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"Magic" (1997)

1. Swamp Castle Overture (Intro)
2. Nightmare
3. Playing With Fire
4. Magic
5. Turned to Stone
6. The Clown Is Dead
7. Prisoner of the Sea
8. Light in the Sky
9. The Eyes of the Lost

1. Swamp Castle Overture (Intro)

[Intro - Instrumental]

2. Nightmare

Lights Out, The Time Is Late,
Another Night On Your Own,
Welcome The Dark, Extinguish The Spark,
Will It Happen Again?

You're Screaming In The Night
And There's No Place To Hide.
You're Losing Your Mind And Your Soul.,
They Will Not Let You Go The

Devil, All Evil You Know And You Hate
Are Coming Together again, The Creatures Are Lying In Wait

Oh Ho Ho Hoh Hoh Hohh,
Running Through The Nightmare,
Oh Ho Ho Hoh Hoh Hohh,
Getting Out Of Hell,
Oh Ho Ho Hoh Hoh Hohh,
Running Through The Nightmare,
Oh Ho Ho Hoh Hoh Hohh,
Laying Down A Spell

Lucifer's Demons Will Torture Your Brain,
Will The Sun Ever Shine,
The Slaughter, The Fear, No Escaping From Here
In An Endless Time

Your Sleep Is Full Of Fright,
The Lords Of Darkness Returned,
Now You Think That It's Too Late,
But You Cannot Awake...

3. Playing With Fire

Run Through The Night
And Find No Place To Hide,
Cold Sweat's Running Over Your Face,
You're Living For Your Sword And Your Gun,
Leaving The World In Disgrace

Dancing On The Edge Of A Knife,
Twisting Around Like A Fool,
Escaping From The Wrong Side Of Life,
Trying To Break All The Rules

Playing With Fire,
You're Touching The Flame,
Playing With Fire,
But Life's Not A Game,
Playing With Fire,
Your're Losing Control,
Playing With Fire,
Don't Let Yourself Go,
You're Playing With Fire...

All Of Your Life
You Have Been Mistreated,
Caught In A Black Masquerade,
Look Into The Mirror Of Sin,
Facing That It's Not Too Late

4. Magic

Somewhere In The Distance,
Was A Place You Can't Describe,
All People Lived In Anger,
They Thought It Wasn't Right, They Called It Tragedy

All Fools, They Disappeared,
They Were Lost And Never Seen,
Sometimes You Hear The Screams
Of The Souls Of The Undead In The Midnight Hour

Don't walk Alone,
Hide Your Skin And Your Bones,
Beware Of All Dark In The Night

It's Magic,
It's Magic,
Burning Symbols On The Wall,
It's Magic,
They Searched For You, They Search For All

Living For Today,
'Cause Tomorrow Never Comes,
Oh Lord, They Have To Pray,
That No Evil's Coming Out Of The Rotten Swamp

At The Houses Of The Holy,
They Tried To Break The Walls,
Their Whispered Dream To Turn The Key, An Evil Laugh
And They Knew, They Will Be Restrained...

5. Turned to Stone

They're Called The Fools Of The Sixteenth Century,
They Lived In Fear And Were Lost In Misery,
Deep In The Night There Was Something Going On,
Rats Ran Away And The Spectres Came Along

They're Locked In Chains, The Innocent Victims,
Dreaming Of Turning To Dust,
They're Prisoners In Time, Bewitched By The Wizard,
The Evil Will Not Come To Rest

They Turned To Stone,
There Was No Coin In The Wishing Well,
They Turned To Stone,
Caught By A Spell

The King Told The Crowd, Not To Touch The Mystic Stone,
But They Lit The Candles In The Mystic Danger Zone,
They Had No Chance To Escape From The Rising Force Of The Oath,
Caught In The Light Of Death

6. The Clown Is Dead

The Death Of A Clown
Reminds You All Lifetime,
A Lake Full Of Tears
Overflowed The World.

The Reaper Brought Pain,
So Sad Are The Children,
Their Time Of Mourning
Will Be Forever.

Where Did He Go,
No Laughter In Heaven,
Where Did He Go,
Where Did He Stay?

The Clown Is Dead,
The Laughter Is Gone,
The Clown Is Dead,
A Life's On The Run.

Behind His Mask,
He Was Only Human,
A Person Who Feels
Like You And Me.

Can't You See The Light,
The Star That Shined So Bright,
Was It A Lucky Sign,
From Someone Who Says "I'm Allright"...

he Clown Is Dead
...Will The Laughter Return...
We'll Never Know...

Spoken Words:
Innocence, Laughter, Madness,
Tears, Death, Heaven, Pain...

7. Prisoner of the Sea

We're Sailing On The Waves Of The Ocean,
The Gallow's Dangling In The Wind

The God Of The Sea Is Showing His Real Face,
As The Slaves Try To Tame The Raging Waves

We're Riding On The Wind And The Sea Is Turning Red,
We Fight The Fire OF Hate, Black Banners For The Dead

No Walking On Water,
We're The Prisoners Of The Sea,
The Devil's Daughter,
A Game Between Her And Me

The Sea Will Be Our Grave And We're Running Out Of Time
But We're Searching For Our Little Peace Of Mind.

8. Light in the Sky

Don't Close Your Eyes,
Could Be Forever,
Don't Close The Door,
On The Way To The Stars

Get Hypnotized,
Lost In The Shadows,
Don't Hear The Howl,
Of The Wolf Anymore

We're Climbing A Mountain Of Rocks,
Seeing The Eternal Flame,
They Tried To Hold Us Back From Above,
Saying This Trip's Not A Game.
Light In The Sky,
There's No Returning,
Light In The Sky,
Lost For All Eternity...

We're On The Move,
We're Going Nowhere,
Touching The Roof,
On The Top Of The World

We're Getting Close
To Another System,
We Said Goodbye
And We're Sure We're Gonna Miss Em...

9. The Eyes of the Lost

Rainy Days,
They Sailed Across The Ocean,
They're Called "The Children Of The Sea",

They Are The Damned,
Hunted By The Humans
From The Palace Of The King.

Circle Of Fools,
You're Living In A Mystery,
With Your Spirits Lost And Gone,
Unholy Light, The Dark Side Of The Night,
Sure That No One Can Go On.

They Rolled The Dice,
From The Temple Of The Holy
And The Moon Unmasked The Night.

They're Chosen Victims
For The Hunters Of The Darkness
And The Miracle's Out Of Sight.

Circle Of Fools,
You're Living In A Mystery,
With Your Spirits Lost And Gone,
But The Seal Is Broken
And The Oath Has Been Crossed
And Look Into The Eye's Of The Lost, The Eyes Of The Lost...


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