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Hyperlogical Non-Sense

"Hyperlogical Non-Sense" (2004)

1. Vortex of desire
2. Hyperlogical Non-Sense
3. Inside the insane man
4. Creator of inner cosmos
5. Mental pattern of re-birth
6. Master-enemy
7. Pulse
8. Prelude to...
9. Strobos
10. Mind blast
11. Re-pulse

1. Vortex of desire

Fantasies left alone
Are the fertile mud of my sick
When the thought tarse from
I enter the vortex of desire.

I'm out of control
Demon drives my actions
I'm ready for the beast
Perversion invades my mind
Impulse takes form
Start now my.... My second life

Much time is gone and I'm conscious
Of my action awake my body with the
past no one'll give me secret
It's only for me you are the object
Of my sin, in this house i'm your GOD!!

Your voice is a noise
I'm inflamed from that
Attend your death in silence
Or die in an eternal pain.

2. Hyperlogical Non-Sense

I can survive without your lies and live
Free until i'll die, I praise no lord
To forgive my self but i respect
Thoughts different from mine.

Fill your head with shit, inconpreaensible
Doltrine. You're the creator of
Discrimination - eleminate the unknow
Distovted advices of right persuade
Your self - a conceit of perfection -

Show me sign of your supermacy - i wait for
Your dimostration, forvent in sacred
Arrogance you are in a contraddiction
I despise your pri priggishwess you are
Blind and full of shit
Where's the mercy you parade?
You are the worst opposer of your

Stupid act of penance cannot save your
Fucking ass - READ
The book you adore : They your contrary
Instigate holy war millions killed
For your gods - your temples drip
The'r blood for eternity!!!

3. Inside the insane man

My way is closed with walls created
Of shit and pain they have
Taken my freedom to live a life
Without control

Where's my sanity?
Where's my evil cry?
Where's my... Indise me it lives
All is false
Where's justice? Where is truth?
Here's your evil? All is false

Come in again into the valley of grey
walls of pain, in my head, falling down
The insane man they are borning us
They control our life never see
Never to be, see your end - your desire

This was my end
Inside the insane man
RISE....!! FALL....!!
This was my way
Inside the insane man
LIES....!! LIES....!!

4. Creator of inner cosmos

I'm searching a new messanger
I'm the new messanger
Show me the way, the mistery of my
Show me the way, in my desire, i read
The sign i'm still waiting the
Sign of divinity but i don't
Understand my dream

I'm in a state od mental confusion
Nothing to say, nothing to be
I'm so scared, I'm so scared

It's clear
The ancient eye feels the icon inportance
Who are from an infinite time inside me
The creation talks of an unique god
The creation talks of an unique law
I am the god of all around me and
Inside me

I create life and death
My world will live into terror
There's no good in my heart.

5. Mental pattern of re-birth

Welcome to a new demension of pain
Your new house!!
Exsistence will be not the same from
Today - full of pain

You must Find the way
To convert your sufferings
In anger againsr who make you
Suffer remove all regrets
Increase yourself

Destroying all your sentiments
Thoth has thrown its false masquerade
Know who you are: reflect and reconnect
Your live means more than falsites

Confusial state distorts your
Perception of fats
Oppresses your mind

Begin to confront your behaviours
With other's betrayal
Rise and go away

6. Master-enemy

7. Pulse

What's this fucking noise?
I feel it pulse in my brain
I'm waitnig for silence
But polse and pilse again

So scared... So cared...
I'm waiting to go mad
The fear of obsession invades me
I cry!! And wanna die
A day to pay the price of my soul
Oh god, give me the power to..

..Decide what's my way
But this noise puls again
No time to be myself
And pulse and pulse in my brain
So scared... So tired...
No time for the tied
The season of madness is come
No way to escape

I pray my god " save me if you can"
You have the power to...
Wake up it's a new day
This nois doesn't pulse ok
But I feel it rises in me
And pulse for another day

8. Prelude to...

9. Strobos

Rise, fall, rise, fall again
This is the story od my life
I will run burning of desire
Every day i have a nightmare
I see myself fighting against myself

Never be the same rises in me my ancient
rage, come in my point of view see what
I have to do...

Rise, rise, pain!
No one is evil - like strbos in me
Strobos like this

Everyday i live my normal life but in
A second time - I see my dream and
Now I know I can change!!
I changed my self to live in my head a
New great desire search into your self
Take all your evil.


10. Mind blast

Ego's erased... Low mental phase
Impulses braked by out lines
Ideas refused.. Mind lies confused
Brain's trapped into stereotypes

Senses start revolt against
Beliefs in mental anarchy
Unless dogmas fall breeding
Unbeliefs muddled path to be

Mirror reflect appereance of a
Strange state of place
Vertingo reveal exsistence
Of upcoming state of chaos

Disorder domain in action
Falling in a preconceptions
Exhumed inhibitions
Chained mental progression

11. Re-pulse


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