in

What you say - independence on your way
What you do - nothing left for you to do

Tell me what you please
And what you want to be
I cannot be safe - too much problems here for me
There can be no truth - of what you have to hear
I cannot ignore - I don't want to be betrayed
Betrayed, betrayed nothing more to say
Got my own philosophy
I cannot give guarantees - betrayed

People tell you
That you can trust
Neither problems are easy solved
But some different kind of fate
Keeps you ever been betrayed
What you say - you can do it anyway
What you do - life betrayed you stupid fool

2. Mind The Doubt

It hurts me deep
It makes me sick
Destroys my caution
Tortures my nerves
It's up to me
To end this pain
To show my strength
Just for myself

Will you, will you mind the doubt
Can I believe what I'm told
We can't look in each others hearts
Will you mind the doubt
I know I'm sure I finally
Forget what passed us by
Forever and eternally

Will you mind the doubt
This jealousy
Is just excuse
Self belief
And in the end
It will destroy
What you can't keep
You lost it all...

So keep yourself
From doubts and fears
It will remain
Just disbelief

3. What Went Wrong

How is it how it should be?
Life in perfect harmony
But routine never satisfies
I can see it in your eyes

Come around with your expectations
Give me your hopes and start to give in
The symbol of guilt is so easy to see
Don't you regret 'cause I'm not your enemy

Don't you play a game with me
Cause I will fight to set you free
There's only chaos in our minds
And if we try to out the line
Talking of eternity
Is nice, but not reality
If you trust and start to talk
We gonna stop this private war

Can you tell me - what went wrong?
I need the hell to know - what went wrong

Every day the same old dance
Fighting around and no one understands
Powerless is how I feel
If I can't get through
These walls of doubts and set you free

Go ahead with all those accusations
Never you see that it leads to an end
Why don't you try to trust in me
Cause everlasting bliss is never guaranteed

Won't you close your eyes and see
And start to face reality
It's no game for you and me
To find our own integrity
So do we still have to go
And stand for what we're longing for
Does it have to be this way
To end up in this private hell

Can you tell me - what went wrong?
I need the hell to know - what went wrong

4. Everlast

Far away from the way you're going
Lies the end of what you want to reach
If you passed one you're heading on
And you still think you will succeed
Onward and onward your pride pushes you
Up to nw horizons never seen

What you do long for? Is this your life?
Why don't you listen? To your inner self
Just for a minute - come hear my call
You hear my warning - your inner self

You're heading for the everlast
Don't you knowit's hard to reach
You better wait - and hold your breath
Cause nothing lasts forever

Time always passes and things will be changed
It's not all on your reality
Soon and forever it all can be despised
So why don't you live just for today
Nothing remains as we're growing older
So beware all those dreams as they are real

Think what is yours and keep it in mind
Cause without your help it will be lost
Look deep inside and see that you are
Just dust in this world so understand
All of your fears that are keeping you down
Just leave'em behind and you are there!

5. Intense

Fantasize - of what you never be
Personal chaos in your mind
Daily private war
And you really care
Do you ever try to get away?
You have not been the first
And you won't be the last
Struc down by your own fist of fate
It led to a speachless, ever growing rage
And you wait for the day to cry it out

Get in my way join for us to be
There's your tomorrow fellow can't you see
You got to make it just for my own tense
Live for today you got to make it

Intense - live your life
Intense - make your day
Intense - you don't know about tomorrow

I'm alone and there's no sanity
And I will try do it my way
If I dive inside and I will guarantees
That I won't regret it any day

Don't cry what is lost
Be glad what you have
Isn't life really worth no fuckin' risk
In my personal view two thirds aren't enough
And I will try to feed my inner need
Get in the ring that will cover me
See what you want I can clearly
I got to make it I can never fall
Now that I got it it I will live for

6. Low Life

On and on I got to see
That the shit won't let me go
Got to face my dreams
Have turned to dust
Bare and helpless
Struck by might
Will it ever pass away
It's just a joke

Phantasy - reality

Shut up - of what you might think is insane
Low life - why does it fall always on you
Shut down - for what I desire but it's lost
Low life - too bad that it's always on me

Circles in my tortured mind
A wall of rage inside
Perverted saw of hate
Is up to rise
Like a tiger in the cage
There's no salvatio near
Throw it all away
It's just a joke

Phantasy - reality

Looking for a place to go
This everlasting hate
Leads me on and on
In this my fuckin' life
You can tell me worthless
But I never gonna care
Cause what you call your life
I laugh about

Phantasy - reality

7. Attitude

Doesn't matter who it is
They placed on the scenes
Like the greatest new "Big Thing"
Really for sure their music rules
Everywhere present but we come
From different schools
Played up and down by MTV
You got to have this, without you cannot be
They push it inside the people's heads
Just to make money of the latest shitty crab

Welcome inside to the world of lies
Pass your entry
Give us your money and we rip you off
We're industry

Tell me your opinion what you think
Do you believe this story to the end
You never see who holds the strong
They are surely not "real" and they ever gonna stink

Attitude - they have just a plastic attitude
Attitude - do you like created attitudes?

Just one big hit will be enough
To put them on top and save their bank accounts
It's just a fake but will you care
Trends are for assholes do you want to join them there
In this so called industry
Lies more of fooling that you never will believe
Rockstars can hardly play "their" songs
I'm sick and tired of watching this go on

They tell you what's good
Cause they know that you are
Too dumb for own opinion
They dictate the charts
And if you're not trendy
You can never ever get far
They make fuckin' videos
To get all the rest
TV generation too dumb to see

They always say
"It's just my own taste"
But I say fuck you anyway
I wish there'd be more
Who just gonna care
Where music comes from and will remain
I keep on in warning, and if I will stay
All by my own and day

Attitude - where is your attitude?

8. Prove

Now get upon - for what you see
You can't deny reality
The rules in life that you are told
You have to live for
And you won't grow old
Free yourself from this arrogance
Give a try or at least a chance
It's possible and it's nothing new
Your life is shattered?
There's something you can do

Prove - how your life has got to be
You can't escape now face reality
Prove - and start to waste your fuckin' time

Those days in life that you're afraid
You been too long trapped in your cage
The suffering is too much for you
Depressive sickness and it's all you do
why don't you get away and free yourself
This is tomorrow not a sensless waste
The bitterness of the only truth
Your life is smothered
And it's all your fault

Prove - how your life has got to be
You can't escape now face reality
Prove - and start to waste your fuckin' time

9. Trust

Take me to the depths of your soul
There's so much inside that I need to know
Take me to your scary inner world of pain
Deep inside where the feelings grow
Lies the truth, the pain that you'll unfold
Lead me to this frightening world of grey
This frightening world of grey

So much things that we care about
How much trust will it behold
Salvation lies in unity
Our everlasting sanity

Everything that is meant to be
Solved by your own life's energy
Do you ever need somebodys helping hand?
Termination your fears can not be done
If you don't show trust in anyone
Together we will feed your inner need
Feed your inner feed

Not one day we will fall apart
The time remains like from the start
The deepest trust that can ever be
This love will last eternally


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