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Infernal Ribald Medieval Bastardry

"Infernal Ribald Medieval Bastardry" (2003 Demo)

1. Twlight of The Idols
2. Ancient Rites Defiled
3. I the immortal
4. Scriptures of the Earthly Departed

1. Twlight of The Idols

The nights foul pleasures,
Etched in morning frost,
No speak of Edens treasures,
Heavens throne has been begot.

Reclaimed by familiars,
Of every pounding whim,
While the midnight orgy-massacre,
Doth feast from thighs of seraphim,

'Twixt the lunar eclipse,
And caress of her lips,
Animal instincts do surface in me,
For "From water to wine",
On her corpse I do dine,
For to waste such a beauty,
Would be travesty.

With my morbid seed,
I do proceed,
As celestial bodies align.....
For my actions beseech,
What the angels did preach,
Your holy now I do mime

2. Ancient Rites Defiled

Carved deep in tradition
like the grievance in a tomb
forgone laws begotten
all our knowledge dead
overrun by the new age
of man
sunken deep in a plague of law
the rotten helping hand

Flee! escape from the clutches of a new born tyrant

Ancient rites defiled
by the will of man
ancient rites exiled
feel the rotten helping hand

A chorus of death
pantheons of chaos in your head
modernistic tribute
the consecration of the dead
A vast expanse of nothing
resides where you now stand
Absorb the knowledge like pages from the past

3. I the immortal

Dark enchanted send to me
the thrill of eternal life
From my wind swept tomb
Bear to me your hidden cosmic power

The worms shall not meet me
Nor shall I greet thee
Yet generations yet to come
All shall feel me

Never lamented
Descend from the hazy skies
From clouds of protection
Mere death to decline

I shall not sleep
In my oaken tomb
I shall not reside
In such an infernal abode

Present in every breath
Ancient rains of mine bless your will

Spiritually astute
I the Immortal blessed
With the gift of eternal existence

4. Scriptures of the Earthly Departed

As i pass from the light my shadow follows me
as i ascend from the night, what trapesties lie unseen
O'er icy waters whispered
The rippled reflection summons I
Over eaves and oak i travel
No sound 'part from my sigh
it seems my fate has come unravelled

What earthbound force
doth summon my soul
wrenching me from my god given place
The gleaming spires send me forth

Curses bear me through the night
The stellar gaze from the moon
Drawing evver closer to death soaked halls
A mortal man
Held in immortal amorphous night

The sky is filled with souls like I
Such journeys are not new
The earthly departed always follow
Then they share the fevered fate too

Thus spake the Earthly scrolls


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