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"Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture" (2006)

1. Incognation
2. Demons Shelter Within
3. Ashes to Flesh
4. A Nation in Atrophy
5. The Midnight Grotesque
6. Prophet Set to Witness
7. Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture
8. Threnody for an Endling (feat. Daniel Gildenlow)
9. Ravager
10. Of Genesis and Apocalypse
11. Foreboding
12. Shackles Cross
13. The Omniscient

1. Incognation

I am the new disease
I am a binary soul - burnt into flesh
Conceived within a dimension past all comprehension
I am Genesis...

...And Apocalypse

I am a blueprint of man
I am a manipulation of previous assembly
Overclocked the protocol
I am backwards incompatible

A paradigm shift
On the axis of incarnation
A mortal’s fate bypassed
The incognation

I am to annihilate, disintegrate, deprivate
Deteriorate - “A cluster of races set to erase”
Engage my spine of relays

I am an anagram - decrypted DNA - a proclaimed progeny - the incognation

I am the incognation
Decrypted DNA
I am an anagram of man

2. Demons Shelter Within

I opened my eyes and again there was nothing to fill this void

Whichever path I travelled
It lay distant in oblivion
Fled out of whispering winds
To where voices slay
A cobweb of jagged sulfur
Envenomed my benumbed senses
Fled into shimmering doubts
Where sanity is slain

The lights from the bridge they bleed
Creating crimson streams beneath Thames' cold gaze
Enslaving demons shelter within me
Staring at the depth I see
Shapeshifting images of me
Forever these demons shelter within me

Struck by horror, realed with wonder
A face was spun in moonlit mirrors
Swept in fractures, pain inflicted
A crepuscular eve in torment mended
Reflections drowned in mirrors
Memories now mere burdens
Timespawned for a new purpose

Besieged from lurking desires in mind
Psychomaniacal attraction inside
The "I" identity no longer alone
The sense of time forgotten - forlorn

As fate lay dying aghast
A deadbolt to insanity - I slip away.
From these demons who shelter within me.
Fingers now clung mists asunder.
Loathsome winds whispered unleash the fear.
From these demons who shelter within me.
Staring at the depth I see.
Shapeshifting images unleash the fear.

3. Ashes to Flesh

Blessed and cursed with the Phoenix’s gift
Death and birth arrive in one instant so swift
The ending of a former life
The beginning of feeling alive

Rotating shackles determine place and time
To create 2 endlings, 1 malign
The skin is burnt to cinder
New flesh is born unhindered

I am not One Solemn Entity
- Going through a myriad of conversions -
But a whole entirety
Unbound by the strings of time

So one man’s breath is another’s death
A premonition that’s been often said
Incarnating eternally
Choosing 1 identity

Sometimes awakening in a foreign land
Once 1 drowned in water, now 1 in sand
Believing what the eyes can see:
“A nation in atrophy”

4. A Nation in Atrophy

Terror swirls around the Nile’s region
Enslaving the masses in its entombed legion

Dead cold scavengers maraud the sandlake nation
Their hide is scathed with marks of devastation

The dreaded fear of a fallen land
Its demise is man’s atrophic shame
The wheels of wrath fall into place
The deathbells ring in Egypt’s name

Destiny is at hand

Plaguebound shades corrupt and infest light’s creation
It’s mankind’s fall in a vile retaliation
And now - The meek inherit the onslaught’s vision
As all - beckon the carnage of millions

Terror reigned the empire of the Nile’s region
The enslaved masses have soiled the sandlake nation
And now - The echoes of the deathbells stir
To cast - their last chime on Egypt’s world.

5. The Midnight Grotesque

Under the wings of synthetic nightmares
Ravens uncloaked madness upon crimsoned shores
A malicious seduction entangles the womb-withdrawned
As he divulged Pandaemonium in deranging tongues

Daylight will drown in shadows of eve
Lands atrociously plundered, suffused, besieged
A last cast to be shed on Atlantis' pale crystal flesh
Spat upon the raging tyrant in the midnight grotesque

The doors to her splendor spread their limbs
The massmessiah draws fires from ruptures aloft
Sweeping light away-into the scythed abyss
Obeseing heavens-torment the unlit nebulae

Silence fell in an overwhelming heathen urge
Seething shadows creep towards the verge

Sepulcure lights were smothered
Skies' last eyelets latticed
All eyes looked to the waters
Ablazen with fire
Infernal merlons rose
Riven from Poseydon's tainted
Tongue luting, fear-laden
Veins with nighest death
Clashing all hope to certain stain

Annihilate, desintegrate, rape the lands to a tattered fate
Deprivate, deteriorate, the pride of Atlantis is stained
Hissing commandments, armageddon enraptured forth
As the screaming gyres grew to succumb

Daylight is drowning in shadows of eve
Lands are atrociously plundered, suffused, besieged
A last cast is shed on Atlantis' pale crystal flesh
The tyrant stands tall in the midnight grotesque

6. Prophet Set to Witness

I opened my eyes and I saw everything
The blueprints of the greater design
The curse of knowing
And being set to witness is mine

All my words they burn with revelations
Jagged sulphur dissolving the unknown
But they fall all upon deafened ears
Smothered on London’s cold cobblestones

The deadweight of my knowledge
Deprives me from sanity
Twist my words to mirrorspeech
For I fail to make them see

No choice is left to those
Burdened with the darkest of secrets
Thus from the pulpit I
Scream to the pavement’s soul of stone.

I will be the last shackle
For it is too much to bare, to hold
The chainreaction is terminated

Yet so many revelations
of one clear image to see
they all paint one scene:
“A world covered in graves”

“I am set to witness”

No choice is left to those
Burdened with the darkest of secrets
Thus from the pulpit I
Scream to the cellwalls’s cushioned souls of stone

7. Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture

8. Threnody for an Endling (feat. Daniel Gildenlow)

So there I stood in a corridor of pain
Solitarian and lost, between walls of peeling paint
Now she has lost the lead through the Sane
In the sigh of her faint
Her eyes, her stare - a horrible glance for my mind to bare

Whatever had me led astray
I seemed to have aged overnight
In less than a day, lost all sense in disarray

And yet a light was shed on the dread
In this lonely world
My lonely world of grey
Peeling grey

My words they wandered on the verge of her comprehension
"I'm the Chain's broken shackle in this delphian dimension
I found the darkest cogs in the wheelwork of Creation
Endlings, Knottigher, Chainreaction, Incognation"

Who thought I would fear
What stirs there

But now the door I opened
The redemption from our shell
It fell shut behind me
As the rusting bars of my cell

Listen, I have it all figured out
The room is too big for us to even find the entrance, OK?
So we seek the exit. But you see, I have found the entrance!
I'm on the threshold
I have to go now...

I'm leaving now
My fear has caught up with me

Now I pine away
Lost, between these weary mattressed walls
It feels like I am screaming

And now, the door we passed through
The secluded entrance to our shell
It fell shut behind us, But I...
I will open it in my ... farewell

9. Ravager

A cesspool of virulent actors
Are infecting the malformation
Submerging nausea uncensored
The host failed the confrontation

Corrupting the organic structure
Rhe invader turns unshaded
Revealing metallic textures
Ravager procreated

The gates are closed, the roads are clogged
Panic roams free, ravager
The masses bewildered, the marked ones avoided
Deathroll peaks, ravager

The world evolves into it's scaffold
Drowning into the black invasion
A lurking putresence untold
Pyromageddon, it's anti-creation

The gates are closed, the roads are clogged
Panic roams free, ravager
The masses bewildered, the marked ones avoided
Deathroll peaks, ravager

10. Of Genesis and Apocalypse

Cut was the tongue of lucidity

Solitude whispered deceit
Yet not sprung from lying tongues
Was the nausea that grew
As through unease reason unstrung

Horizons withered apace

The borders of my perception
Shrunk to ruins, crimson-tinged
As the empyrean crumbled down
From the universal frame unhinged

Rubescent spirals swelled
From burning ruptures aloft

Its eyes - its stare
I sense death in the breath of this impasse

Descending - revealing - from the flameborn coil
Undeniable - shapeshifting cold images of the past

Its eyes - its stare - a cold glance from the mirror to bear
Madness spat from the lookingglass - I sense death in the breath of this impasse
The empty footprints preceding me throughout my path unveil their secrecy
As in the second of his touch aeons of incarnations stirred much

“And the stars in the sky fell to earth, as late figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind
The sky receded like a scroll, rolling up, and every mountain and every island was removed from its place
Then the kings of the earth, the princess, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and every free man
was consumed in the fire that fell from the heavens.

Flaming pyres compelled
The earth to shiver oft

Its eyes - its stare - a fatal glance for the world to bear
The chainreaction’s verge of time was reached, rendering the world sublime
The stabiliser was withdrawn on the last breath of dying light
The beginning and ending of the chain are quenched in trite
Leaving the causal nexus with -termination- to coincide

11. Foreboding

12. Shackles Cross

Upon this bridge the fate of many is sealed
Confronting the collision of future and past
I face the demon that once sheltered within

Into times bygone - into torment’s reign
I have let my eyes to witness to see
Times incarceration to a certain degree

Under the crimson light of the motorised moon
I face the one who’s been cast out of darkened times

Nightly horrors have stained red the soil
The lights bleed upon the river beneath
As I am forever reborn, never a burial
So will the fallen rise, another circle complete

Rise - never a burial
Rise - complete is the circle

Upon this bridge the fate of many was sealed
Benumbed by the collision of future and past
I have faced the I identity that once sheltered within me

13. The Omniscient

Dread holding me under
In the darkest waters of confusion
The air breathes like rotting earth
As a victor, I have never been dying as much

Yet, this familiar scenery seems incomplete
Is it the whispering of the night
Or the waters cold gaze
That takes me back to a far-flung past?

I don't know what to think
What to see or what to believe
Something's out of place or out of time
Dissonant echoes paint a nauseating scene:

Life is seeping from this corpse
A crimson stream between the paving stones
And the eyes that stare back at me
Are numbed with death

Drowning in tidal waves
Of uncontrollable thoughts
Reflections of the demons
That shelter within me

A silhouette distinguishes
From the shadows of dusk
It beckons me, it spells my name
Save me…..

As it draws near,
A voice whistles a familiar tune
It's footsteps raise my heartbeat to their pace
I've been here before…

Distance shortens to an unbearable recognition
Our eyes meet, Time collapses
Breath is riven from our lungs
It was me…

Save me - I'm falling
Into a - into a white void
Save me - I'm falling
Seeing what - I cannot believe

And so another circuit
Perpetuates the chain
When the endling merges
Into one AGAIN

The incarnationprocess
Now can recommence
Release the energy
In (a) sulphur incense

I've let my mind to witness to see
The blueprints of a greater design
A patchwork of incarnations
Like shackles in a chainreaction
Releasing energy for...
For whom actually?
I couldn't say…it is too abstract
The incognation is far too much for me to bare

And so this shackle failed to re-initialise
Now memories instead have risen from ashes to flesh
The chainreaction is saturated

Save me - I'm falling
Into a - complete omniscience
Save me - I'm falling
Professing - to the blinded ones


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